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Don Bradman Cricket 14 For Pc Highly Compressed 570MB

Don Bradman Cricket 14 For Pc Highly Compressed 570MB

Don Bradman Cricket 14 For Pc Highly Compressed 570MB

Don Bradman Cricket 14 For Pc Highly Compressed Download


This Is Don Bradman Cricket 14 Pc Game Highly Compressed For Pc Download It From About Link. 
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hello hello guys Alex here we have the EU geek online in PPR and we're having a look at the new Don Bradman Cricut 14 this version on the 360 it's on ps3 as well made by the guys over at big ant nice Australian company good to see some games coming out of Australia and developers not to see any pretty game not have one for a while jumping in heaps of game modes and stuff about guys obviously there's no licenses in the game so the first thing they do is they take you in the critic Adam and say hey look do you want to replace all the teams with the highest rated ones that people have made already yes of course I do

essentially this completely bypasses all those licenses we now have properly named players in the game and you can do it with umpires as well you know if you want to be given our particularly by Richard Cobra hey who wouldn't

good to go someone's made him for you they've got a couple of training modes in the game there's a match training and a net training I get it I understand why they're in there personally I don't think they're actually that useful this is one of the few games where I'll actually condone reading the instruction manual read through it guys before you do anything front to back it actually gives you a lot of information but what you need to do and while you can jump in and use this training mode it doesn't actually give you a lot of help it kind of just tells you part of what's inside that instruction manual don't end up learning before I learn a lot more just by reading I think the Nets mode is a little more useful than that Center week of practice you get a lot of balls fired at you relatively quickly and they show you what your timing is which

particularly on the game can be one of the biggest struggles trying to get that right I just don't see why you would bother doing like a practice match Hey look

none of the matches you play mean anything anyway you might as well just jump in and play a real match you know and have some fielders there and don't have so many sort of loading scenes in between deliveries the whole thing just sort of felt a little bit slow and clunky moving on though I think I'm into a bit of a gain scenario here the match presentation stuff is really good I have to say it does look really nice the whole game graphically actually giving it on technically past gen looks really nice I got a lot of stuff going on it is a little slow at times but you can stuff through here like the coin toss there's no reason this needs to take so long uh it just gets a little bit frustrating when you've been playing for a while or you're playing with friends whatever you just want to get in a place in cricket and you've got to go through all this there's a lot of loading times a lot of just looking at still images and I mean I understand as to the the character of the game but it probably could have been done a little bit quicker that being said though stuff like the the

animations as they walk out - but it all looks good you know it looks like it would be on a TV broadcast and again you do actually have the option to to skip this stuff now you're doing through that toss but yeah I mean if you want to look at you can look at it and that little backpack just there possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen our sporting game as that's just adorable all right let's jump to some action here the first major thing you'll notice is there is no fielding radar when you're batting you after a while I'm looking through the batsman's eyes for five seconds before it's delivery to work out where your fielders are because there's no sort of beacon or highlighting on on who's a player though it can actually be really tricky early on to work out what's a boundary fielder and what's like a photographer or even like an advertising hoarding something I'm sure they've looked her something I'm sure they'll patch in right now you really have to like sort of hit and hope that it is indeed a a photographer another player moving on I mean padding all around is generally a pretty nice experience um particularly in the amateur mode it's relatively easy just to pick up and play it's a he four different shots you can play now they've added things in like the little ramp shot on the reverse sweep and now it's a fun game it's definitely a step up from anything we've seen before and it's not perfect there are still some wacky things that go on but for the most part the the control scheme and the way it works out works very well on that control scheme they've sort of designed their own they've gone with something new and I like that a lot of people over a to sort of come out said it's it's hard to get used to but that's the point like you don't want to be scoring hundreds in your first game it's nice that there's a bit of a learning curve I mean there are still some shots that I think are a little bit too easy play from the start like that little ramp over gully it's too easy or to get that away for for and

particularly when you're facing spin bowling a little pick up shot over backwards square it's just too easy to hit that ball for six I don't know why I don't know why it's so powerful but for whatever reason it's an easy little get out shot and we said that though you know there are there are plenty of shots on offer they don't all work out for you if you do get cocky

the game is going to pick you up and up the game is gonna get you out wherever it can and quite often just because it wants to you know it's going to find cheeky little ways to get rid of bowling why's bowling I think is a lot easier they've changed things up a lot a lot of it is now available at your fingertips no longer you having to go through menus to find all your fielding options these are done through the d-pad so you can control these in your run up without pausing the game if it was very natural a lot of field setting options and you can go through and change them all as well

changing your bowler is even done through that option and it just flows really nicely you can see there they've added their own bowling controls you know it's not a timed thing so much anymore and they are really nice they do take a little bit to get used to a particular on the high difficulties this is on amateur so you get quite a nice little window but it's a nice thing to have a different control scheme spin as well is different to bowling pace which is nice you know previously it was all very much the same I have to say though it seems a lot easier to take wickets it's been I don't know what the what the imbalance is but for whatever reason I find a lot easier to get batsman out when I'm bowling spin one of the big new things they've added ian is the DRS now you have to press a button to appeal in this game if you want no Adobe decision or a lot of the time a call behind decision as well you have to press up on the d-pad you have to tell your players to appeal if you don't you are not getting a wicket is that appeal gets turned down you will be given the option to challenge is so much fun using the DRS it works really well the whole setup and the presentation of it is pretty much spot-on they go through each of the elements that they should they go through it's presented really nicely I'll think and take you know minute also it's a little bit drawn-out but hey that's the fun of a review you know it's building that tension and I mean I have had a couple overturned you don't get a whole lot over term but they do throw in a couple of wrong decisions and you know if you've not used up reviews and you're brave enough then then jump in and challenge it the hot spots they are massive but I'm sure we can uh we can overlook that it's just a one little tiny detail but overall really well done now there are issues with the fielding though the fielders are very overpowered at the moment they will get the stumps from sidon

on the boundary and nine times out of ten it's not a massive issue it just gets really frustrating makes running really dangerous and I find that 90% of my wicket to run outs because of stupid little things not necessarily me making a bad call and one thing you hear this noise or no runny get used to that guys you're gonna be hearing a lot of it a couple of things I've noticed you're getting a lot of issues like this um stuff where obviously it's just the way that the field is designed to take run outs you you get decisions like this where just no I can't I can't see what's going on there I understand you know it's buggy it's the first release of the game there are patches coming just just beware that if you're on ninety eight there's a decent chance that uh

something a little funky is going to happen to you fielding wise animations are all really good there's a heap of different catching animations you don't ever feel like you're seeing the same thing over and over again which is really nice to see it to be fair that's something that happens through the whole game it doesn't feel canned it doesn't feel like they've made three animations and while sometimes they probably go a slightly more extravagant route when they don't need to and the batsmen look a little bit silly when they're playing a few shots it doesn't feel repetitive overall it has to be said that big ant have really done a great job with this game you know it's not perfect at this stage it was never going to be perfect to the stage but they are actively working to improve it they're listening to what people are saying and it me to be honest they're working out quite a nice little platform for the guys to have made their own engine and build everything from the ground up it's a very playable game it doesn't have glaring faults that that mean that you can't end up playing have a different game modes you know you can play through international tournaments you can play a career mode as well you can play for 20 years as one player being traded and sold to different clubs working your way up from starting a lot you know low level working out to international playing for a big bash and county cricket and stuff like that and it works really well overall that they've done a lot of things right as couple of things that need polishing but I'm sure they will and I'd like to see where it goes I mean overall got no throw rating on its to Earl

for that but really good job guys really good game have a look at a PC version coming as well later in the year but that's it from me I am Alex thank you for watching make sure to LIKE comment subscribe and check us out over on you geek online see ya.