iPhone SE 2020 - Apple Changed The Game!

So Apple has this new $400 iPhone and I feel like it's gonna be an incredibly important phone this year not just for Apple not just for like iOS users that are hoping to upgrade not even for Android users that want to upgrade
Iphone SE
Iphone SE

it's for the entire phone industry because when you look at that phone you look at the specs that they've put into this iPhone se it really feels like a completely different type of like decision-making went into this device it feels like a hey how much can we pack into a $400 phone how much can we give our customers for that money like what do people actually want at that price point and that's not normally what we see the typical thinking it feels is with any kind of brand-name phone it's what crazy amount of tech can we stuff into this phone and then how much can we sell it for what's the highest price we can jack this thing up to before people stop buying it that really feels like the the trend that we've seen for the past five six years it's just crazy increase in price of all the flagship phones like $1,200 $1,500 now we're seeing $2,000 smart phones these are the phones at the top end right the premium expensive stuff but when these brands make their mid to your market phones like the four or five hundred other phones they have to GIMP these phones so hard so that the top-end stuff doesn't look terrible in value by comparison right you got to make that you got to make the $400 phones appropriately Spect out so that the super expensive stuff looks good but last year there was an exception the pixel 3a and I thought that this was one of the most important phones that came out last year because it was a phone that prioritized the camera when I did the video on this thing I remember thinking I'd like to see Apple's response I want to see what Apple does now knowing that there is a $400 phone out there with a killer camera and I think the iPhone se is the response maybe not direct right maybe this was planned a long time ago maybe it was never really in response to the pixel 3a but I love what this thing brings and I hope it becomes a thing right I want more smartphone companies to have this mindset of like hey how good when experience can we deliver for 400 bucks instead of this idea of like hey how do we had we con people into buying $2,000 smartphones right those are very different mindsets and I'd like that the thing I find most interesting is I don't think there's a lot of companies that can pull this off like if you think about Apple think about what's going on here when they have a $400 smartphone that's it on the shelf with the rest of the lineup if you're a potential customer you walk into an Apple store there are people out there that were gonna buy an iPhone 11 or maybe an iPhone 11 Pro and now they see this yeah I'll go for that hell yeah I'll save like the four or five six hundred bucks I will buy the cheaper $400 phone so they're losing some revenue in that sense but they're probably getting a huge chunk of people that would never even considered an Apple phone but now they got a $400 option and they come over so if you think about how many other companies are willing to make a good $400 smart phone that makes the rest of their lineup look weirdly overpriced right not many and maybe that's the play maybe that's Apple's ultimate like Jack move where they're like hey smartphone industry we don't even care about Hardware anymore like yeah we've got our expensive stuff but we'll sell this cheap thing it doesn't matter of what you got it doesn't matter if you come up with your snapdragon 10000 32gigs of ram it doesn't matter because we have a four hundred dollar smartphone that people want to buy and when people buy this thing we can sell them services and that's how Apple can make their money so this whole idea of a $400 smartphone is just like this is gonna change so many things in the industry I love it and I want to see how this thing plays out now it's probably not a phone that's for the hardcore tech enthusiasts right it's got a big forehead big chin and the screen itself is lackluster compared to the amazing options we have available but a lot of people just don't care about that stuff it does have wireless charging it does have water resistance and it does have that superfast A13 processor can shoot 4k 60 video and because it's an Apple iPhone is gonna have years of software support it's like I'm expecting five plus years of software updates like what other $400 smartphone can boast that right like to have that kind of software support for that many years that's iPhone for you. now there is one thing that I feel like Apple kind of left out like these hey you got one in its the fact that they don't have a night mode on the iPhone se like with that a13 processor with that engine I feel like they could have done it maybe but it's not in there and there's also I feel like some collateral damage. Due to this iPhone SE the resale value of other iphones like iphone 8, iphone 7, or even iphone 6s might heavily be effected. Not only iphone but also android devices. this is how this whole mobile device industry game has been changed by apple. I don't think this was done intentionally ut this surely would shift whole industry towards making cheap devices. This would also effect the prices of flagship devices. Now let's talk about any android device that is for 400$ and is equivalent to iphone se. We can argue on pixel 3a but it has some deficiencies which iphone SE has very inteligently covered up. Another device which comes to my mind is not yet released but might be very soon, is the pixel 4a. we don't know what is going to be happening but it's really interesting

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