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AMD Radeon VII Gpu | 16GB | BASE CLOCK 1410MHz |

AMD Radeon VII GPU Amd | The New Amd Radeon 7

AMD Radeon VII

AMD Radeon VII

GPU Cores:               2,304

Base Clock:               1,410MHz

Boost Clock:             1,620MHz

GFLOPS:                   7,465

Memory:                    16GB GDDR6

Memory Clock:         14 GT/s

Memory Bandwidth: 1TB/s

The AMD Radeon VII Or Radeon 7 Is a new GPU Released By AMD, It is one of the best performance GPU for Content Creating work And for Gaming because of it 16gb Memory Or Size and And 1TB/s of Memory Bandwith. And it is also the world first 7nm GPU and it's amazing how Amd has reduced the size of this card compare to Vega 64 based on the performance of these cards/Gpu's.
If you want best performance graphics card in the budget of 700$ then this is best also Nvidia RTX 2080 is the option for you too but it depends upon you which card you will prefer but both are best till now date so the choice is yours.
And One more thing in this card Radeon VII 7 there are three fans for cooling and have a very unique and stylish design ever by Amd.