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hello everybody and welcome back to another video review I apologize if you see some purple pixelation on the screen that's one of the main reasons why I'm redoing this with you because of the purple pixelation I don't know why that occurs I guess something had to give with perfect framerate when I recorded this reviews so I apologize for that so if you can't tell already I am playing the Prince of Persia warrior within for the PC which is the second game the Prince of Persia trilogy and I will be doing a review and walkthrough for all three games which if you don't know it goes the Prince of Persia on the sands of time which is the first game the Prince of Persia the warrior within which is what you are seeing right now and the Prince of Persia on the sands of time which is the third game now this game I am doing actually first before the Prince of Persia the sands of time because it is it is actually my on the first place of my top four favorite games of all times

so that's why I'm doing it first and the order in which my games go is in the order that they were played like the Prince of Persia the warrior within his own first place because I played at first it's like instead of Skye round and all I'm doing right now as you can see is I'm just strangling this guy I don't know maybe it's because you suck too much so um like I said it's in the order that I played them and now getting to this story the story I'm gonna try not to spoil too much for people who haven't played the game yet although I don't know who in their right mind would have not played this game yet because it is a very good game so the story basically goes in the first game you were supposed to die because you unleashed a terrible plague and you were supposed to die but you didn't and now you were chased by an immortal beast called the Dahaka and you basically have to make sure that you don't die which is why you embarked on this quest in the first place so that's basically the story because I'm not gonna try and spoil it and plus I think that I would get I would do berry badly if I try to explain it so I'm not gonna try okay that did not go how I wanted it to and as you can realize the Prince of Persia games is famous for very for two main things like first of all the

environmental puzzles which you saw me traverse a few before like those spinning disks of death on the walls and the poles that I swung from and the environmental puzzles actually varies and also they will realize on powers of time like you saw before when I drop down from that pole I rewound rewound time

and here's another power where you can slow down time now in case I forget to say this this game is very good I definitely recommend it for a bye and right now it's very cheap so there's no way a reason to actually not buy it because it's a very good game and oh and as you can tell I am kind of rusty cuz I did not play it for a long time and when we played it on my ps2 and now I don't have a ps2 and the combat system in this game is very refined contrary to the first one in that it's more deadly and more polished and a lot more fun like my favorite movies move where I strangle people and now I found correct there should be a life upgrade somewhere here so I'm gonna try and get to it

so that I can show you remember if it really is here but we'll see and like I said the combat system is very in-depth and you can do almost you can do a lot of things the Prince being very agile and deadly so that's basically all I'm gonna say about the combat system and anyway you're going to see the combat system in action anyway so you will be able to tell what I'm talking about anyway so getting to the graphics the graphics are actually very good I am running this on the highest settings for the graphics in the options menu for the game with recording software on and I completely forgot I didn't set the timer so I'm just gonna have to end this part here

and I'm not even sure if I was even recording if not then and that would have been embarrassing that was just talking to nothing oh boy

well we shall see anyway we wasn't supposed to oh yeah that's how I get it okay and if you can't tell these boxes here on Lockhart work in the extras menu that you should get and these herds blessing me some sort of brief so that's something extra get out of here so that's that and I actually forgot what else to say about this game but um let's see the enemies are actually yeah I remembered I'm actually going to show you right now I'm in a transition to a video that I shot before this showing the dehaka like do you really not see me okay I'm gonna transition to a video that I shot a few in my previous attempts to do this review and I'm going to show you the combat then come back to show you how you are being chased by the haka

defeat does not suit you please and I can't see anything

where am I going alright now that's right boy dehaka actually chases you a lot to see to your faith that you die and I don't think I was what are you doing back here you were supposed to be going on your way oh well at least now I can get your weapon and as you can see you take send from defeated enemies because they are sand monsters not actually people so that's you get the sand back for your sand tanks and you get other special powers of the sand through these portals that you find these time portals that you find around certain points and that is how you get new powers and you can actually get life upgrades for your prince when you get to these certain places and I'm actually gonna show you one from my previous attempts also right now to cover oh yeah like you can see you have to avoid the traps to get the health upgrade

oh well that won't didn't actually take too long and here I'm going to show you a cutscene of what happens after you get good life upgrade

as the health bar increases the prince becomes stronger and we're back with the magic of video editing so that's basically all I remember oh my god I think I just messed up mmm and yeah you can also go it into first person video as you can see you can't go too much with it I think I just messed up no maybe not just and as you can see there's also a mechanic called wall running where you can run up among the walls which is also very big for a big part of the combat system I'm sorry all these topics are all spread around as you can tell I really not remembering how to go through a review so just please bear with me and I just died not good not good

and I'm actually going to be able to show you one of the time portals right now here are one of them and you use these to travel back and forth between the past and the present and this is also how I said you get sand upgrades and I'm gonna leave you with that and I hope that you enjoyed this review however messed up it is thanks to my awful commentary so I hope that you will enjoy this game which you pick it up it is totally worth the money I recommend it for a buy you can also rent it if you're not sure and please subscribe for more awesome content coming soon.