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Nvidia GTX 1070 | 8GB | 256Bit | 1920 | GAMING GPU | 2019

Nvidia Gtx 1070 | GAMING GPU | 2019 Review |

Gtx 1070
Gtx 1070

CUDA Cores: 1920
Texture Units: 120
ROPs: 64 
Core Clock: 1506MHz
Boost Clock: 1683MHz
Memory Clock: 8Gbps GDDR5
Bits: 256-bit

When we talk about the most popular graphics cards of Nvidia then Nvidia Gtx 970 was too much popular and loving card of all time and now here is a new card which much more popular then old ones The Gtx 1070 Which is one of best graphics card of all time and it has a much of power to handle anything so don't worry about it performance you won't be doubt on it performance because it is awesome.

it has CUDA cores and a clock boost of 1,178 MHz and the memory size of this card is 4GB And it is best card for performing at 1080P.This Nvidia GTX 1070 has 1,920 CUDA CORES and bits 256 and much higher boost clock up to 1,683 MHz and 4.5GB of GDDR5 VRAM.