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GTA IV Highly Compressed For Pc | 12MB

GTA IV Highly Compressed For Pc | 12MB

GTA IV Highly Compressed For Pc
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they say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery well then I guess it's safe to say that the Grand Theft Auto series is suitably flattered after years of countless claims on the 18th of November the most recent game in the series

Grand Theft Auto 5 was re-released for the Xbox one and the PlayStation 4 taking advantage of the improved hardware available on the new consoles and also offering up a new first-person view mode to experience the game from the entirely new perspective to be honest the difference between the ps3 and ps4 is obvious only really if you're looking at them side-by-side but I did notice the framerate in particular is a lot more stable fucking yoga did someone say yoga you must be Mikael namaste no Matt go fuck yourself

Michael it's still only 30 or so frames a second but hey considering it would previously dropped around 15 if not less then I'll take that with open arms certain times of the day like sunrise or sunset and even just the city streets at nighttime look really crisp and

appealing I like the way the lights reflect off the whole car for instance the GTA games are renowned for giving the player a large living and breathing open world but they complete a series of main and side missions as they pursue a life of crime and debauchery GTA 5 continues his trend taking place in the fictional state of San Andreas mostly in the LA inspired Los Santos this time around new players not one but three different protagonists firstly there's Michael de Santa a retired thief in witness protection whose major concern now revolves around keeping his

dysfunctional family from tearing itself apart

then there's Franklin a gangbanger delegated to repo work and turf wars and lastly Trevor one of Michael's old buddies and something of a devil incarnate with a penchant for incest cannibalism and all other manner of sick shit though most of this is all talk and we never seemed doing anything too evil in-game aside from sticking car battery clamps on a dude's nipples now these are all three vastly different characters and with the subjective exception of Trevor they're all really interesting and likeable guys the voice acting for the most part is really good and the way they all end up coming together actually feels genuine and believable I won't say too much about the story but it is handled and written quite well and the cinematics feature that sort of bizarre self-aware and tongue-in-cheek tone that all the rockstar games are well-known for pile of puke

I found myself laughing out loud a fair bit I mean some of the dialogue is just hilarious I should have had you locked up years ago stupid dude shit do it I'll put you in the fucking ground with the rest even the supporting characters most of which allowed mouths douche bags are still watchable to an extent GTA 5 may only have 50 or so missions in total but you're gonna be doing some pretty crazy stuff in that time you'll be able to say like Dance Kai scrapers taking part in car chases on gridlocked highways and pulling off all manner of dangerous missions in restricted government buildings then there's all the side missions and various activities you can take part in as well not to mention just exploring every little detailed corner of San Andreas it's astonishing how much stuff is crammed into this game even if it is a shame that most of it is outdoors one of the game's supposed new innovations is that it was all about heists where you build up a crew and pull off all these big scores on jewelry stores banks etc this was largely false advertising however if you really only pull off two proper heists in the entire game the other four giving you limited on no customization options over how it all comes together most of the other missions are character dependent and they've each got their own shit to deal with Michael like I said is trying to keep his family together struggling to maintain a healthy relationship after his dubious criminal career Franklin is just trying to stay alive in general and avoid being killed by rival gang bangers and trevor has the dilemma of trying to figure out whether or not he should kill the redneck drug dealers for the Chinese triads first by the end of the game they all culminate in the same place and you're even given the choice of three different endings but I'm not going to go into too much detail on that kind of thing if you want to watch someone ripped the game's story to pieces there's plenty of videos out there doing that already

let's talk about the new first-person mode which is really the only reason worth revisiting this game well I have to say the new FPS mode is pretty damn good it really does give the game an entirely different feel all of the vehicles have really detailed dashboards and interiors and it's quite immersive driving around the city streets

especially at nighttime where the game looks gorgeous it can be a double-edged sword though and I had numerous times where I got t-boned in an intersection because I just couldn't possibly see someone coming my way

shooting in first-person mode is again a completely new ballpark GTA 5 uses the cover system from GTA 4 and once again the player is somewhat fragile in combat fragile in a sense you can only really take a few bullets before buying the farm the aiming is responsive in the shooting in general is really enjoyable if you're aiming in the general

direction of an enemy and then press the iron sights the weapon kind of locks onto the nearest bad guy making it easier to make quick kills Michael has a skill where he can slow down time and it makes the game feel reminiscent of Max Payne during these moments Trevor has a skill where he can go into a sort of berserk mode and did crazy damage ripping enemies to pieces with each bullet again though this does have its shortcomings when you use the cover system you're basically just staring at a wall before you pop out to take a shot and it makes it impossible to see where enemies are I found the best thing to do was modify the first-person settings in the game menu so that it went to a third-person view when I went into cover just like it does in a game like Rainbow Six Vegas or Deus Ex Human Revolution but there are times when the

first-person mode just isn't practical I mean driving motorbikes at high speeds is an absolute nightmare and the head-on crash is usually inevitable

also in certain vehicles like planes or trucks your view is obstructed by the design of the vehicle itself like from the propellers of whatnot it's a shame that you can't really play the game solely from the first-person mode because of some of these little issues but when it works it works well and it's funny just how good the shooting is in this mode considering it was really just added in as an afterthought is it worth playing the game solely for this new feature though so that I would say no but the game does have enough merits elsewhere to warrant its purchase anyway the grand theft auto games are awesome time wasters in a fantastic form of escapism and they've been heavily tailored for years because of their depictions of violence and the fact that they give the player the opportunity to murder innocent civilians now this is something I've never had an issue with as there's never been a single game in the entire series that has ever forced you to kill innocent people to progress the storyline though it's still a hot topic for soccer moms and uninformed bigots who don't know what the fuck they're talking about with the

re-release of GTA 5 these ever mentioned soccer moms and the newly formed ranks of social justice warriors again took up arms against GTA 5 for what they called its misogynistic attitude towards women's and particularly how it allowed the player to murder prostitute again this is an action you never once required to do to finish the actual game and something I've never even been remotely compelled to do myself they did however completely gloss over a brutally horrific torture segment where you actually have to mutilate an innocent person to complete the mission I mean how about the game's prologue when you have to murder several dozen male police officers but hey these are men we're talking about here not women so I guess it's alright for someone to be

brutalized or killed with an assault rifle or to be waterboarded as long as they've got the appropriate chromosome anyway the only other thing I can think of worth complaining about is that GTA 5 really does feel quite casual I think the amount of times I failed a mission in the campaign I could probably count on one hand I haven't just found myself in autopilot mode when I'm driving or shooting and safer a few troublesome segments in certain missions the game's a cakewalk and lastly you do have to keep in mind that there is literally nothing else to do about this game aside from the somewhat updated visuals and the new first-person mode if you're hoping for new content or something like that then prepare to be disappointed my son

some people might say this release is a cash grab but it's not really aimed at the people who have already owned and finished the game anyway but even without the graphical overhaul in the first-person mode I was still say that GTA 5 is one of those games if everyone should play I'd already achieved a hundred percent on my ps3 copy of the game back when it was first released and then even after I started replaying on the ps4 the next thing I knew I'd already spent four hours playing it it was around that time I found myself off somewhere in the desert driving a dune buggy around as I carried out drug deals for Mexican gangsters it's just one of those games and if you've got a ps4 and two working hands and you've got no excuse to not play it and if the PC port turns out to be horribly unoptimized as I expect it will be and this will probably end up being the definitive edition.