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Just Cause 3 Highly Compressed For Pc 20MB

Just Cause 3 Highly Compressed Pc Download:

Just Cause 4 Highly Compressed For Pc 20MB
Just Cause 4 Highly Compressed For Pc 20MB

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continues in the Mediterranean tourist destination of Medici the annual festivities in honour of Medicis de facto head of state general Just Cause 3 is the latest open-world video game to hit the market set in the fictional Mediterranean island of Medici you take on the role of mercenary Rico Rodriguez working with the rebels to retake the island from the vicious dictator General de Ravello throughout the campaign you work with a racially diverse cast of supporting characters as you stop the flow of an important resource called Bavarian and carry out all manner of crazy missions on foot or in vehicles developed by Avalanche Studios who also worked on the recent Mad Max it's now available for the PlayStation 4 the Xbox one and Microsoft Windows I'm Mario Micro I am NOT jobloor the games had a bit of a rocky release on the PC with lots of people complaining about optimization and other connection issues now it's true the game does run like horseshit straight out of the box considering how well Mad Max ran it's a bit of a shame that it suffers from these kind of issues they are working on patching this but in the meantime I found that what fixed it for me was turning off vsync which keeps my framerate above 60 most of the time if you're seeing mixed on negative reviews for this game on steam or metacritic I think that's more aimed at the performance issues as opposed to the bass games so keep that in mind it at least seems that these performance problems are justified in the sense that this is a pretty damn good looking game the backdrop of Medici is picturesque colorful and serene explosions are gorgeous to look at and there's a kind of domino effect during gunfights where everything around you has a habit of spontaneously exploding set on a map of around 400 square miles there's a whole lot of stuff to see and do here in cars planes choppers and by using Rico's upgraded grappling hook parachute and wingsuit to move across the island coming to grips with the new wingsuit controls takes all of five minutes and it makes navigating much more enjoyable and also quicker the grappling hook is really at the center of the gameplay and being able to move quickly around especially during combat is a

life-or-death kind of skill Rico also looks and sounds a lot different since his incarnation in the previous game he now seems to be doing some kind of Ezio Auditore impression and seems to have lost his edge making cheesy one-liners less regularly overall Just Cause 3 lacks the cheesy charm from the previous game all that god-awful voice acting from the various faction leaders the tongue-in-cheek music and the two or three insults you'd hear Rico repeating over and over during combat pipelined jerks being one that comes to mind anyway as I said Rico's eventual goal is to retake Medici one province at a time now what this mostly involves is liberating settlements and military bases before the province can be reclaimed by the locals moving on to the next campaign mission will often require you to have liberated a certain amount of provinces beforehand people who've played the last game will quickly settle into this rhythm of gliding around blowing things up and slowly taken over the map one section at a time which is a good or bad thing depending on your point of view in all honesty Just Cause 3 is little more than just cause to with the visual overhaul and a wingsuit it feels like a game made in 2010 and no I don't mean that in a fuzzy nostalgic kind of way I mean it just feels dated when considering the game playing Just Cause 3 I look at it as a matter of it constantly taking two steps forward but one step back yeah they've made a few modifications and changes for the better but it still largely suffers

a lot of the problems at the second game had

if you played the previous game we know they're taken over settlements forms about 99% of the content and this carries across to the sequel as well in Just Cause 3 they've gotten rid of the weapon and vehicle upgrade parts which are now earned through various

challenges so it's quite possible to liberate a settlement from a chopper for instance without ever having to leave the cockpit the amount of things you need to destroy are a lot easier to find and even highlighted on the map screen and I'm sure anyone who played the previous game would know how annoying it was to be gliding around a settlement for like 15 minutes looking for that one water tank or propaganda band that you missed in towns you usually also have to clear a police station which involves raising the gates to letting the rebels then often freeing prisoners before killing a certain amount of soldiers detonated explosives are now infinite allowing you to initially place up to three at a time again much better compared to Just Cause two where you'd often run out of them fairly quickly overall it's a much quicker process to liberate settlements but this is about all I can think of that improves the base mechanics it seems everything else has a good and a bad side to having been modified ordering weapons through the black market or through rebel drops as it's called now can be done by ordering multiple items at a time saving you from having to revisit this menu repeatedly to get what you want but then on the flip side there's no upgrades for weapons anymore and you have to take over military bases to get your hands on some of the better guns they've added a regenerating health bar system which makes the game a little bit more forgiving but now you don't have an actual health bar so you never really know how close to death you actually are Just Cause 3 is perpetually uploading various stats to some kind of server where it shows you on the online leaderboards ranked against other people where you know you get informed that a charming gentleman like John the TD tamer managed to score more headshots than you did again this is a neat idea but connection problems can cause the game to lock up as it tries to reconnect you to the service the grappling hook can now be used to tether two items together like say an enemy soldier and an explosive barrel again yes a neat idea but half the time the hook might go through something solid like a concrete wall and the mechanic just doesn't work and this kind of sums up Just Cause 3 on the whole there's a lot of good ideas here but a lot of the newer additions don't seem all that fleshed out it's kind of like they've just gone let's just chuckle this stuff in there and see how it goes

like these new challenges that unlock all the upgrades they're just not fun the score you get at the end of them will dictate how many gears you get which in turn is used for acquiring the upgrades for all the various categories but the challenges are often just tedious and boring and you have to earn these upgrades and unlock them in a very preset pattern and you really need certain upgrades as well to be effective even something like manual aiming is an upgrade you need to acquire and this really is an essential upgrade because the auto aiming system is fucking atrocious and wildly inaccurate but I mean can you think of any other game that makes a basic control mechanic and unlockable upgrade then there go and do other things that make no sense like removing the mini-map or removing the dodge roll like for what purpose why the hell would they remove that furthermore my frustration is compounded because as I said all of the things that used to piss me off in Just Cause 2 have been carried across like a little has been done to improve the driving controls which still just feels very sluggish you should really be using the grappling hook in the parachute over driving around anyway but certain missions require you to drive and often under pressure supposedly the people who worked on the burnout games tweak the controls in the handling but I think it still feels really shoddy flying can also suffer a bit as well because you can't even use the mouse to steer planes it's almost like they don't give two shits about people playing on the PC explosions still have a tendency to cause you to go into ragdoll mode where reco flops around until he loses momentum during which time enemies are free to shoot the living shit out of you sometimes you'll be gliding through the air and some hotshot hits you in mid glide from a vantage point you can't even see with an a a gun or a sniper rifle sending you flying to the ground it's bullshit now what really shoots the game in the foot though is that it's just so similar to Just Cause 2 now forgive me if I'm wrong here sonny jim but is at the point of a sequel to generally change and improve the previous game I mean even fallout 4 managed to differentiate itself from Fallout 3 for better or for worse I don't know I'm not a game developer so maybe I'm just talking out my ass here but yeah I always thought sequels were supposed to be better than their predecessors I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they just copied and pasted lines of code from

Just Cause two into Just Cause 3 because aside from a few incidental differences it controls almost exactly the same and this is coming from someone who played the previous game for a couple hundred hours maybe next time instead of making two half-assed games Avalanche Studios should pool their resources into the one project because Just Cause 3 is wasted potential

yes the explosions look pretty and there's a huge world here to explore but it's really just all the problems of a last gen title with a next-gen shine Just Cause 3 isn't a bad game it's just a disappointing one pipeline jerks.