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Call of duty mordern warfare 4 highly compressed pc download

 Call of duty mordern warfare 4 highly compressed pc download

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when you compare the first Call of Duty game to the first modern warfare Tyler you would hardly believe they're from the same series which I guess was kind of the point at a time and most shooting games were set during World War two Infinity Ward tried something a little bit different with one warfare and brought the game to more contemporary premise however in doing this they pretty much moved away from keeping things historical and factual and just moved into pure fiction what we ended up with is what many consider to be the first in a long line of modern shooters that slowly killed off the FPS genre and trapped it into mediocrity now I don't test something like that to a single game and whilst it true that one warfare did pretty much set the tone for

countless shooting games to come one a warfare does still offer up a really intense and cinematic single-player campaign and it also has a very fun and challenging multiplayer mode so in one warfare again you've played a campaign through the eyes of several different characters the main being a sergeant in the USMC and also a sergeant in the SAS again the campaign kind of switches back and forth between these guys mission to mission but this happens in somewhat real-time going back and forth across the globe as events unfold in a really innovative sequence you also briefly see the world through the eyes of a

president of a Middle East country moments before he is executed by the game's main antagonist all this stuff is handled really well and the way the narrative shifts between characters during the loading screens is seamless even if it is just typical stuff about Russians and Middle Eastern terrorists stealing nukes and holding the world at ransom the main bad guy is dude named um runs at ke EV a Russian guy with a serious grudge against the West who goes on to instigate a series of events that lead up to the eventual third world war he's an asshole with no real redeeming features making him a great villain you've Globetrotter location to location killing the same two or three looking enemy types over and over then the level ends and you go to the next destination there's a few neat story twists here and there in fact there's two moments in the game that literally made my jaw drop the first time I played them but they feel a little bit forced in the way they try so hard to make you empathize with the characters that it might come off a little bit hammy

one thing that will be hard to criticize however is the game's presentation even for a seven-year-old looking game there is still an incredible amount of detail here especially when you run the game and its maximum visual settings from the assortment of weapons that have been faithfully modeled into the game all of the various environments with the weather and particle effects even down to the voice acting and the incredible soundtrack I'm really impressed by all the recreations of weapons and gadgets into the game like the way night vision works for instance and all the manner of surveillance and reconnaissance gear you get your hands on the opening mission takes place on a tanker that dynamically rocks back and forth to the ocean and it's still impressive in terms of design layout and just the basic technology of I mentioned about halfway through the game puts you in the controls of a large ac-130 gunship defending the game's protagonist by destroying everything in their way this was totally

groundbreaking at the time and no one had ever done anything like it the realism increased by the jovial radio chatter that accompanies a successful here now the issues I had with the gameplay doesn't stem from the visuals more the way in which the actual levels are often designed in certain levels the sheer amount of bad guys they throw you is just ludicrous

there is dozens and dozens of bad guys firing you solely regardless of the fact that you're often accompanied by half a dozen of your allies there is literally no pattern or strategy you can use to get through some of these larger

encounters you just kind of have to run the gauntlet and then find a safe place to regenerate your health when you take too much damage then as all the

environmental hazards like explosive barrels and cars scattered around each level I mean who knew that cars exploded with the force of a small missile from just a few rounds of pistol fire and this is the kind of shit where you see the genre slipping you know this kind of lackluster half-assed approach to enemy placement and spawning in terms of level design it's just flat-out laziness you know someone's just gone oh hey let's dump as many bad guys on the player as we want in any order and from any direction and it won't matter right because they'll have infinite health well no it does matter

often you will just take shots from every single angle and find yourself totally bamboozled you quite often have to let yourself take damage so the hip market will give away the direction enemy might be firing from the

difficulty setting you choose doesn't really make them any more smart or aggressive or whatnot it just increases the amount of damage you take and also how often they tend to throw grenades but that's about it on that note this is also really Modern Warfare's biggest fault the fact that it's just so relentless.