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AssassinCreed Revelations Download Highly Compressed

Assassin Creed Revelations Pc Download Highly Compressed - The TechScience

Assassin Creed Revelations Pc Download Highly Compressed

Assassin Creed Revelations Pc Download Highly Compressed

This Is Assassin Creed Revelations Highly Compressed For Pc Download It From Above Link. 
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Assassin Creed Revelations Pc Download Highly Compressed
Assassin Creed Revelations Pc Download Highly Compressed
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have you played any of the previous Assassin's Creed games then

congratulations you have also played revelations on a more serious note while a few new additions are present like a tower defense minigame and crafting the experience is similar to that of

previous games especially Brotherhood albeit better-looking if that is enough to please you then go ahead and get this game and stop watching this video if however you want to find out more stay tuned Assassin's Creed Revelations puts you once again in the shoes of Desmond and ezio like in previous games you will run around rooftops sneak past enemies and engage in combat there are few traditional assassinations this time around which kind of makes the game not live up to its name besides that there are some new additions but they're hidden miss the new hook blade makes climbing easier and faster but then there's the tower defense minigame if you screw around too much and piss off the Templars they will try to siege one of your towers and if successful will recover their influence on an area it's a functional if questionable addition but since it can very easily be avoided by simply bribing heralds one has to wonder why it was even added in the first place there are also countless von types ranging from poisonous smoke which must be crafted from various ingredients lending to better combat variety their side quests as well but they're neither as numerous or a memorable as in the last game also the game is shorter than its predecessor but the final nail in the coffin for revelations is that the joy of discovery present in the previous games is all but gone here you know what to expect and what you're supposed to do and even though Constantinople is well realised and alive the fact that the gameplay feels routine strips away any excitement the experience might have otherwise offered

also the story suffers from a DD

switching between the underdeveloped love story between Ezio and Sofia the justice underwhelming conflict between the Ottomans and Byzantines Ezio's quest for the greater knowledge hidden in the Masyaf and the contrived side story of all tyres troubled relationship of the initial Brotherhood that feels like bad fanfiction what's worse more of the present timeline is present but

thankfully it's ignora bilenda data fragments and the past allows you to unlock Desmond's journey chapter by chapter but unless you like half-assed first-person platforming to the tune of nolan north reciting insane dialogue said journey is best avoided if the game was slightly longer or if the story had some focus perhaps we would have had a satisfying storyline as it stands however you're unlikely to care much about what's going on unlike Brotherhood revelations multiplayer is actually populated by other players creating your own character by choosing your abilities as satisfying not only that but there have been new additions to the formula if you're fast enough you can stun your would-be killer to avoid demise or at least reduce his reward there are also multiple modes some of which your team based how does that work simple while in team deathmatch and artifact assault it's just one long round in the other objective based team modes there are two rounds where one team must either capture chests or hunt down the other players but in the second round the roles are reversed to keep things fair the classic modes in Brotherhood are also still around though due to the reliance on matchmaking you'll have to make do with whatever mode people are playing unfortunately that's not all all modes are plagued by balance issues as higher level characters get better gear and jumping in these days means at least half of your opponents are maxed out don't be surprised if you fail miserably the beginning as smoke bombs in

particular are overpowered and can even cancel stuns or assassinations pro tip by and equip smoke bombs the second you've unlocked them the multiplayer is more exploitable than workers and Chinese sweatshops the single-player contains so much recycle material you'd think Ubisoft suddenly turned into an Environmental Protection Agency and the story just fails to engage due to its inability to take its time to actually develop its Fred's it's not a bad game but the Magic has been lost and the hit or miss new additions make it one for completionists.