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AMD Navi | Release Date | Upcoming | 7nm Gpu | 2019 |

AMD Navi Best GPU Ever UpComing In 2019

Amd Navi
Amd Navi

Now Amd has released a new 7nm GPU before they release Amd Radeon VII that was also a 7nm GPU Architecture chip based graphics card and now they have released a new one Called AMD Navi.
Amd Navi will be the next-generation GPU which may include Nvidia Turing And Rate Shading. It may be occupying mid-range And it will be the next generation Graphics card.

Amd Officer Mark Papermaster Said that we are looking to release plenty of Gpu's In 2019 and 2020 so we are doing much work on many new upcoming gpu's so right now can't say about Amd Navi final Release date but will come at the end of 2019 or start of 2020.

But some new is that Amd Navi will be launched in October of 2019. And this GPU will be the Next-Generation of the console.