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Max Payne 2 Highly Compressed Pc Download 100% Working

Max Payne 2 Highly Compressed Pc Download 100% Working

Max Payne 2 Highly Compressed Pc Download 100% Working
Max Payne 2 Highly Compressed Pc Download 100% Working

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so after Max Payne you'd expect there to be some kind of sequel after all the first game won all kinds of awards and was something of a sleeper hit sure enough in 2003 Remedy Entertainment released max payne 2 the fall of max payne for Microsoft Windows with the port also completed for the ps2 in the Xbox now what this game does is make a few adjustments to the formula while still keeping the overall theme and tone in line with the original game most notably instead of a snowstorm the entire game takes place during a thunderstorm with a blizzard replaced with heavy rain the conspiracy plot in the flashbacks to Max's past are replaced with the love story and a rivalry between the Russian and Italian mafia that max gets embroiled up in alongside returning characters Mona sax and Vladimir limp hey buddies watching your fucking pain there's lots of recurring environments and thematic elements meant to kind of trick your brain into connecting with the story and it does it's a trek through familiar territory that explores relationships between the three main characters and attempts to develop them further than it did in the prequel Marx buta stuball my friend Mona sax fills in the role of the love interest in the game which is interesting because she really only had a small role in the first game and her arrival in this game doesn't really get explained all that much max we gotta stop meeting like this ultimately they're drawn together involving events with Russian mafia leader Vladimir Lamb and the death of one of Max's colleagues named detective winters the narrative once again jumps back and forth across the span of a few days in the same intersection where you play as Mona during a short tenure where you have to cover max as he makes his escape from a construction site

however the game is much less to do with max as a character overall compared to the first game where the story was very much centered around his past and the events that led to his mental downfall even though it's called the fall of Max Payne it's really just something of a simple crime story with a few plot twists to keep it interesting

but anyway saying much more about the plot would really give too much away and it's really one of those things that is much more enjoyable uncovered as you progress through the game naturally I'll just say that it has the same

tongue-in-cheek tone dramatic dialogue and stylish graphic novel style

cinematics that made the first game so unique though I'm not fond of who turns out to altima become the villain as this is something I think again was done more out of convenience than it was as a progression of that character also despite the common occurrence of these cinematics I never found myself wanting to skip them though you can do so if you wish and overall they're just very well thrown together its USP it makes enough sense now Max Payne 2 controls like your standard third-person shooter being smooth and responsive whilst accurate aim is encouraged over just shooting like a moron as before the primary enemies are just guys with guns

initially you're up against the

mysterious crew of mercenaries

masquerading as cleaners and the rest of the lineup in the game is an assortment of assholes and degenerates with similar weapons shotguns assault rifles and desert Eagles which can now be dual wielded the weapons again function as a cross between Heath scanning and projectile weapons we'll have slight delays on hitting their target depending on the weapon type and how far you are away from what you're shooting at mostly it functions the same as before but the only real difference is as I said the ability to dual weld desert Eagles which may be the most effective weapon combination in the game

there's a few new weapons also in the form of an ak-47 and mp5 and a faster firing sniper rifle as well lastly the grenades and Molotov scan now be selected as a secondary weapon and thrown with the press of the middle mouse button as opposed to having selected manually as a standalone weapon but hands-down the biggest change in the game is what they've done to the ball time system now the two main abilities you've still got a simply activating bullet time which just allows you to move around aim and shoot or the shoot dodge where you leap left right front or backwards firing at the same time in addition to the shoot dodge now allows you to keep firing after you've hit the ground which is handy if you still have bad guy shooting at you but the major change they've made is how bullet time now affects the way time behaves overall looking back at Max Payne 1 the bullet time ability was an extension of Max's reflexes time would practically come to a stop but you could still aim in real time allowing for precise shots under pressure

it had to be used sparingly and it was refilled when you killed a certain amount of enemies but now in Max Payne 2 bullet time recharges over time and instead of it bringing time to a stop now it actually permits you to move around at normal speed with every enemy you kill the hourglass changes color slowing down time even more but allowing you to move faster it's no longer a reflex it's a super power

it can essentially get to the point where you're moving around normally but everyone else is basically frozen in place now at this point when you reload a weapon the game does this kind of 360 spin around max as he reloads allowing you to seamlessly continue your rampage it isn't realistic in the slightest in fact if you stop to think about it what max is basically doing is killing a room of bad guys before he shell casings have even hit the floor I mean the speedy must be moving at is to superhuman what this largely does is change the pace of the game almost encouraging you to blast your way through gunfights as fast as possible it becomes a sort of challenge to see how many guys you can take out sequentially and it does really put the gameplay in a league of its own you know Max Payne one was that time slow deliberate and precise you know your time just shoot dodges so that you weren't left in the lurch and you had to be mindful of how much bullet time you had left in heavy gunfights Max Payne 2 on the other hand is more fast-paced with a higher enemy count and with a much greater focus and even dependence on the bullet time skill as an extension to the gameplay it also features downright ludicrous physics where enemies can literally be sent into the sky from a gun fire as the powered up bullet time hourglass invokes

logic-defying properties Max Payne 3 would eventually bring this bullet time mechanic closer to what it was like in the first game and what this ultimately means is that Max Payne 2 is really the black sheep of the bunch

does this make it bad well no no it doesn't but it is a far cry from the first game and often quite juxtaposed to the gritty tone of the story in the setting I mean it's a bit jarring when you just come from a cinematic with the main characters are all in some kind of standoff you know allegiances are being questioned and betrayals come to light and then minutes later you're launching bad guys into the stratosphere with an automatic shotgun love or hate it you can't argue this is a fantastic looking game even a decade later the image is crisp sharp and polished with incredible texture work that really does still hold up the character models are detailed the weapons just look great and the sound and music are all incredible with the voice acting once again really stealing the show did you do it your - it seems they also managed to hire professionals to sit in for the cinematics this time and it does add an element of production value that was really lacking in the first game this was also one of the first games to start using a physics engine before half-life 2 kami

and almost every single prop in the game world can be moved around when shot at or at least bumped into which makes for some great eye candy during heavy gunfights then you've got the return of those very meta TV shows that pop up in the game world playing on various television sets scattered around the environment kind of reflecting the narrative in this very twisted and comical way allow me mama

I drink to the memory of my brother milady I drink for you people who've played the first game will know what I'm talking about you know lords and ladies for instance and address unknown the latter even having an in-game amusement park dedicated to its memory now the only outright issue I have with this game is its length I mean it's short you know like five or six hours short maybe even less on a second playthrough

there are numerous difficulty modes to play around with in the hardest

difficulty mode even unlocks a secret ending but it still is quite a brisk game which kind of sucks I never noticed much difference in the difficulty in any of these games either I mean you seem today really quickly regardless of what difficulty you're on so the challenge is about the same either way is it better than the first game though now look I think there's such different games that it's not quite that black of white Max Payne 2 definitely tells a better story and has better production values but then on the other hand the shooting is so over the top you'd be forgiven for thinking it's an entirely different game series and I can understand if people don't like it as much as they did the first game but when you put everything together there's a very little worth complaining about here and explain to is still one of the best third-person shooting games of its era

and it has some incredibly cinematic and enjoyable gunfights that are still just great fun to play to this day out of the entire series its Max Payne 3 that seemed to divide fans the most and in the next video sonny jim that's the game are going to be taking a look at.