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The New Samsung Galaxy A80 vs Galaxy S10 (2019)

The New Samsung Galaxy A80 vs Galaxy S10 (2019)

The Samsung has launched a big collection Galaxy A series phones but the biggest release is a new phone from A series And it is Samsung Galaxy A80 The new A80 has a novel rotating camera and also have a very large uninterrupted display.
But then Samsung release another phone from the Galaxy S phones series and that was The new Sumsung Galaxy S10 And that is a one of the most ever interesting and impressive smartphone ever made by sumsung and we ever saw.like sumsung A80 it is packed with a cutting adge feature.
So now what you think which smartphone is the most novel and impressive that was made by Samsung in 2019.

sumsung s10 vs a80
Samsung s10 vs a80

The Camera of Samsung galaxy A80 Is the most impressive and novel which made this phone more novel and interesting than other phones. This phone has a triple lens camera which can be automatically rotated while taking selfie and pictures And this feature made this phone more friendly for taking pictures of a very professional and high quality.
These three 3cameras of Sumsung A80 Consist of 48MegaPixels MP Main Camera And Ultra wide 3d Dept Sensers.And we find that this phone is best for autofocusing and background bluring.

On the other hand, we have a 12MegaPixels(MP) Main camera on Samsung galaxy S10 And 12Megapixels telephoto Lens And 16megapixels ultra wide lens in this Samsung s10 phone, which is able to take pictures in very good quality and capture more colors with it. This telephoto lens isn't available in Samsung Galaxy A80 Which is best for taking a picture from a very far distance.

Samsung S10 comes with a 3.400mAh battery while Samsung A80 Comes with a larger 3,700mAh battery.And it will last about an day.
But Samsung S10 Comes with wireless Charging feature so it isn't available in Samsung A80.

Sumsung A80
Samsung A80

After Taking a look at the design and battery life we can imagine that Samsung A80 is better than Samsung S10 but let take a look at specifications of them.
The A80 has A Snapdragon 730 chipset,which is the admirable midrange processor.
And the S10 boasts a Snapdragon 855 or any Exynos 9820 depending on the Country location, these both are edge cutting chips and comes in only Samsung s10.
And Both phones have A 8GB of RAM,And Consists of 128GB storage,And both run The latest Android 9,Which is the latest Android OS (operating system).

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