A Laptop With 6 Most Dangerous Malware Threats - ScienceTech

A Laptop With 6 Most Dangerous Malware Threats - ScienceTech

A Laptop With 6 Most Dangerous Malware Threats
A Laptop With 6 Most Dangerous Malware Threats 

You all need to be aware of cybersecurity and maybe you have read about it before somewhere in facebook or google etc, And You may also have read about the security Of the pc computers or Windows operating systems which are in your home or office, you must have heard about these things in your life its not possible that in this time in 21st Century someone is not aware of these things because these things are very commons in nowadays. And let us tell you if you don't know there are some one of the most dangerous and destructive things in the world of technology and these are the kind of malware or Viruses, Viruses or malware has caused about 100M+ damages to many big companies till now So it is the most effective and dangerous thing in the world of technology. And all these can do with one laptop that can damage many of huge things in few clicks, This laptop has the ability to do it in few clicks and this is the Samsung NC10-14GB which is most destructive laptop ever. This laptop comes with Windows XP.

Samsung NC10-14GB is running on the Windows XP Service Pack 3 And also have installed some restarting scripts in it and it has an 11 Years Old battery which won't hold too much power but it's still too much destructive This laptop is now in the New York City in the White Cube Somewhere There And is sold to The Persistence of Chaos.

The malware filled laptop is a collaboration between performance artist Guo O Dong, known for putting a hipster on a leash, and cybersecurity firm Deep Instinct.

A Laptop With 6 Most Dangerous Malware Threats
World Most Dangerous Laptop Most Dangerous Malware
Deep Impulse Also show the people that this malware or virus already exists in the web, this laptop is totally secure and it isn't releasing them. The Owners are so confident on this notebook computer That it won't breach or the adware and spyware released.

These are laptops are only running on the Windows XP and service pack 3 only.
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