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Hitman 3 Contracts Game Pc Highly Compressed Download

Hitman 3 Contracts Game Pc Highly Compressed Download

Hitman 3 Highly Compressed

Hitman 3 Highly Compressed Pc Download From Below

Hitman 3 Highly Compressed:

Here is the best game from Hitman Series The Hitman 3 Contracts Which is most famous game you can download it from here in just 105Mb it is fully working tested game and have great graphics and gameplay so gotta play this game you will love it because it have action fight everything just go for it and enjoy this game and then tell us how much you liked this game and we are always here to help you if have any problem while playing games contact us and tell us your problem we will try our best for you and will keep uploading this kind of games for you in a very little size so can manage your space with this and enjoy Thanks.

hey there guys back with another hitman video game review so if you guys haven't seen my previous video game reviews I reviewed hitman blood money I also reviewed hitman 2 silent assassin and today I'm going to be reviewing hitman contracts which is the third game of this series which came out after hitman silent assassin and before hitman blood money so let's get stuck in

so at the beginning of this game hitman has just completed a contract in Paris a contract which by the way was also playable in hitman blood money which came out after this he's just completed that contract at the Paris Opera and he's been shot afterwards and he's presumed dead this of course leads to him crawling back to his hotel room he basically collapses on the floor and is bleeding out and during all this he starts to reminisce and he starts to have flashbacks and the majority of this game pretty much every mission in this game prior to the final mission is all told through flashbacks you get a very disturbing tutorial level where hitman is approaching the doctor who created him dr. OTT Meyer who was in the

original hitman game for the PC hitman codename 47 and hitman proceeds to break the guy's neck and you then find out that he has approached this cloning facility in Romania which is the cloning facility in which he was created and he's basically shot the place up

you know there's dead bodies lying about this there's other clones running around a lot of them are dead some of them are just you know mental and a lot of the doctors and patients and whatnot are all traumatized and it's a very grim and disturbing opening sequence which really sets the tone for the game because this is an incredibly deep and disturbing hitman game in fact out of all the hitman games this one is probably the darkest in terms of its tone this is an extremely adult

an extremely mature game for example there's another mission very early on in this game in fact I believe this is the second mission where you go to this other place in Romania it's sort of like this slaughterhouse

this meat this meat factory and you've got to kill this guy called the meat king who's this big fat bold or be Scottish guy and that and it's pretty funny but that level is disturbing like there's I'm talking like this dead force is everywhere there's like people in bondage like the walls are all covered in my bloody handprints and there's meat hooks and there's you know also said gory stuff like meat cleavers there's you know just it's a real like fetish pie like everything's all the dirty and just felt me and you know there's drugs involved and people are wearing creepy masks and there's something very you know Nessa she about it and that's one of the only missions and the games of that really does set the tone and yeah there's just a lot of real disturbing imagery in this game like if you play this game all the way through it you'll see a lot of disturbing stuff like there's even a moment in the game where you'll see a ghost and there's like a guy shouting in the mirror and like it presumable you can see the gulls and you know a bit of an easter egg there with the bolster there's even in that same level there's that there's a terminator Easter Egg which I thought was quite funny and yeah this game is just it's a very dark and very grim hitman game I mean obviously - so much then all the hitman games are like this but this one I always fell to be the darkest I always felt this one to be the most

hard-hitting now as far as the plot goes obviously it's different to the other games in the sense that it's all hitman having his flashbacks you know thinking about past missions and what was an interesting development with this game and an interesting thing that they added is they actually added several of the missions from the original hitman game hit cold man codename 47 and yeah they added some of those missions and

remastered them remade them for this game which I thought was really cool really interesting idea and it certainly worked out because this game you know the missions in this game are

considerably better than they are on codename 47 this

one obviously had more time and

development and you know which was a later year for a next-gen console so this is a really really really good game man I mean the Hitman games from this time line you know from this era they never really ceased to amaze me with how much I enjoy them even what was the dark tone and with how read the game is and how warrior can be it is just a very intellectually stimulating game that's one thing I didn't point out in both my hitman 2 silent assassin review and the Hitman what money review is how

intellectually stimulating these games are but also how atmospheric they are and I think that one of the things that really adds to the atmosphere is the excellent soundtrack from Jasper cure you know just just because it does an amazing soundtrack for these games man I mean the soundtrack for this game is on par with any other game in the series it might even be the best very very you know hard-hitting I mean even than the eerie life of a white noise type song in that in the menu of the game I actually have that on my mp3 player you know just a really really great soundtrack really good atmospheric sounding sounds write graphics in this game very good for the time I mean this game when did this game come out what 2001 I think this game was 2004 and yeah the graphics for it even on the original Xbox and on the 360 which I have I have on both the 360 version the of course you know with the HD trilogy looks a little bit better but the graphics on all platforms from what I've seen I've even played this game on ps2 the graphics on all platforms look fantastic as far as I'm concerned it's just a great game I think these hitman games there so Sarah Pugh ting to me even though their games about

assassinating people that's therapeutic because they really enforce you to use your brain and your intellect and the so much replay value because in these games like there are certain items you can't get until you first been to another level and then you know gone back to these levels like for example in the first in the

mission of the game you look through a window and there's a guy carrying a minigun and later on in the game you'll actually find a keycard in a in in a future level and then you can bring that key card back to this level and open that door and get the minigun so the minigun is like a unique weapon you can find them like a gold bezel eagle and stuff like that it's fun to collect all the weapons and you know really get out your ass and all that your hideout you know just like you can on the previous hitman game.