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Fortnite Game Deleted? Black Hole In Map Reason

Fortnite Game Black Hole In Map Reason:

Fornite Game Deleted? Black Hole In Map Reason
Elon Musk Tweet

Hello from yesterday fornite map has disappeared and its just showing black hole now every one is worried about the reason behind it some people think that fornite game is been deleted but thats not true and some think Elon Musk Deleted the game aftter buying it but thats also not true.

:Mainstream computer game Fortnite has been taken disconnected, leaving fans with a picture of a dark opening after the finish of season 10. 
:The game, which pits up to 100 players against one another to battle to be the keep going soldier remaining on a contracting virtual guide, went disconnected on Sunday. 
:There has been no proposal of when it will return on the web, however the authority Fortnite account on Twitter has supplanted the majority of its posts with a solitary tweet livestreaming the dark gap.
The Reason Is That Fortnite Will Now Come Again With New Maps And New Season So Just Wait For It.