Fallout 4 Highly Compressed For Pc | 5mb

Fallout 4 Highly Compressed For Pc | 5mb

Fallout 4 Highly Compressed For Pc | 5mb
Fallout 4 Highly Compressed For Pc | 5mb

When your hibernation is over, you first realize that your son has been kidnapped, but you also discover a world still reeling from nuclear warfare, centuries after the bombs fell. Two-headed deer drink from irradiated streams, and your home, the once great city of Boston, lies in ruin. Fenway Park has become a shanty town that plays host to underground crime rings. The historic Freedom Trail lies broken and nigh untraceable, more likely to take you into the maw of a drooling mutant than to the foot of an important monument. Your desperate need to find your son draws you into this hell-on-earth, but you eventually become an important player in its political and social landscape. Your decisions have a real impact on your journey, but perhaps more importantly, on the fate of others.

Fallout 4's story regularly challenges you to make compromises. The nuclear war further complicated life in Boston; everyone wants to survive, but nobody wants to work together. The weight of this horrible reality caused some people to go mad, but for others, it's the radiation that turned them into seething abominations.

The instability within Boston seems permanent, but if one company--The Institute--has its way, life could be better; life could be controlled. The Institute is a twisted homage to Cambridge's famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology and it's the source of Fallout 4's bioengineered androids, known as Synths. Some Synths look like animated mannequins, but The Institute recently began producing ultra-realistic models, and people are concerned with the presence of secret, robotic agents. The conflict between synths and humans is Fallout 4's defining plotline. Taking a page out of sci-fi classics such as Blade Runner, Fallout 4 tests your moral compass by challenging you to define the meaning of life. When the line between organic and synthetic is blurred, what does it mean to be "human?"

The nuclear war further complicated life in Boston; everyone wants to survive, but nobody wants to work together.
Fallout 4 is the story of the "perfect" vs the "imperfect,” where your decisions influence the victories and tragedies of not just the two overarching groups, but all of the smaller ones that get caught in the middle. Picking sides and doing favours is, at first, about finding your son, but it becomes more complicated as time passes. It's not as simple as choosing between the right and wrong thing; you are almost always sacrificing something, and the decisions get harder over time.

Though many of the secondary quests amount to dungeon raids or fetch quests, these challenges thrust you into combat, which is a dynamic and thrilling mix of shooting in real-time and carefully selecting your targets in an RPG-rooted command system known as V.A.T.S. While in this mode, you aim for specific body parts and get to see how likely you are to hit your mark, and how much damage you will inflict if you do. It lacks the immediacy of straight shooting, but it helps you be a more resourceful and effective warrior. It's an extension of the same mechanic from Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, but activating V.A.T.S. in those games paused the action completely. Now, it merely slows down time, and you're more vulnerable as a result. The mix of utility and strategy that it presents is gratifying, unlike the real-time shooting, which is functional but lacks the finesse found in dedicated shooter games. V.A.T.S. also frames your actions with cinematic flair--far more so than any other aspect of the game.

I've got a 46% chance of landing a headshot on this idiot.
I've got a 46% chance of landing a headshot on this idiot.
V.A.T.S. makes combat thoughtful, but the nature of survival makes conflict exciting. It's not unusual to find yourself hunted by oafish mutants while you struggle with wounded limbs, radiation poisoning, or an unfortunate lack of ammo. You can flee, but then you may miss the opportunity to take potentially valuable items from your fallen opponents. Sticking it out may require heavy doses of stimulants that will leave you added, but ultimately give you the strength to fight another day. You're constantly weighing the pros and cons of your actions, and there's rarely a right answer. This creates great tension, pulling you into the experience at hand, and highlighting the joy of every victory.

Each time you level up, you can invest a start point in one of seven attributes--Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, and Luck--that determine how effective you are when dealing with others, using either words or your weapons. Your proficiency in these stats allows you to invest in perks--enhancements that boost or augment your abilities. You spend the same points on attributes and perks, making the process of upgrading your character a balancing act. This system allows you to opt for a specialist approach, be it as a combatant or a charmer, but you aren't locked into a specific path. You always have access to the entire chart of perks, and without a level cap, you ultimately have the ability to master everything. The freedom is welcome, allowing you to sample a wide skill range.

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