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Sniper Elite 4 Highly Compressed For Pc Download | Working Tested

Sniper Elite 4 Highly Compressed For Pc Download | Working Tested:

Sniper Elite 4 Highly Compressed For Pc Download | Working Tested
Sniper Elite 4 Highly Compressed For Pc Download | Working Tested

This Is Sniper Elite 4 Pc Game Highly Compressed For Pc Download It From About Link. 
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I'm AFAQ and this is my review of Sniper Elite 4 for PC the game retails for 60 US dollars and is brought to you by rebellion so what is Sniper Elite 4 well it's Sniper Elite 3 with bigger Maps now I don't mean to come across a speciose or mean in any way when I say that but that really is the difference between Sniper Elite 3 and Sniper Elite 4 so with that in mind what is good about Sniper Elite 4

now all jokes aside that really is the core gameplay loop of the Sniper Elite Series and it's just as fun here as it was in three as it was in two and so on the course sniper gunplay is very enjoyable and it probably needs to be in a game called Sniper Elite the X ray kill cams are very satisfying as they always have been in the sense of rewards you get from killing a guy and getting an ice shot at 300 meters is you know it doesn't out Stan's welcome let's put it that way it's been pretty successful now for a couple of games the problem is is that there's not much else to the game other than its new map design and we will get into that in some more detail it has a custom difficulty setting which I always like in games especially games like this I want to crank up the realism on my sniper rifles but I don't want to be killed in one hit you know that type of thing that's nice to see and I did appreciate it the visuals and sound design are also quite good here they're not breathtaking but in some instances the game can be quite beautiful than anyone telling you this game is bad looking is crazy and needs to get their eyes checked the map design is a big focus this time around the way it works is this is a big open map and on that map just like every other open-world game there's side objectives and main objectives now in this case they are slightly more story-driven as in you know there's a plot behind each of these levels and there are ten levels if you don't include the extra DLC missions where you get to kill Hitler so the map design is nice lots of different locations lots of variety you'll have some night missions you'll have missions and forest you'll have missions in town it's quite good and overall I enjoyed the map design finally the performance is really solid on a 980 at 1080p I was able to get 60fps at all times on Ultra aside from one map which had a lot of foliage and I had to drop it down too high temporarily for that mission otherwise performance is pretty damn solid and the port is pretty good that's really it though when it comes to good things the map design is very solid it's a decent looking game it has custom difficulty options which I appreciate the course sniper gunplay along with those x-ray kill cams is why you were here and if it's not don't bother picking up this game because that's all the game really is about and the performance is solid so what's bad about the game well first up

story the story is paper-thin the plot is basically this there is a rocket the Germans have developed it can target boats we need to stop it okay cool whatever the story is just here as an excuse for you to go shoot Nazis in the head with a sniper rifle and that's perfectly fine in my book but if you're looking for a good story experience you will not find it here the voice acting is also underwhelming if not laughable at times and the facial animation as well as the character models themselves look like wax melted in the Sun it doesn't look good now some complaints they have about game mechanics the binocular system in this game is very overpowered it makes the game feel a lot easier than it should

being able to mark every single target on the map as well as see through vehicles to that underbelly and see which parts of the vehicles will destroy the entire vehicle and how to shoot out the gunner and all that stuff it makes it feel very casual it takes away a lot of the challenge and the threat that certain objects like tanks have in the game I would prefer if the binoculars were less futuristic and couldn't see through the inside of Tanks and couldn't tell me exactly where people were behind buildings you know it's a common complaint in these types of games this x-ray vision style mechanic can make games too easy and in this case I think it does they could have dialed that back a little bit it allows you to tag targets for a brief period of time before slowly fading away things like that or giving you your last known position something along those lines to keep some of the tension there when your stealth thing around in certain areas the AI is another problem in this game it goes from dumb beyond belief to incredibly aggressive and very efficient the way it works is this every time you fire a shot and they hear it they start to triangulate your position once they've triangulated your position everyone on the entire map will start charging towards you and kill you it's a little aggressive and a little

over-the-top it would be nice if there was something you could do to give you a little bit more time sniping honestly I spent a lot of the game sort of moving from location to location taking a shot moving to another location taking a shot stealth in between this place and this place taking a shot and it made the game feel very tedious so in the end what I ended up doing was just going guns blazing because it was more fun

to people with my sniper rifle until they started to get close to me and flank Nick I'd turn around funnel them through some kind of structure or alleyway and then just kill them as they approach me that seemed to be the most fun and efficient way to play the game and I didn't really like that very much I wanted to have that option to stealth but the game really doesn't seem to be focused particularly around there and when you add the addition of the huge Maps stealth thing becomes pretty tedious pretty quickly and the AI doesn't help that also you'll find enemies in large packs and large groups making it very difficult to stealth around them now the side objectives and the XP unlock system in this game is also a problem the side objectives unlike the main objectives and not very engaging they usually involve clearing a checkpoint or blowing up some cameras or blowing up an ammo dump or something along those lines

it's not very engaging it's just more of an excuse to kill people but they do reward extra XP which contributes to the unlock system

now there's two currencies in the unlock system you have money and you have XP now the XP allows you to progress your character unlocking additional abilities and skills they really are kind of underwhelming it gives you an extra couple of seconds faster targeting or it allows you to hold your breath slightly longer these are not riveting upgrades let's put it that way and when it comes to the currency system you earn that through just getting lots of kills causing lots of destruction getting high scores at the end of the mission and that currency system can be spent on new guns new weapons and new kit and upgrades and things like that but again most of the weapons and items in the game of side grades not upgrades so once you've found a weapon especially a sniper rifle that you like you tend not to switch it out much I found and it actually rewards you for playing with the same rifle over and over again by giving you bonuses to that rifle the more people you kill in a certain way with that rifle so it kind of discourages changing rifles even though it gives you currency to buy new rifles which is a bit odd and I found myself just finding a good rifle that I liked sticking with it not really spending my currency anymore and just playing through the game so I think they could have done more there with the XP and unlock system to make that progression system more rewarding I also think they could have therefore made two side objectives

more compelling and made me want to complete them because after a while they were just superfluous to the experience they extended the missions much longer than they needed to be and it made the game feel too long and long-winded so I just ended up skipping them after a while another complaint I have is the controls I don't know if this is a problem with every game of the current honestly remember how Sniper Elite 3 controlled at this point but when you're sprinting in this game it lowers your mouse sensitivity making it very difficult to steer left and right which is annoying on a very big map when you're trying to traverse the map from one location to another quickly because turning is kind of important when doing that so it doesn't feel particularly well optimized for a keyboard and mouse finally let's talk about the additional game modes co-op multiplayer and wave mode so in wave mode it is a

bog-standard horde mode you have a control point you hold it

enemies come you kill them you do it again for 12 more waves and that's it okay cool very unoriginal very

uninspired not very enjoyable at all you can also play that in co-op with a friend and you can also play the entire campaign through in co-op with a friend co-op also has a mode that allows one of you to play as a sniper and for the other one to play as a spotter who works their way through a village tagging targets for the sniper to kill that seems like a really cool mode that I would love to play the problem is is no one's playing it and I couldn't get a game and the developers didn't give me an extra key to give to someone else so I could try that mode so I was unable to try it and therefore I'm unable to comment on whether or not that's actually a fun mode the other problem is the multiplayer out of every single server the only one I found with any players on it at all was in a completely different country and I had a terrible ping I refreshed the server list several times looking for a game and I finally found one I joined it I played one match I killed everyone

I got top of the leaderboard and I was like hmm okay that was a somewhat enjoyable experience I guess but it basically involved me sitting in a bush camping waiting for people to run past or climb a tower and killing them as I saw them it wasn't the most engaging multiplayer experience I've ever had now there are a number of multiplayer modes but again no one's playing them so I was unable to

test them so what you need to take away from that is if you're buying this for the multiplayer experience please don't if you're buying it for the khalaf experience and you don't have a buddy also buying the game please do not because you will be very disappointed no one is playing either of those modes if you're just buying this for the

single-player gameplay experience it's fun I'm not going to lie I'm not going to say that the sniper gameplay isn't fun that the xray kill cams are not fun and that sense of rewards you get from sniping someone at long-range isn't fun and I imagine it's a lot more fun with a buddy but that's all it is right that's all it's been now for a while and other than just adding some bigger Maps I was hoping for some evolution of gameplay and there really isn't much here that's not to say it's a bad game it's just not a great game and in my opinion it's certainly not worth picking up at full price especially when you consider that the multiplayer community is dead in the first week so what I suggest is if you're interested in this game and you played the previous games and you wouldn't mind playing it again in a different environment pick it up when it's on sale

don't bother wasting your money on this at full price go look at something else if you liked this review and you want to support my channel you can do so in three ways the first is you can support me using my Green Man gaming affiliate link you can buy this game.