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Ehd-e-Wafa Drama Serial Episode 1 | Pakistan

The Wafa Drama Serial 1st Episode:

Ehd-e-Wafa is a 2019 Pakistani military drama television series co-produced by Inter-Services Public Relations and Momina Duraid under MD Productions. It has an ensemble cast with Ahad Raza Mir, Ahmed Ali Akbar, Osman Khalid Butt, Wahaj Ali, Zara Noor Abbas, Vaneeza Ahmed and Hajra Yamin in pivot roles.

Ahad Raza Mir as Saad
Ahmed Ali Akbar as Sheharyar
Osman Khalid Butt as Shah Zain
Wahaj Ali as Shariq
Alizeh Shah as Dua
Zara Noor Abbas as Rani
Hajra Yamin
Vaneeza Ahmad as Saad's mother
Mohammed Ahmed
Komal Sajid as Saad's sister
Faraz Inam as Saad's father

Directed By
Muhammad Saife Hasan

Written By
Mustafa Afridi

Produced By
ISPR & Momina Duraid Production

Ehde wafa Review

Ehd-e-Wafa has quite recently circulated its fourth scene and like wine, the show is a genuine case of the more seasoned, the better. Following a couple of moderate weeks, the story changed its course of the way a week ago and before we could anticipate anything coming to our direction, the current week's scene basically made a huge difference. 

The kid's group has broken and keeping in mind that Saad (Ahad Raza Mir), Shariq (Wahaj Ali) and Sheheryar (Ahmed Ali Akbar) are going ahead in their instructive lives, Shahzain (Osman Khalid Butt) has become a totally new individual – someone we don't care for up until this point. 

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This week demonstrated colossal character development in Shahzain who from being a juvenile school kid has changed into a weak irate man. On the opposite end, we likewise observed Saad as another individual who has sworn off his companionship and has a wanton manner with his buds. Shariq too indicated another side of his character as his family duties showed signs of improvement of him and he ventured once again from the fellowship.