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God Father Pc Game Highly Compressed Download |8MB

God Father Pc Game Highly Compressed Download |8MB

God Father Pc Game Highly Compressed Download |8MB

God Father Pc Game Highly Compressed Download |8MB


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the Godfather widely considered one of the greatest movies ever made it's got an incredible cast an incredible amount of drama and it's incredibly long and as we all know long movies are

automatically good movies I did not care for the Godfather Oh buds off Peter no one asked you

The Godfather tells the story of a Corleone italian-american Mafia family chronicling their rise to power to their eventual fall it's the story of a father's ambition passed down to his son and how family can be a blessing a curse and even something else entirely it's one of film's greatest achievements all two of them we don't count that last one because that last one's poopy when you grow up an italian-american male in an area with a large italian-american population like myself well let me put it this way I called this one Mitch's law of Italian ethnicity in America when you mentioned being Italian in a conversation the probability of someone referencing the Godfather to you approaches one I'm not joking we Italians live and breathe this whole mafia movie thing I'm talking about things like The Sopranos Goodfellas Casino basically Martin Scorsese's entire thermography and the crowning jewel of them all has always been the Godfather it's a source of pride a great movie filled to the brim with great italian-american actors like Marlon Brando

Al Pacino James Caan Abe Vigoda Robert Duvall okay as you can tell I'm

intentionally being a little bit of an asshole about it but if I'm being honest for a second I do really love The Godfather

it stands firmly as one of my favorite movies of all time and I love everything about it

the movie is so full of intrigue and suspense it's propelled forward

constantly by the characters and their interactions with each other from the cunning and calculated Don Corleone himself to his hot-headed son Santino the comic relief of Pete Clemenza the businesslike charm of Tom Hagen or even the snake-like warped sense of business found in a character like salat so the entire movie has a pattern of constant rising and falling and despite its subdued approach it feels operatic making the story all the more grand there is each little section of the movie s

lates and climaxes building tension for the next chapter but when you're an Italian like myself growing up in an Italian family and a predominantly Italian location you can't escape the Godfather barbers have the movie poster in their shop you got it not and who named her dog Corleone Bianco makes references to it constantly sandwich place has literally serve a grind that named The Godfather after the fucking movie and I ain't talkin Italian like spaghetti and meatballs I'm talkin Italian like growing up being fresh pursuit and capo go all day long ago also I never got the whole spaghetti and meatball joke

every time the whole Italian heritage thing comes up there's always it's always the first food everybody goes to Oh spaghetti there or pizza

I'm tired of answering questions about fuckin spaghetti how come no one ever comes up to me and ask so Mitch what are you thought some pasta Cheech and for the record I fucking hate pasta cheese I'm sorry ma I just don't like it it's not your cooking I promise but let's get back to the Godfather or rather the real subject of this video the Godfather the game but Godfather the game is an open-world action game in the same general style is Grand Theft Auto or Saints Row set during the events of 1972 s The Godfather don't get confused by that date though as the story takes place in the 1940s and 50s published by Electronic Arts before they fully turned into the corporate villains we know and love the idea to make the Godfather into a game had been done before in 1991 on the Amiga but with the influence of the rising craze for the GTA style video games it was deemed that the world of The Godfather would be a perfect fit for that style of game and would be sure to sell a ton with the brand recognition alone didn't even matter if it was a good game or not The Godfather the game was released in 2006 for the Xbox and Playstation 2 it released pretty late in the lifecycle of those consoles and when I'm talking about the ps2 I mean about the midpoint because they kept making ps2 games well until the release of the ps4 for some fucking reason upgraded versions of the game some released on the Xbox 360 ps3 and Wii known as the Dons Edition but since I first played this game on the ps2 and that's the version I own that's the one we'll be focusing on I'll talk a bit about the difference

is between versions towards the end of this video now just an FYI I played this game using my original PlayStation 2 disc on the pcsx2 emulator it runs pretty well but there is a noticeable graphical glitch where you can see car and street lights through solid objects there isn't any known workaround and well I ain't smart enough to figure out one on my own so we're just gonna have to roll with it it's nothing I can do about that

the godfather the game henceforth gonna be called the Godfather because the rest is just way too many ways for me to say over and over is notable for bringing over the likeness of many of the movies characters a bunch of them voiced by the original actors James Caan Robert Duvall a Bogota and Marlon Brando all provided their likeness and their voices for the game

unfortunately Marlon Brando was on his death bed during recording and died before the game could even be released rendering much of his recorded audio unusable but hey at least Don Corleone actually looks like Don Corleone many other actors who couldn't voice for one reason whether they were deceased just unavailable still provided their likeness for the characters in the game the only notable exception is Michael Corleone himself

Al Pacino who looks nothing like him and sounds nothing like him it turns out the Al Pacino declined the chance to reprise Michael Corleone in this game choosing instead to give his likeness to Scarface the world is yours instead so Michael Corleone in this game looks and sounds just about as generic as they come now I will warn you there are spoilers that are gonna come up a bow later on in the video and I'll let you know again when they're about to crop up but you're safe for now while I breakdown the gameplay in The Godfather you play none as one of the iconic film characters but instead as your own character which you create for a ps2 game the characters are there in this is well pretty damn good you have a multitude of options to shape your characters face and control everything from the length of their here to giving them a mole on their forehead the idea behind the system is for you to create your very own Italian and what Italian wouldn't be complete if he wasn't on the Huskie side with a moustache because you are limited to creating a character of a very specific ethnic origin creating a character outside of those bounds is pretty difficult if not impossible but it does make sense since you had to be an Italian to get into the Mafia anyway of the nice things about the character editor in this game is that you can freely return to it at any time then fine tune and tweak your character this includes purchasing swanky new outfit so just reshaping your characters here I had a lot of fun returning to the editor to give my character an updated look as we progress through the ranks of the Corleone family and after creating and naming your character your goal is pretty simple

rise through the ranks of the Corleone family starting as a lowly outsider to eventually become a made man and maybe even one day the Dharam himself to achieve this you roam around the map doing story missions getting into gunfights with the rise of Mafia families and the police shaking down businesses for protection money and more The Godfather can be broken into three distinct gameplay areas exploration combat and extortion as a game similar in vein to the GTA games it shouldn't shock you that you can seal just about any vehicle you come across and drive anywhere around the map the map of New York City and this is fairly large for the era and is made up of five distinct the areas you got Little Italy Midtown Hell's Kitchen Brooklyn and a little neighborhood in New Jersey with a map this large the easiest way to get from place to place is through the use of a car the driving in this game is well pretty powerful course the cars of which there are only four types in the a bow as you would expect in they drive at a speed that you would expect is really nothing special about it like other games in this genre be prepared to crash a lot whether it's in the oncoming traffic traffic in your own lane stuff on the side of the road or pedestrians who just happened to be on the sidewalk when you're feeling a little adventurous later you should play the lottery because I don't know how to fuck you didn't die right there naturally if your vehicle takes too much damage it'll blow up nine times out of ten it isn't a problem and there's likely another just two feet away from you to hop into the only time it actually becomes a problem or obstacle for you is in certain story missions where you're unable to switch vehicles and those are the ones that really put your driving skills to the test for sure the map is awesome but can be a bit of a pain in the ass in this game the beautiful thing about it is that the main map is very coherent for the most part and is marked with everything you could possibly need from the location of businesses right for extortion to banks that are just begging to be

busted open and robbed just don't forget your dynamite when you go do it

oh shit oh we didn't get the dynamite back fuck we have no dynamite one of the biggest problems lies though in the mini nap which is super small doesn't show a whole lot of your surroundings and what is also the biggest bane of my existence is it doesn't always point north going just by the mini-map in this game is a surefire way to get lost so expect to find yourself checking the main map constantly that's okay though because every street in this game has a name that's labeled on the main map and shown very clearly to you

below the mini-map the intent is to clearly have you navigate in New York City by using street names for that extra level of immersion and to tell you the truth I actually found that easier than using the fucking mini-map but it doesn't change the fact that this kind of shit as you explore the world you're gonna run into fellow mafioso some of whom belonged to the Corleone family and they'll give you helpful tips but most of them belong to one of the four other families

you got the tattaglias the weakest of the bunch based in Brooklyn the

strategies out of New Jersey who look snazzy in their violent outfits then there's the kou Neos that control Hell's Kitchen

and they have a pretty high success rate at kicking my ass last but not least this is the barzinis the toughest of the families who I actually found way easy to deal with in the kou Neos most of the time as you encounter these fellow kuvasz you're gonna find that you'll always end up fighting them sooner or later whether with guns baseball bats are just your own two fists one of the big selling points of this game at least according to the marketing was the unarmed combat system called the black hands system means as if the Mafia practiced some secret style of martial arts the way I would describe the hand-to-hand combat is fun but sloppy the way you fight is by swinging around the right analog stick real punches it's both super intuitive and a total mess the right analog stick also controls the camera for one so a lot of the time while you're wailing away on guys you're also fighting the camera rotation while you do it there's a way to do a power attack by pulling the stick back and launching it forward which feels great when you pull it off but it's so unreliable it's really worth attempt but you don't just swing fists all the time you can also grab onto people and wail away on them up close you can choke motherfuckers out till you snap their neck and you can swing people around throwing them into objects or each other there's no shortage of combat options when it comes to the hand-to-hand stuff you can throw people through windows stomp on them on the ground execute them in a headlock throw them into bakery furnaces when you really get into the nitty-gritty and get the hang of it it's hard not to feel like a total badass most of the time I see you must be studying the abridged book of mafia lady then that brings us to the gunplay which is in my opinion less exciting than the fist fighting all's fair in love and war sure but the gunplay is much less unique the basic gist is that it's a cover based third-person shooter there's a total of five guns three handguns in two larger guns that pack that extra firepower despite the lack of variety they actually each play a distinct role the tommy gun is not very accurate but is amazing for crowd control the shotgun delivers maximum firepower at close range the pistol is fast and accurate while the Magnum sacrifices accuracy for a powerful punch and the snub-nosed is absolutely fucking useless

there's also Molotov cocktails and Dynamite's which you can throw both of them are incredibly powerful and also incredibly unreliable because they can just as easily backfire on you as much as help you out when the guns come out things can get lethal in this game really fast including for your character so it's important that you get the hang of a cover and aiming system early on you can take cover against walls and also by crouching in front of low objects popping up the shoot it's pretty cool enemies will take cover - so gunplay usually turns into a game of cat-and-mouse that requires both patience and quick decision-making that's we're aiming comes in the aiming reticule will shrink to be more accurate the more you stay focused on one target and you can target people in different spots for different effects shooting someone in the shoulder or hand can disarm them

we'll make them drop to the floor but let's be honest the easiest and quickest thing is to just shoot them in the fucking head this has been all the easier with the weapon upgrades this game offers each of the five guns have two levels of upgrades the first upgrade is skippable for most of all it does really added a little bit extra ammo but the second upgrade turns every weapon into an insanely strong instrument of death except for the snub-nosed which remains completely useless my personal favorite is the level 3 shotgun called the street sweeper the guy who sells it hides out deep in the sewer cistern and he sells you a revolving barrel

automatic shotgun which definitely did not exist in 1945 which can one-shot almost anything and has insane accuracy as you start killing gangsters you earned what's called vendetta which is basically like a wanted level for each individual family the higher the rank of the mobster he killed but more vendetta you get you also get extra vendetta if you kill guys with a gun meanwhile you actually learn less vendetta and even more experience points which are called respect in this game using hand-to-hand combat so in a way this game is steered towards you fighting hand-to-hand most of the time anyway at least if you really want a min/max your experience game as you build up vendetta the rival family will become increasingly hostile to you to the point that they'll start shooting it on site when your vendetta maxes out you trigger a mob war you have 48 in-game hours to end it or else the other family will gladly do it for you the mob war concept while cool on paper unfortunately doesn't really amount to much it's not like there's open warfare in the streets or anything most of the time while it's going on you'd probably just forget if there wasn't a gigantic timer letting you know anyway if you go to end a mob war this is the easy way and then there's the hard way one option is to seek out a crooked FBI agent the majority of whom like to hide in churches for some reason and then you pay them to put pressure on the other families clearing you of all the vendetta you have against everyone it's actually pretty nice that's the easy option it just costs a couple of bucks or there's the harder but much more fun approach of going straight into an enemy business dropping a big old bomb and watching the explosion from a sea distance they don't run in the cops speaking of businesses let's dive into those now when you're not doing story missions the main experience is going to businesses who are paying protection money to rival families and convincing them to pay the Corleone's instead sometimes it's as simple as walking up to the owner and having a chat but other times you need to make sure they get the fucking message you can do all sorts of things to pressure shopkeepers to cough up the dough break up the shop

rough them up a little bit threatened them Elevens kill patrons all of it increases their pressure meter when it gets high enough they'll begin to pay and you can push it for more money but push it too far and they'll snap and fight back against you hey mr. Boz eeny why you guys okay sir

sir please calm down this is where the weak spot bonuses come in each business owner has a certain method of

intimidation that works really well against them if you want to get the most income from them through intimidation you got to find the weak spot bonus sometimes though this is easier said than done as there's no actual way to tell without trying things all of which is already increasing the pressure meter so sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and accept the dough without bleak spots so like at that point maybe I had to take him out the window but it you know he's so high up with his pressure meter that like I can't even try that now as you get higher level and achieve higher rank in the family more and more business owners will just respect you right from the get-go the minute you walk into the door to the point where you can just walk up to them and politely make an offer for maximum or close to max income once you get the shopkeepers paying you a lot of them will reveal a racket in the back of their business whether it be an illegal casino a brothel or a narcotics front rackets are owned by racket owners in there pretty well guarded but they pay a lot more than businesses for these guys you want trying to get protection money from them you want them to relinquish their business to the Corleone's so you have to buy them out instead so you actually paid them if you got the cash you can just walk right up to them and pay them off ensuring maximum profit if not you rough them up just like the shop keeps and they'll give after the rack the next step up is the warehouses and hubs these things are guarded like fortresses by guys and you'd be a tough nut to crack if you're not careful you have to battle your way through a lot of tight spaces fighting off a lot of ambushes and surprise attacks one tactic this game absolutely loves is a spawn guys out of the fucking blue right behind you - so be careful of that warehouses and hubs payload a massive amount of money and are the key to taking control of an area in New York you see each business racket and warehouse you seize pays a weekly sum of money the Corleone's take a cut of that money a percentage that's gonna change as you gain more and more rank in the family but with that money you spend on the weapon upgrades safe houses around New York City and clothing there isn't much else that costs money so as a trade-off most of the weapons and safe houses are really really expensive so a lot of the time you're saving up cash instead of spending it but how do you actually rise up in the ranks and make more money well for that you'll have to do the story missions now I'll warn you this is where I get into spoilers and I'll double warn you because this game story really depends on you having seen the Godfather movie to make any look a sense so I'm gonna be spoiling that too the game opens 9 years prior 1936 Little Italy things are going smoothly as a sold Otto a soldier in the Corleone family named Johnny Trapani meets up with his wife then boom a bomb goes off there's smoke and fire in the air and our hero runs off into the galley to look for his son so right off the bat the big difference between this game and the movie is the level of subtlety or for the case of the game lack thereof you see the Godfather is a very subtle movie things are conveyed not just by what characters say but how they say it how they move when they aren't saying anything the looks on their faces when they're listening there's a very famous scene in the movie where two characters speak Italian without subtitles but because of those multiple layers of communication to the audience you can understand everything important going on in that scene without speaking a word of Italian the game on the other hand is loud

bombastic it focuses heavily on action set-pieces and understandably so it is after all a video game but because of that as we go through the story you'll see a lot of the subtlety and intrigue of the Godfather gets lost in

translation anyway

a yellow johnny fights his way into the back alley taken on the Barzini family in a fist fight until the dawn of the Barzini family arrives in guns Johnny down the whole thing was a big

convoluted hit Johnny's son witnesses his death and his only moment of consolation during this traumatic moment comes from Don Vito Corleone himself .