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OverClock Your PC or CPU And GPU By ScienceTechHealth

OverClock Your PC or CPU And GPU By ScienceTechHealth

Overclocking Is the process of making your pc Cpu Or GPU faster and powerful than before.
Overclocking A Gpu will boost you gaming and game will foresure give you high fps then before and if you are overclocking a cpu then it will give you more speed and will take a very short time then before in getting your work done.And If you dont know about this overclocking then you are in right place here we will tell you how can you overclock you cpu or any gpu in very easy way.we will tell you a very simple and a very easy way of overclocking you gpu and cpu or any pc or laptop.
There are two main things in your pc or laptop that you can overclock one is your Proccessor and 2nd your graphics card.

Now Lets Start with GPU(Graphics Card) Overclocking

Almost many of graphics cards and graphics chip are compatible with overclocking or capable with it.but not every card or gpu can be good with overclocking because it raise the temperature of the gpu and it will loss your performance so select a capable gpu only for this.

Overclocking gpu
Overclocking gpu

1)First Download This Tool    Download Heaven Benchmark

2)Now Open It And Press f9 To Check score of your Gpu.

3)Next Download MSI After Burner From Here   MSI AFTER BURN DOWNLOAD

4)There will be 3-5 sliders e.g Power Limit,Core Clock, And Memory Clock,
began by increasing the power limit slider.

5)Now increase the Core clock only 20MHz then save it.

If your gpu performance is better now then keep these settings if not then increase a bit more.

Now Gets Start With CPU Overclocking

Cpu Overclocking
Cpu Overclocking

Cpu Or processor overclocking is much similar to GPU overclocking same like increasing the core clock of Processors will give you more speed and power so let us begin.

Cpu Overclocking can be done from your BIOS:

1)Turn On pc and keep pressing f12 or f2 or delete key depending on your pc motherboard then you will find some options like EZ Tunning Wizard or any other.

2) After opening the wizard just increase the core speed of CPU and then save it and turn on your pc then check if it is more faster or not.

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