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The New Samsung Galaxy Fold | 16GB RAM Octa Core 2ghz | 512GB |

The New Samsung Galaxy Fold | Multi Screen SmartPhone |

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Speakers:      There are Two Speakers one on the top of the edge and 2nd on the back.

Wieght:        269Grams Weight (Which makes it the most heaviest phone ever).

Glass:          Gorila Glass 6 which make it too Solid Phone.

Display:       7.3 Inches of Two Displays fully Amo Led.

Camera:      Triple Lens HD Camera Supports HDR10+.

Bettery:       large 4,380mAh Bettery.

Storage:      512GB (capacity

RAM:         16GB of Ram

Proccessor:   Octa Core 2GHz

OS:            Android 9 (Operating System)

The every samsung mobile lover is excited about this new samsung galaxy fold released by samsung.It is the best for some edge cutting phones lovers users and for multi screen users it has new cutting edge technology and fold technology,you can fold the phone by the center and make it half or double for you.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung galaxy fold is the best technology releasing phone right now because it is a first folding and multi screen phone ever released so everyone will love it and every one want to make hand on this phone it has too latest features and new & unique style which make it more novel and stylish.This phone has a thick glass and a 7.3inches of large HD Display and it has a creas showned clearly when the phone is unfolded in the middle of the screen.

This phone will start selling at UK by AT & T on appril 26 in the market then.And it price will be about 1980$-2000$ which will make it the most expensive phone of the time.