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Nfs Underground Pc Game Highly Compressed Download 155mb

NFS Underground Pc Game Highly Compressed Download 155mb

Nfs Underground Pc Game Highly Compressed
Nfs Underground Pc Game Highly Compressed

Need for speed is one of the top brand of car racing games now a day this brand is on top of all everyone loves playing need for speed games like most wanted underground carbon these are old games but still people love to play them this brand also has released new games like NFS 2015 and 2016 but this game worth it so you all must play it has good graphics attractive gameplay and insense gaming power so just go for it download it and enjoy and 2nd its highly compressed here almost every game you will get in just up to 5% of the real size of that game means it worth download you can download this game in just 155mb and real size of this game is more then 3 Gb so what are you waiting for and must tell us if you liked this game and check more games we regularly upload new game keep visiting this site for more games and enjoy thanks.

while the early mm need for speed was an established arcade racing series with fast cars exotic locations police obstacles and fun gameplay all round however high pursuit to received mixed reviews in 2002 even though I think it's a good game but on the flip side the PlayStation 2 port developed by black box received critical acclaim so they were given the task of developing the next title in the series which was making its first real shift into another era the import street racing culture was increasing in popularity right up to the point where movies like The Fast and the Furious and video games like Midnight Club and burnout were being made for that culture and Electronic Arts wanted to capitalize on it too with their Need for Speed series Need for Speed

Underground was released for all the sixth generation consoles on November 2003 this is the PlayStation 2 version once you went to underground mode you're immediately put in the driving seat of a modified Akua RSX and win the race easily but it turns out you are only d dreamy a good first impression gameplay wise however that means you have to select your first car in a budget of 10000 credits yeah you're telling me that's Samantha who gives you tips on how to play the game and occasionally provide you with unique parts for your car

supposedly Eddy is the leader and best driver of the East Siders crew and you're the rookie with the unmodified car so as you'd expect the goal is to endlessly win races climb up the rankings of each event category and design the coolest looking set of wheels to reach the top or to be more pathetic put your car in a garage align slap on as many bodykits colors and performance upgrades as possible sounds epic if you ask me this was the first in the Need for Speed series to feature some sort of story which to game is by surprise back in 2003 and I think it's well written not because of the depth or character development but it adds to the street racing presentation without interrupting the gameplay imagine what need for speed on the ground would be like if it had no plot or characters you enter underground Mart select a first car and go straight to the menu sounds boring right but having an antagonist to chase after gives you extra motivation to prove everyone wrong that supposed to impress me back in 2003 I thought this was one of the best-looking racing games I've ever seen up to that point I might have exaggerated especially because it looks a bit outdated today but reasons why I thought that a present it has lots of strong colors and glossy effects in the city at nighttime somehow it's just a stunning combination let alone for a racing game that isn't Mario karts I also love the soundtrack while the Midnight Club games of the 6th

generation had hip-hop and electronic Underground adds rock to the mix the music can be changed so you can listen to it in either the menu or during gameplay all the events from typical Nev speed games appear in underground you have circuit I shouldn't even have to explain sprint is basically how the Midnight Club races are structured but instead of checkpoints

stuck with the one root and laugh knockout is circuit only every last place driver is eliminated each lap and the last driver standing wins however there are two other events that make their introduction to the Need for Speed series and coincide with the street recent theme drag races are straight line courses but with more obstacles than I can count and its own control scheme which I'll get to and drift is about earning the most points through power slides in a set number of laps on a fixed track all to yourself

unlike Need for Speed Underground 2 or Midnight Club there's no open map to enter a race and it's all set up in the menu I prefer this because while the idea of going to a designated spot adds death and it's pretty well done in underground tune it can be tedious as well in Midnight Club Street racing for example following the opponent driver to the start line for a minute or two is the only way to begin a race I'm sure they made it easy in the sequels but here it was harder to start a race and actually win it whereas in Need for Speed Underground you can just select from the menu and the challenge lies in the race itself

as you win races your name will appear in the rankings for each type of event and increase your reputation however it doesn't make too much sense if the race map only limits you to certain races what I'm saying is that underground mode is linear the ranking system is only there to unlock more upgrades and appear on the front cover of magazines and whenever you lose a race you don't lose a place in the rankings

you just have to restart until you eventually win I remember the old Need for Speed games where you drive on roads surrounded by trees canyons deserts snow in small towns but in underground it's set in the middle of the city strictly at nights

Norah's Olympic city based on the parts of New York San Francisco and Los Angeles it follows the Need for Speed formula as a giant map with individual tracks created through roadblocks with lots of different corner types high speed straights and shortcuts but the worst thing about the track design is the excessive use of traffic they might as well present themselves of the drone vehicles room f-zero because they always seem to get in the way of the worst possible spot say you have a racing line set to a tee but when a car is suddenly in the way of a blind corner or jump without a chance to react most of the time that's the end of your race it's especially obvious in the drag events because if you actually collide with the traffic your car rotates more than a ceiling fan on a summer day it laughs at the laws of physics I mean look at this and when you eventually get back on four wheels 90% of the time the car is pointing backwards today I also

mentioned they can also get ride in the way of a start line to be fair the traffic is only a game-changer in the latter parts of underground marg it's just frustrating when you run into something that you have no chance to react to and have to start again as a result because like Mars arcade racing games rubber-banding is implemented it's more unfair than challenging and this will definitely make you angry if you're racing on the Hard difficulty

the exotics like Lamborghinis Ferraris and Porsches are replaced with cars mostly me in Japan like Neeson's Toyota's and Honda's to name a few and the exotics wouldn't make a return until most wanted fair enough

a Toyota Supra in particular was used primarily in the first Fast & Furious movie but why are there fewer cars in its predecessor

Hoppus u2 at 24 cars including nine police versions underground has 20 however what you can actually do with them more than makes up for it almost every part of a car can be customized in some way body kit paint job accessories vinyl sponsor decals and performance there are hundreds of potential designs yet it's extremely simple to comprehend anyone can sketch together a car that will stand out from the crowd in fact the only thing I don't like is how limited it is at the start sure it's a good reason to play underground mode but this is the best I could do at the beginning I'm so used to underground - I can't believe how little you're given to start with you don't even have any performance options that being said this was extremely diverse for a racing game back in 2003 even today it's still fun to waste time on whenever you win a race not only do you win money to spend on parts but also style points you earn the ladder through flamboyant driving including power sliding taking shortcuts leading the race and having close calls with traffic as well as placing first and at the end of every race the points are rounded up to your career total and it operates as a level setting to unlock additional parts for your car your car is rated through a star rating based on how much has been modified reaching a certain number of stars will put the car on the cover of magazines which you'll need to do to progress through

underground Mart

because star points are all about skillful driving you expect the driving mechanics to make it all work plane the better the performance sets the faster the car the better the controls right ok the cars are slippery er then I remember like a card cut with the power even if you improve the handling why do you get the hang of it after a couple of races it feels as old-school as the Need for Speed games that came before one thing you might notice throughout the review is the lack of a wanted system I don't know why because if you're racing in the middle of a city with vibrant looking car

how can the police turn a blind eye whether you think that's a good or bad thing is up to you like exotic cars it returned just a couple of years later so fair enough

whenever you get hang time it cuts to a different angle like an action movie well it looks pretty cool the biggest problem is that you can't see what's ahead during that angle what did I say about the traffic before fortunately it can be turned off

however the drag event is a little different since drag racing is all about the timing of your gear changes the rpm gauge takes more to the left side of the screen you stuck with a manual

transmission and RPM levels are color coded so when you see green change gear there's slowdown at the start line which makes it very difficult to get a perfect gear change but once you hit close to top speed it's very exciting because you're changing gears while figuring out the best length with slipstreaming and avoiding traffic all at the same time you can lose a race by hitting another car close to traffic or if you wrap your own car for too long which can blow up the engine so time your use of nitrous oxide properly it's also worth noting you can simply change lanes by tapping the d-pad left and right pressing the wrong button at the wrong time can ruin the whole race but at least you get infinite continues this is one of the best events of the game and one of the most satisfying to win especially on heart

but on the opposite side of car

performance the drift event is about how well you can control a power slide you won't points based on the angle and speed performing a big drift will increase the multiplier but driving too slowly will decrease it and colliding with a barrier in the middle of a drift will cancel the points so drive on an angle fast get close to the barriers without hitting it and use a rear-wheel drive car it'll take a bit of getting used to especially because all were one of the first cars are front-wheel drive but at least the cars are more

tail-happy specifically for the drift event

completing underground Mart will basically unlock everything yes you even have the option to create custom cars on an unlimited budget and use them on other game modes including split-screen multiplayer you can bet I always have the traffic turned off the only drawback is that even on the Xbox and GameCube it's only two-player

you could say from a Content perspective Need for Speed Underground was a big step forward that's what happens if a change in tone is done right it gives the developers room for fresh ideas while maintaining what we loved about the series even though it's a completely different setting at least at the time it's still a Need for Speed game at heart you're still driving at blazing speeds on open roads and the more you play the more cars and tracks you unlock but instead you're driving in the city at night with import cars with plenty of customization options nor wanted system and two new events with their own control scheme commercially Need for Speed hot pursuit - sold around 4 million copies but Need for Speed Underground so closer to 10 million copies you can make the argument that the series hit its peak in the mid-2000s because we have underground - that improves on this one and come to think of it in every way that's the one I recommend but underground 1 set the time for most need for speed titles in the next decade and it's still a fun vibrant and over-the-top race off.