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AMD's Zen 3 Processor | Coming In 2020

AMD's Zen 3 Processor | Coming In 2020

AMD's Zen 3

AMD's Zen 3 Processor Best Amd

Already released too powerful processors but this one will be the powerful and most efficient processor ever made by Amd because this processor will conserve too less energy and will give too much output/power. In this Amd Zen 3 Processor there will be 7nm+ Chip used to create Zen 3 Processor, And in future Amd will use these 7nm+ chips to create processors.
And in this Zen 3 Processor EUV lithography is used to allow extra dense transistors. In this new chip of Zen 3 20% more dense transistors will be used and it will give 30% more work on 10% less power consumption. This will be a very good change in AMD Technology which will give more work in less power consumption. And this reduces in power consumption will be due to less of EUV Lithography which will make it more better.