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Nvidia Gtx 1660 OC 6GB GDDR5 | 192BIT | 1,839MHz | 2019

Nvidia Gtx 1660 OC | GAMING GPU | 2019

Nvidia Gtx 1660 OC
Nvidia Gtx 1660 OC

Memory Size: 6 GB

Memory Type: GDDR5

Memory Bus: 192 bit

Bandwidth : 192.1 GB/s

Shading Units: 1408

MemoryClock : 1,839MHz

TMUs: 88

ROPs: 48

SM Count: 22

L1 Cache: 64 KB (per SM)

L2 Cache: 1536 KB

DirectX : 12.0

OpenGL: 4.6

Nvidia has released its new Gtx graphics card the new Nvidia Gtx 1660 and its OverClocked version too The Overclocked version of this card is a standout version which is overclocked 45MHz from the factory built and have an enhanced cooling system in it to keep the graphics card cool all the time and don't make it heat up after overclocking and the price for this Overclocked version of this card is 219$ which is very negotiable price for this kind of GPU it is very good for HD Gaming and streaming Etc.
Nvidia Gtx 1660 OC
Nvidia Gtx 1660 OC

This is the lowest price and cheapest turning supported graphics card ever by Nvidia and AMD Radeon 590x cost more then this and this card can do the same work and give you the same output like AMD Radeon 590X graphics card so it is the best option for mid range gaming. It has 192GB/s speed bandwidth and the total size of bits are 192 and ROPS 48 and L1 cache 64 kb and L2 is 1536 and it is DDR5 card with a total of 6GB memory which is pretty awesome in this budget.