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Asus ROG G703GX Gaming Laptop | 512GB | 16RAM | i7 8th Gen |

Asus ROG G703GX Extreme Gaming Laptop (2019)

Asus ROG G703GX
Asus ROG G703GX
PROCCESSOR:  Core i7-8750H Proccessor
DISPLAY:            17.3-inch Of 1080p 144Hz display
STORAGE:          512GB SSD + 1TB SSHD(Storage)
RAM:                   16GB OF RAM
Price :                  3000$ Dallors.

Not every one is likely good with these best gaming laptop like Asus Rog Series because only real gamers want these kind of laptops because it is small in size from pc a gaming pc you can make.And it is too much power full like the best pc you can made for gaming it will work like same and also it is portable and easy to use and also have good and stylish design so every one will want to buy this monster for gaming.Asus Rog G703GX has a very large display of 17inches and 10lbs weight and it has a very powerfull and heavy hardwere inside which is capable to accept any kind of bundle or work And it has a anormous cooler inside and also having a RTX 2080 GPU Inside And also have a Core i7-8750H Proccessor, 17.3-inch Of 1080p 144Hz display, 512GB SSD + 1TB SSHD(Storage), and 16GB RAM ,And its Price Is 3000$.
It is the best value for a system containing the monster RTX 2080 GPU for best gaming performance so think about it choice is yours.

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