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Fortnite Chapter 2 All New Skins And Secrets

Fortnite Chapter 2 All-New Skins And Details:

Fortnite Chapter 2
Fortnite Chapter 2

Hello, Fortnite is back and prepared for you to begin tossing cash at it once more. Season 11, or Chapter 2, Season 1 is life, finished with another guide and other enormous changes, yet also, normally another fight goes to buy. 

In spite of a lot of different changes to the game, regardless we have our 100 level fight pass simply like common, and with that, come an entire host of new skins. The subject this year? Great versus Evil, or Light versus Dark, something like that. 

I'm not catching my meaning? Each skin in the rundown (spare one, which I'll get to later), has a "Modify Ego" form that gives off an impression of being the "miscreant" clone of the first. I'm not exactly sure how this plays into the "plot" of this new section, perhaps we've arrived in some substitute measurement or something, yet for useful purposes, you should finish week after week missions and arrive at elevated levels to open all the modify sense of self variations of the skins, as you'll just get the base form once you hit that level.


This is one half of our tier-one skin. Well, one quarter if you count the alter egos. I’m getting Brite Bomber vibes from her.
Hazard (Unlock by completing 3 missions)

I mean, she’s still smiling, but I guess evil people wear black and have hoods, so here we are.

Here’s the male tier 1 skin, a macho explorer type who is perfect for taming this new, wildland.
Riptide (Unlock by completing 2 missions)

And here’s his alter ego who looks like a Jonny Quest villain. I love it.

There is usually one fun “gimmicky” skin in these passes lately, and this time the new Peely is Ripley, who is made out of…water? Jello? Unclear.
Sludge (Unlock by completing 4 missions)

And here is the red, polluted variant who is definitely not messing around.

Here we have our first medic-themed skin in a while, perhaps to go with one of the new weapons that heal teammates when you shoot them with it.
Toxin (Reach level 40)

But she alters ego is channelling Apex Legends’ Caustic. I’m not sure if there are new poison weapons to along with her, but perhaps by the end of the season.

Now you have got a good beast in a black beauty dress do you like it? And 8-Ball appears to be some sort of assassin with a very strange helmet choice.
Scratch (Reach level 60)

Hah, I get it, the white one is a cue ball. Amazing. I think this one looks a lot better.

Here is the traditional “bad” battle pass skin. but I just don’t like her. She reminds me of that paid bundle skin they just had recently.
Chic (Reach level 80)

Her next level ego is best, but not that much. And will roleplay her as Aubrey Plaza.

That's All The Skins Of Fortnite Chapter 2. Enjoy