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GTA Liberty City 3 Highly Compressed Pc Download |ScienceTech

GTA Liberty City Highly Compressed Pc Download |2019

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GTA Liberty City 3 Highly Compressed Pc Download

This Is GTA Liberty City 3 Game Highly Compressed For Pc Download It From About Link. 
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originally released is xbox360

exclusives episodes from Liberty City extends the gta4 experience with two new stories The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony sure it might be a little late to the party on ps3 but don't let that keep you from one of the best experiences around you don't need a copy of GTA 4 to play these new episodes so if you traded yours in a while back don't sweat it

now these episodes aren't just tacked on vs these are two fully fleshed out standalone tales that together make up around 20 hours of gameplay both take place during the same time as Niko story from GTA 4 and the three intertwine in unexpected ways oh that's right I forgot the lost and damned tells the story of Johnny the juke Levitz vice-president of the biker gang the lost when the Prez Billy gets out of jail Johnny's forced back into the role of number two and there's a bit of tension to be sure now the story isn't great and the characters are the least interesting of the gta4 saga but there are some cool moments when Johnny story intersects with Niko's unlike Miko in GTA 4 Johnny isn't a loner or newcomer to Liberty City he grew up here knows the streets and is in a gang rarely will you be fighting alone expect some AI buddies by your side to help you kill your rival motorcycles in GTA 4 were not the easiest thing to control that's been fixed and lost and damned your ass will be planted on that seat I dare you to try and fall off riding bikes is fun whether in tandem with your biker buddies or just roaming around town for the hell of it you'd always ditch the bike and get into a car but why would you your bike's fast maneuverable and durable you're gonna love them

there are some new sweet weapons as well including an auto shotgun type bomb and grenade launcher that add some more fuel to the fire in the Ballad of Gay Tony you take on the role of Luis Lopez a man who's already made his riches unlike Nikko or Johnny Lewis does his dirty work with penthouse crooks not street thugs his boss Tony owns the biggest gay and straight nightclubs in Liberty City but like so many powerful men in GTA games his greed is about to lead to his downfall you may be wondering why this isn't called The Ballad of straight Luis after all you play as Louie's and he definitely likes giving it to the ladies but this is gay Tony's story from Lewis's perspective like lost and damned parts of Ballad of Gay Tony intersect with gta4 like right from the beginning remember this awesome scene from GTA 4 yeah you were the schmuck on the floor praying not to get blasted by niko in his little Irish mom The Ballad of Gay Tony is more over the top of GTA 4 or Lawson den and it's got the best cast of characters perhaps ever in a GTA game seriously some of these dudes are just plain nuts oh thanks for the support hey that's what I'm here for Ross this club manager for Tony you have the chance to enjoy the good life hit the dance floor and shake your groove thing or go mano-a-mano in a champagne battle that'll make you feel like a man we're the last and Dan puts motorcycles front and center gay Tony puts you high in the sky real high

expect more helicopter battles and for kicks parachutes yes you can now leap from a chopper pull your chute and glide to safety sweet

episodes from Liberty City is an excellent way to close at the gta4 Sodom with two new single-player campaigns and some multiplayer additions this is like getting two extra games at a low low price it's been two years since new GTA content existed on ps3 but it's been worth the wait

well the story isn't as strong as GTA 4 you will definitely want to check this one out.

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