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Freedom Fighter Game Highly Compressed Pc Download | ScienceTech | 180MB

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after their success with hitman to Iowa Interactive decided to try something different and vas in partnership with ei created Freedom Fighters

a third-person team-based shooter set in an alternate history where the USSR almost controls the entire world and is eyeing the United States from the very beginning you are caught up in an invasion that threatens everything that is American but is this a fight worth fighting for

as Chris stone you decide to fight back against the invading Soviets as they kidnap your brother and decide to be all-around pricks to the citizens of New York you meet up with some rebels free their leader and then take the fight back to the Russians the game

unfortunately just flops you into the action directly with little background and while there are cutscenes every now and then the game isn't really story driven this is one of those games that would have really benefited from a bit more characterization and plot

development but there is just enough story to keep you going at least the game is a squad based third-person shooter while you'll be on your own for the first few missions not long into the game you'll gain the ability to recruit fighters to help you you can only order them to follow attack or defend but that isn't an issue in the slightest as these are arguably the smartest allies you'll encounter in a video game they never get stuck on walls can follow you no matter where you go through and take cover automatically usually in a safe location if they receive too much damage a medkit will patch them up the squad element in this game is simply completely

satisfying your missions are connected via a hub area and you are free to choose in which order you undertake these in each mission you will have to reach the top of a particular building and raise the American flag to complete the level they also feature a bonus objective which upon completion makes following levels

easier for instance the strong a helipad will leave the enemy without air support and destroying a bridge will cut off reinforcements at first the game might seem overly difficult but in reality progressing is easy as long as you can figure out the order in which to complete the objectives the winning strategy is to complete as many of the secondary objectives as you can first then take over the primary objectives the tutorial also mentions that stealth is a viable option but given the limited safe system and the fact that being detected by one soldier means being detected by all of them not to mention that silent takedowns are not an option you're simply far better off recruiting some allies and just going in guns blazing however in the rare moments when you return to being on your own things just fall apart the inaccuracy found on most weapons is just ridiculous it's one thing to not hit someone from a mile away with an assault rifle on full auto and something else entirely to miss a soldier's head from point-blank range with semi-automatic weaponry and this problem is compounded by the fact that your ammo capacity is nothing special and enemies can take a dozen hits to go down Russians do have a reputation for being tough but their endurance in this game is simply ridiculous and the cherry on top is the game's downright abysmal save system the game does autosave whenever you enter a new area but if you want your progress to be saved amid mission you have to quick save at a manhole even worse these quick saves only work as long as you stay on the same level even if you partially completed a level leaving it then returning will have all guards you previously eliminated respawned on a more positive note the graphics are great but there is one thing that doesn't do them justice the character models granted they are well animated and

well detailed but there's somewhat cartoony features are at odds with the games more serious tone the game doesn't take itself completely seriously but more realistic models would have simply been a better fit given the atmosphere on the other hand the soundtrack is phenomenal

it's a mix of Russian themed classical and orchestral music with a bit of electronica that really gives life to the invaded New York you're in given the slightly off way the game looks the music makes up for it and sets the mood quite well the unnecessary trial and error unreliable ballistics and clumsy storytelling dragged down one of the more technically impressive games of 2003 and it's a shame as the game looks and sounds good but more importantly is fun to play and technically ambitious firefights between dozens of soldiers are rare in games and Freedom Fighters is one of those rare titles that nails the feeling of a desperate struggle just be prepared to face its enemies as much as its inherent frustrations.