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God Of War 2 Highly Compressed Pc Download | 180MB

God Of Wa 2 Highly Compressed Pc Download | 180MB

God Of Wa 2 Highly Compressed Pc Download | 180MB

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hey this is Chris Roper from the IGN Playstation team and I'm here today to talk about god of war to Sony Santa Monica Studios is follow up to the original god of war back in 2005 when the first game was released we gave it a number of our awards that year including our overall game of the year pick for a very good reason as it's still one of the best action games ever released the follow up God of War 2 actually

surpasses the original in basically every single way across the board Santa Monica Studios has actually managed to one-up themselves and create a better game all around every area has been improved although being that the first game was so good and pushed the

PlayStation 2 to its limits already most of the improvements are minor and more evolutionary steps rather than

revolutionary steps the story in God of War 2 picks up where the first game left off with Kratos sitting atop the throne with the God of War the story and the second game is deeper it's longer it's more complicated in the first time around there's a lot of character development here where things aren't necessarily right and wrong or black and white but it's more about perspective about the perspective from Kratos is view perspective from the gods view perspective from some other characters you're not going to spoil so it's not so much as you know this guy's writing this guy's wrong and you're gonna get revenge because it's been done wrong it's about who really wants power who who's being greedy and what is actually for the betterment of the world for Olympus etcetera etc and it's a really cool set up that that we think actually is maybe just a tad better than the first game it's certainly certainly up there and it's a great tale so the combat system in God of War 2 is identical to the two the first game and for good reason is that was basically perfect kratos is a few new moves here and there and

basically sort of replacing last ones or tweaking them a bit but in large part it's exactly the same so if you you're used to the controls in the first game you can jump right in right from the start and start killing everybody there are some pretty cool new grab kills where like you can rip guys in half or they grab some guys weapon and chopping the bits with it or spin him around and stab with his own sword which is pretty sweet

but in large part the combat is exactly the same as before and that's really a great thing because I don't I can't see how he could got anything better anyway so yeah yeah there's nothing new here but again it was already perfect

while the game's combat is largely the same as the last time around there are a couple new things you have new magic attacks you have new weapons and you now have the ability to grapple onto things and swing across caverns which is pretty cool it's very Indiana Jones discs and you know there's especially once in the game that's very very cinematic and it works with that really well as far as magic is concerned you have a couple returning favorites like the side of rage and something to do with the Medusa stare but you can get a couple new ones and all of them are very cool or very useful as was the case the last time around it's sort of more important especially the beginning the game to use your red orbs to power up your blades of chaos or Athena's blades in this case but of all the magic is really cool this time around there also a handful of new weapons which I don't want to get into specifics about so don't wanna ruin them but they're all they're all really cool and the game does a really good job of letting you switch between them on the fly in the middle of combos and and and use them well and all the new weapons have good purposes they're not sort of throw aways like you might have seen before one of the things that made the first god of war so good and so

memorable was the epic scale of the whole game

set-pieces were massive and the same thing is true for god of war - except it's been turned up a notch you'll just see the environments that are absolutely huge you'll see them way off in distance and eventually we'll go there there's almost nothing that you see in the game people eventually get - and there's also a lot more variety in the in the

environments although most of the game takes place on an island and you might think that oh we're gonna see the same thing for most of the game there's actually a lot more variety here and there was last time out so while I'll see a lot of buildings that are still made out of stone and marble or you know metal and fire like last time you're also going to find underground caverns lots of wooded areas to show off the foliage system that's in the engine snowy mountains with you know flakes pouring down lots of things like that and what's also very good is that each of the each of the areas are more condensed so you're in and out of them quicker and it helps keep the pace of the game up so you never really get bored of any one area one of the things that everybody wanted to see more Oh from the first game or boss battles there's really only I think three big battles in the first game but they're all fantastic and God of War - there's more than double been only about three or four of those are actually the same sort of scale like the opening Colossus battle you get into a couple later in the game whereas a lot of them are actually smaller one-on-one battles with mortals or characters that are your size so they might not be as epic or as classic or as memorable as some of the battle from the first game but these battles actually help tie in the story better so you'll meet I don't really want to ruin anything to meet characters that are more important to the story and not just sort of demons that come from nowhere and but even though these are smaller scale battles they're kind of better in some ways because you're actually using combat techniques rather than figuring out a trick to be and using button combinations there's also some of these are very cinematic and weighted they're presented so basically that when it comes down to it god of war - is a bigger better experience than we saw the first time out and if that's to be believed the game pushes the system farther tells a better story Kratos is both more vulnerable and more powerful in this game the enemies that you fight are more varied you fight more boss battles here some of them they're even better in the first game the

environments are bigger there's more variety in there some of them play McCann

and the combat system is back in and at least as good as ever

basically it's an evolutionary step they didn't really redefine anything they didn't change the way they think played they basically just said okay here's what we have this fantastic engine these fantastic setup so we're gonna take what we did before and just put in more throwing more aterna ting up to 11 and just basic effect and that's what's been done here some people might say well could it come out on the ps3 to the ps2 you know we might see more you know improvements there might be you know an actual leap in gameplay and we didn't really get that this time around but you know that's nothing to knock about because the game is absolutely fantastic everything about it is basically

perfected the pacing is perfect you know I mean from from top to bottom it's it's an amazing game if you own a Playstation 2 and you don't mind some gore and a little bit of nudity here there then you absolutely must play this game.