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Nvidia GTX 1080TI | 11GB DDR5X | 1,582MHz | GAMING GPU | 2019

Nvidia Gtx 1080ti | Best Gaming Gpu | 4K Ultra Gaming |


CUDA cores: 3,584
Texture units: 224
ROP units: 88
Base clock: 1,480MHz
Boost clock: 1,582MHz
Video memory: 11GB GDDR5X
Memory clock: 

Memory data rate: 11Gbps

The Nvidia Gtx 1080Ti is one of the best ever Gtx Graphics in the Nvidia Gtx Card series right now it is one of the most top popular and high-performance graphics card. This Nvidia Gtx 1080Ti is way much similar to The Titan XP graphics card and the performance of this card is equal to Titan XP Because it has too much heavy Hardware embedded in it.Full silver body and comes in silver color beautifull style and impressive design the best card for true gamers it is.

There is no doubt in the performance of this card we can call it a beast of graphics cards or a performance beast as well it will perform fully in every situation noting can slow it down or make it lag it is fully stable and will remain stable in any situation,There is a change in this card and that is The DVI Port which is not available in this graphics card there is an HDMI Port which will be used.

And there are too good cooling systems available in this card it wont go more then 75Degrees and it wont be overheated if it wont be overheated then it can't be slow down.

This Card can support 4K Gaming and higher With full realist graphics we can get up to 60Fps in games like Battle Feild 1 And more latest games.And it will always give smooth Gaming in ultra HD quality.


And now this card support direct 12 and comes with built-in driver which make it more compatible with any game and will increase it Fps unfortunately it can't reach the FPs of Titan XP card because that give 57Fps on The Rise Of Tomb Rider And this Nvidia GTX 1080ti Will give up to 40Fps but its also pretty good.it is power Full bulletproof graphics card and Gaming at 4K everyone will love it because 4K resolution is just amazing with ultra HD quality and that's why everyone will love this card it has too much high power and it will give awesome physics in any game all the games will run at best on this card.

After testing this card with 3D MARK Firestrike Ultra Benchmark we got result up to 4000points extra good then other cards like titan X so it is a very cool GPU and most interesting thing about this GPU is that it won't need any overclocking it can do all that work without any overclocking so don't have to do this for it. And the Price for this GPU Is about 699$.