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Intel Core i9 9980XE | Cores 18 | Threads 36 | 3.0GHz

Intel Core i9 9980XE Heaviest Performance Processor(2019)

CoreI9 9980XE
CoreI9 9980XE

Cores: 18 |Threads: 36 |Proccessor clock: 3.0GHz |
Boost clock: 4.4GHz |L3 cache: 24.75MB |TDP: 165W

If You are the user of that kind who wants this type of World best performance,here is the new corei9 9980XE the best ever gaming pc you will get that's it is because it has 18 cores and 36 threads you won't believe it but its right it is one of the highest performance processors in the current time soi guess everyone will be happy for this high performance processor so every gamer wish is to buy this for there maximum fps and also best ever performance in gaming and other big works.its fully destroyed every other things in the market now a days because it is best thing you will get in the market but it is very costly then other proccessors so only they can buy who have a big heart for these kind of things.So must enjoy it and tell us your thoughts for this proccessor in the comments box.Thanks

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