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Call Of Duty Black Ops Pc Game Highly Compressed |17MB

Call Of Duty Black Ops Pc Game Highly Compressed 17MB |2019

Call Of Duty Black Ops Pc Game Highly Compressed |2019
Call Of Duty Black Ops Pc Game Highly Compressed |2019


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hey guys this is a review of hog duty black ops PC virgin and today we'll begin by reviewing the single-player then we've been behind in the

multiplayer so first off as you guys all know black ops is made by tree art who famously made gold at war so when it was announced that they're gonna make black ops I greeted with optimism now the game is set during the Cold War period where Soviet Union United States are having third party wars against each other within that fight each other directly and you're part of these black ops operations basically you're not supposed to be doing this but they're doing it anyway and it's special ops so if you're caught and you don't they don't

acknowledge that you exist now there is one primary feature of the game and that is the door which is quite noticeable especially when you shoot somebody and I thought was pretty good help

now on the game itself we can't drive motorcycles drive cars drive even those out there chuckling so you can't have to drive it around like a stick and they're definitely pretty good nose and I like it a lot

question a motorcycle chase and hook after seeing where you have to blow up the entire village ah it's definitely a lot of fun so and you can also drive PVR's I've forgotten it

he borrows water now I found the graphics to be pretty good

it runs on a modified as wall that war engine so I wasn't really expecting much of a boost but some of the scenes look outstanding such as Vietnam which the jungle looks amazing with it a very good job on it and so and I thought the graphics are pretty good now they added lots of cutscenes and slow-motion moments in the game sometimes they tend to be a little annoying where you have to be doing a cutscene you're getting shot at there's nothing new about it sometimes a little annoying but overall I found a pretty good now the AI is pretty stranded coffee the enemy shoots at you from behind something and he has intellitrace basically though there were some scenes where the AI acted pretty good overall it was pretty much the same as the Jarek eyes no complaints there my favorite part mission was actually the prison mission where he had to break out and use all these improvised weapons like the harp and or the gap the chain gun chain gun which is really epic and had fun mowing down everybody also using the modified that balls of fire firing at towers and whatnot so I found that mission my favorite actually I found the audio to be pretty decent and I loved the music and how they did a very good job with them and heading so said the mood of 1962 80s and they also did a good job picking some feet on their soundtracks to add to the game itself so before I found the music in the audience being pretty decent and definitely franchise now on to bugs and how it ran the game itself had a lots of stutters when I first started it I couldn't even actually started to be honest it crashed a couple of times when I started got it starting and stutters a little but overall I was pretty okay and I managed to get it to run out of the target memory at the modifying some the convict files so I probably it was just a pretty large bugs or anything I hope they fix it

personally I think that the singleplayer is very good and directed a fantastic job on the single-player and how grants turn and help they make more cuts with this kind of single-player because this is just top-notch so my final verdict of this is the single-player is fantastic in a good job addition to ecology so they also added the zombie mode from world at war and as you know the zombie mode from world war was very very popular and I was very glad when I heard they were going to add it back they also added with new features such as you can play as JFK or Nixon or some other politician against nazi zombies

depending the Pentagon so definitely a lot of fun and you should definitely try with some friends because definitely more fun if you have any friends so I give it I give the zombie mode a top notch they've also added some secret games this is the game itself like dead off arcade here and if you want to know how to get to that you can message me to one but I'm sure a lot of people know already

since there's instructions all were deferring that now on to the multiplayer the game has as you know are you famous killstreaks and customizable weapons and it seems like they've taken another leap this year with even more customizable options and god it's mind-blowing now one major feature this year is the return of the dedicated servers which I am strongly happy to see well when mom walked for two didn't have dedicated servers there I decided not to get it and turns out it looks like I might have been correct on that issue there's a much preferred servers over matchmaking because it always drove me into some stupid server with like so I greatly liked this new feature well this whole feature you can sing but they also returned lean the lean mode where you can

one side and I like that too though I don't really use it much and like I said earlier you can customize a lot of stuff now with money that you earned from making games which is called secret currency which you make like I said in games and you can even use it to bet do raid remotes where you can do gun game and gun game and all sorts of other stuff like sharp shooters sticks and stones one in the chamber and some other great ones up there where you can bet your money and see if you can get to the top three to make money back you can also use them money to purchase

killstreaks perks and even contracts which I should mention you have a specific amount of time to do something and then the contract that it says like get three head shots with an SMG or something like that and so I like the system though it's a bit confusing at first but eventually get used to it and I like purchasing selling while the black ops multiplayer has 14 new Maps and I liked a lot of them so far one one four two had a lot more but they weren't very memorable and there was only one good method now there are several good maps in black ops so far and I'm starting to find a lot more as you get used to it though it seems to funnel people into the battlefield into shooting each other soon not sure without a good idea in that so the map design is pretty good though it's adapted from the single-player if you played a single-player and notice changes and there are some new kill streaks as you guys probably are aware of like the new RC car will drive around to kill people basically you can get quad kills triple kills I've seen it happen on kill cam and there's also like a drivable hook up there with the driver shoot that stuff pretty funny and cool at the same time you also guys return two dogs from wall at war and they're more balanced I think and there's also some other new killstreaks and some old ones that you've probably seen before from one Walker yeah and so I have really had no opinion about this but I think they're pretty cool well they really hit the ball with this on you can customize pretty much anything gun faith pay a lot more emblems to a deer kill cam and all that stuff

and there's also the inter mode where you can edit some awesome kills you can or some possibility like to see and I thought it was pretty cool

definitely good feature that they'll they should have the ability to upload to YouTube in my opinion so and they also added 15 prestiges to to rank up there so here when we playing this game for a very very long time I just like this again through all those procedures I thought that the limit of the 18 players per 18 players on a max of 18 players on the server and 24 players for an unranked was a very good idea because any more than 18 just turned into spamfest 18 exajoules practices so they also added combat training which you can play against bots any level up you can replay your friends into the American one and Trek has indicated that might release modules at some point so help that's true then we can make maps and this game will have a long long life and people were playing for a long time it looks like sure well the multiplayer overall is a well done job and

definitely well done job if they add those modules and and but it's a better than modern warfare both games I would say definitely better than the second one since it's far more balanced but the first one is difficult because it's always going to be a classic probably so my thoughts on the multiplayer are definitely a well done job and it's great great job or those people like to play online

you're like a running a gun basically so overall what I think about the game is that it's definitely worth the price but maybe you should get it later when the bugs are all fixed up because when I play multiplayer I was lagging like hell and stuttering but they they're starting to fix it look like after losing a couple HUD fixes so overall I think it's definitely worth the money and if you haven't gone in yet try it out or at least get it so hope to see you on the battlefield

thanks for watching the review and please comment below if you have any thoughts on my review or you'd like to debate something please comment below I like to hear your thoughts thank you for.