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Heavy Fire Pc Game Download Highly Compressed

Heavy Fire Pc Game Download Highly Compressed - The Tech Science

Heavy Fire Pc Game Download Highly Compressed

Heavy Fire Pc Game Download Highly Compressed

This Is Heavy Fire Afghanistan Pc Game Highly Compressed For Pc Download It From About Link. 
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when I reviewed heavy fire shattered spear back in 2015 I liked it I mean I didn't exactly rave about it or name one of my favorite games of the year but I felt that it was a solid on Rails shooter they got a lot more right than wrong I feel it's important to make that clear right at the start because heavy fire red shadow is a crummy follow-up I went into this game kind of excited for another action-packed shoot among what I got instead was a mindless boar that is a massive step backwards in almost every way possible red shadow keeps up the tradition throwing a smack dab in the middle of some of the most volatile regions of the world we've already fought through Afghanistan it ran in a couple of fictitious Middle Eastern countries so it's time to set our sights on North Korea there's a story here the predicts political fallout after the United States installs an anti-missile weapon to protect South Korea

unfortunately this fuels an even greater tension which eventually devolves into a bunch of repetitive missions where our goal is to just shoot bad guys or some of them the truth is you don't go to heavy fire for the expert foreign policy analysis because it's mostly nonsense well you need to know is that something bad happens and it's up to you to jump into a gun turret and shoot wave after wave of bad guys before they kill you in your entire squad and that perfectly sums up this entire game you just stand there firing that gun through eight painfully boring stages and hope it's over soon I'm not gonna lie the

stationary aspect of this game caught me by complete surprise after playing some of the previous titles I went into red shadow expecting this to be another on Rails shooter I suppose the good news is that it's still a shooter but I'm still shocked that you don't get to move around so much of what made shattered spear so exciting is that you were always on the move and being thrown into crazy situations and it's incredibly disappointing that none of that is on display in this brand-new installment but maybe I don't need to be on Rails for heavy fire to be fun

something I kept trying to convince myself of at the time maybe all the changes they've made will be enough to keep the action fresh I think we're now able to call in for backup soldiers air support supplies and more they're also optional side-quests and even a leveling up system well that sounds like fun right surely the good people have mastered know what they're doing and we'll keep this from becoming repetitive of course that didn't happen every fire red shadow is an absolute mess that is neither fun nor exciting it stumbles at almost every turn and constantly finds ways of shooting itself in the front nowhere is this more apparent than when you look at the eight stages that's actually a bit of a misnomer because the game only really has four locations will fight through 15 waves of enemy soldiers on the beach before jumping into stage 2 which is another 15 waves of enemy soldiers on the exact same beach only this time it's during the day all four locations force you to play both the day and night versions for no reason even though the battles are near identical whether you call it filler or something else

this approach goes a long way to blend any momentum the game might have had and actually made me dread each new area because it meant that I would have to spend close to an hour firing at these same enemies and the same vehicles with the same weapons at the same location the game doesn't introduce new abilities or mechanics it's just four locations where you stand in place and fire in a circle maybe that sounds like fun to you but to me it feels like a giant step in the wrong direction now part of me wonders if this scaled back approach has something to do with the VR support on the PlayStation 4 standing in place and never having to move may actually make a lot of sense especially given how walking around and virtual reality can be a real hassle of course this may not have anything to do with it but whatever the reason it's glue to the Mastiff meat calf to this game right from the start even by the already low standards of a heavy fire series this installment is a mass it's also incredibly buggy I ran into a problem at the very start we're simply changing the settings froze up the game.