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Far Cry 2 Pc Game Highly Compressed | ScienceTechHealth

Far Cry 2 Pc Game Highly Compressed | 2019

Far Cry 2 Pc Game Highly Compressed | ScienceTechHealth
Far Cry 2 Pc Game Highly Compressed | ScienceTechHealth

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far cry 2 is the sequel to Far Cry released in 2008 for Microsoft Windows PlayStation 3 in the Xbox 360 it has practically nothing to do with the previous game aside from its jungle setting and it's also one of the first of the Ubisoft open-world games at the beginning of the game you choose from one of several mercenaries to play as which as far as I can tell does nothing more than altering the player's

character model before you drop into a fictional area of North Africa to track down and kill a notorious gun merchant known as the jackal you're in the country for all of five minutes before malaria attack puts you out of

commission and a further gunfight between two warring factions the you FLL and the AAP are says you just how shitty things really are eventually you get back on your feet and start doing missions for both the UFL l and the AP are neither who seem to care that you working for their competitors the whole point being to gain notoriety and track down the jackal to complete your original mission now to be honest the story is kind of bogus I mean I think the jackal shows up maybe three or four times in the game which is fine I mean they're trying to build some mystery around him but there's not really any developments with the factions outside of one or two key moments I mean you just do these missions for them with no great ramifications the malaria attacks are a neat idea though it's funny how you always conveniently run out of pills at key points during the storyline along the way you'll also work with other mercenaries complete assassinations and take out weapons supplies for the local gun merchants in between shooting every single other person you come across now Far Cry 2 is a big game with a large map and using various vehicles is the best mode of transportation offering up lots of exploration opportunities as you come across outposts and collectables along the way most of which are guarded by the forces of either the UFL or the AP R you will be doing a lot of driving around in this game I mean it's not called far drive - for no reason and if you don't like the idea of spending upwards of 10 minutes driving to your next objective then stop watching right now sonny jim because i doubt i can convince you to like this game now if I had to describe the AI in Far Cry 2 with one word I'd say it's relentless the enemies in this game really hate you you're only ever fighting other people with guns and they're all basically exactly the same aside from carrying do

weapons when I say they're the same I mean that would just generally shoot you on sight and chase you down if you try to run driving away in a vehicle often isn't an option because enemies will fire on whichever vehicle you've gotten into so quickly that often before you can even get out of their line of sight they've peppered the vehicle with that much gunfire that it becomes impossible to drive when they chase you in a vehicle despite it often being the same vehicle you're using they're able to catch up to you with ease for some reason Far Cry 2 scrapes fly because you've always got so many healing items on hand that it's almost impossible to be killed but as a result it can feel often very cheap irritating and just frustrating getting butt blasted from 360 degrees from enemies you often can't even see makes of some really tiresome gameplay I think the main issue here is that obviously the game is set in jungles and deserts so you're always going to be an opened up areas where you're vulnerable from all sides so yeah you expect to have people flank you all the time but the relentless nature of the enemies kind of emphasizes how poorly thought-out this truly was another issue I have with Far Cry 2 is it has a very slow sense of progression you're always just doing missions for the two main factions and most of these missions generally just involve going somewhere and killing someone or blowing something up

each mission generally gives you 15 or 20 uncut diamonds as payment which is the games form of currency and this is what you use to purchase new guns and upgrades but again this is a very slow mechanic as a point of reference most guns cost anywhere from five to thirty diamonds to purchase and now consider you also need to purchase the

reliability in accuracy upgrades for each of these weapons

not to mention upgrades for your character weapons drop by enemies are often prone to jamming and breaking so you have to purchase most guns yourself unless you want them to Jam mid-fight which kind of sucks all of the side missions to unlock the best guns in the game again just require you to drive around and often kill someone and blow something up and it just ends up making everything feel very kind of tedious and drawn-out the only way to acquire more diamonds is to do the assassination missions or the main campaign but some of these campaign missions can take you know 30 to 40 minutes to complete especially if using the buddy system on that note let's talk about the buddy system which is another one a far cry 2 is under development annex in the game your character is one of the many expats staying in the country trying to make a buck out of all the misery and these other characters are able to help you out under the right circumstances this is referred to in games the buddy system and you've always got two buddies at any one time

one that can be called in to revive you if you're killed and another one that offers up alternate mission objectives during the campaign the reviving buddy is a tad useless because it's often far easier just to load a quick save and the alternate objectives are offered up by the other buddy can as I said before just drag missions out much longer than they really need to be a mission that might normally take you 10 or 15 minutes might take upwards of double that time as the objective your buddy gives you requires much more driving around inside tracking to achieve essentially the same goal your reward for all this screwing around is some measly upgrades to the many safe houses you've acquired but again safe houses are only used for saving more than anything else so unless you're playing on console in which case you haven't got access to quick saves there seems little point in bothering with these at all

now despite all this negativity I'm giving the game I actually still do enjoy playing it and it's even my favorite game in the entire series but I have to say that that enjoyment is very subjective

it's an early example of those

open-world games were also used to nowadays but back then the craft wasn't exactly honed the fast travel system for instance isn't as convenient as it perhaps could be and there's also as I said practically no effect on the game world by the actions you want to take as a character most games have a free roam mode when you finish the campaign but Far Cry 2 just throws you back to the main menu it almost seems deliberately reserved in the way that it progresses you through the game acquiring all of the various weapons all of which look and sound great can be a time-consuming process but also ultimately very rewarding and the center of

experimentation is just fantastic I've spent hours with a sniper rifle and submachine gun combo as an example for switching it up to a rocket launcher and shotgun and I've had just as much fun playing it both ways I didn't mention this as early in the review as I should but this is also an awesome looking game with an incredible attention to detail that even Trump's recent open-world games the level of interaction with the environment is extremely high like the way you can create these fantastic looking bushfires that grow and expand dynamically the way foliage is affected by nearby gunfights as well I mean it's a very atmospheric and engaging world but it's just one that requires a lot of patience from the player patients to get immersed but also patients with certain aspects of the gameplay like the shooting the story pacing and the mission structures that aren't as refined as they could be it's a

prototype of what the series has turned into a stripped back version of what the last couple games are known for but there is fun to be had here regardless just be patient like I said expect to be staring at the scenery a fair bit and lastly don't forget your malaria pills.

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