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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Highly Compressed Pc Download |2019

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Highly Compressed Pc Download |2019

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the Tom Clancy games have been more or less running to the ground by Ubisoft because who needs skill anymore with the original Ghost Recon a game released over a decade ago you'll need some good tactical skills to successfully play it a lot more open and varied than Rainbow six yet nowhere near as difficult and frustrating Ghost Recon is a great blend of squad based action with a heavy emphasis on implementing real-world tactics to accomplish your goals incredibly it still holds up as one of the best and most rewarding tactical shooters I've ever played the story has you take control of a US Special Forces group known as the ghosts as they carry out various missions in Eastern Europe where an expansionist Russia is trying to annex smaller nations into its territory it's typical Tom Clancy writing totally romantic and patriotic yet very entertaining like having Russia invade Georgia in 2008 and a strong ultra-nationalist government and leader are moving on the 15 missions have you dealing with an assortment of challenges and objectives a lot of them focused on Search and Destroy targets of

opportunity like tanks and buildings however with structures you'll see them destroyed in a cinematic other

objectives are simply clearing an area of enemies or having you rescue some prisoners it's pretty typical for a strategy game but it's about how successful you are in handling the often difficult situations that confront you after a briefing explain what you need to do what equipment you're going to bring and potential secondary objectives you fill up your team and what they're equipped with you can select up to six soldiers and sort them into three squads in whatever manner suits you the best there are four classes all up riflemen are the most abundant and well-rounded in combat support is all about laying down suppressive fire and groups of enemies and sniper class are far less used but are necessary in long range firefights demolition soldiers are often needed since only they have access to c4 require them some objectives and rockets that are the only way to deal with a tank you can't customize their loadouts in the way of rainbows

the most you can do is change the secondary items stuff like extra ammo grenades and even sidearms I enjoy having some choice by would have much prefer some additional weapons I guess it would have conflicted with a

realistic theme they've also added in a light RPG mechanic with how you the more you use your soldiers the better they become reflected in skill points you can spend in increasing one or four

categories a higher weapon tree makes them more accurate while higher

endurance makes them more resistant to damage now if you complete the secondary objectives and missions you unlock specialist soldiers these guys have either great skills or a packing the best weapons in the game with the default troops you can lose multiple guys in a mission but you'll get fresh get totally blank replacements in the following briefing not so much for the specialists hang on to them since they become very helpful in later levels building the right squad for the right job can be very rewarding

do you have one squad made up of riflemen and the other being all support or demo troops or do you have a small but specialized squads ready for any problem my advice would be to squads of similar size and units worked for me unfortunately all the skill trees are pretty much worthless as is most of the secondary stuff once you start tackling the gameplay now the gameplay portion plays out much the same as in Rainbow six you're affixed to an FPS mode with crosses in the center that's greatly affected by your movements shooting is very precise and very quick everyone including your squad mates can drop dead with a single bullet and the enemies are very accurate after all they are trained soldiers you're fighting this can be very frustrating but also very

satisfying a squad of bad guys can easily surprise and drop half your team before you know it however you can ambush and wipe out an entire platoon of troops by getting a good vantage point than cutting Lutz

unlike in Rainbow six you have manual saving and quick saving mechanics that drastically eases the difficulty sure this can be a little exploitative since you can just run around finding out where everyone is but it removes the lengthy trial and error found in prior games the weapons of Ghost Recon are very accurate in betrayal and usage never will you engage in close quarters with the exception being storming a building which even then is risky at best when firing you need your target in dead center or your bullets will just fly past them though I enjoy realism this preciseness will screw you over and over again for one aiming is far too twitchy

so firefights will often have you struggling to aim up a target which by then has already killed you yes you can lower the sensitivity but that just screws you over in the long run this problem was dealt with in operation flashpoint by having an early iron sight system but no such luck here not even an auto aim option like in Rainbow six this also highlights the problems with your soldiers equipment and skills

everything is super accurate and effective you have a colossal amount of ammo and you will nearly always die in one bullet

so all those skill points extra ammo and weapons like the sniper rifle are entirely worthless with only a slight difference when using specialist soldiers controls however aren't that bad there's actually a really cool leaning mechanic has very handy when tackling a building different stances will affect your shooting and you can easily bind the keys to something that of a typical FPS setup controlling your team is handled in a very interesting way you've probably noticed you don't play as just one guy but the entire team and anyone can give commands without a problem you'll want to switch soldiers often to utilize their skills and equipment for specific situations the majority of orders you will issue a done via a map of the environment that highlights your objectives it's here you can tell your squad mates what route they take and how they deal with enemies either directly confronting them or staying quiet you don't order your entire team by the individual squads so as to coordinate your teams into a good tactical formation now I can speak for all when I say that bad AI teammates fucking ruin any fun of strategy and games like this but outstandingly Ghost Recon has impeccable AI your squad mates on their own are reliable in combat handle parking very well and were often helpful something that is a rarity in any game that has AI teammates moving them around is very simple you set what fashion of movement they use like sprinting or still thing then place a waypoint in the map

there they go I'll tell you when they spot nearby enemies making them very helpful just as Scouts the pathfinding is great the computer can handle complex terrain with ease even if the

destination is on the other side of the map they'll still find a way to get there with little problems the only time they struggle is in the infrequent elevated positions where they slow down to a crawl in combat they're also really good when you order them the far way they'll do a pretty good job at killing or at least suppressing your position while it's true that you do need to pick up the slack in more complex situations you can leave a score alone and now deal with any problems that might occur rather well often it really breaks down into where you position them while out in the open they're at the mercy of enemy sharpshooters however behind some cover they can easily hold their own you can even set the game on autopilot if you don't feel like moving around a couple of problems would be the lack of hotkeys to get your trips to regroup or move to a certain location in combat they can occasionally just run around looking like real jackasses besides that they're great and successfully

coordinating your squad is a fantastic experience their only other blemishes on an otherwise excellent game are the couple of stealth missions they're incredibly bugged

you'll silently kill someone then the alarm goes off mission failed but dropping multiple enemies with an unsolvable no you're good props go to the audio department the environment Celica should with great sort of background effects that continually immerses you into a war ravaged scenery besides nitpicking this is the

quintessential tactical shooter it's cheap it's easy to run it's easy enough to play in highly rewarding and

satisfying it's a title that really holds up against scrutiny in age yeah.