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Fifa 18 Highly Compressed Pc Download In 59MB

FIFA 18 Game Highly Compressed For Pc In 59MB:

FIFA 18 Game Highly Compressed
Fifa 18 Highly Compressed

FIFA 18 Game Highly Compressed

Here you guys can download your favourite games in very small or compressed size and in the same quality all games are working here and they are compressed to very small sizes and easy to download just one click and you will get what you need here. we daily upload many latest games and this time we have uploaded FIFA 2018 game for you guys. 

FIFA 18 Game Highly Compressed
Fifa 18 Game

This is a top-rated sports football game, many people love playing sports games its also a multiplayer game so you can play online with your friends and family too. people in USA UK Asia regions everywhere they play games like this they love games like this. We hope you will like it to check it out and tell us how it is.

ataque building for manchester united the break is definitely odd put them in front fifa 18 is probably the best FIFA game I've played in the last five to six years but what's interesting is that it isn't as good as it is because of a new game-mode or new headline-grabbing features or because of extreme technical proficiency this perhaps the least ambitious this series has been in a long time there's no doubt about that but FIFA 18 still makes a number of changes granted most of them are small improvements and polishing jobs but all these changes and a few big ones come together in an excellent way to elevate both the on and off pitch action to an entirely new level

FIFA 18 is more of an evolution than a revolution and chooses to build on what's come before rather than reinvent the wheel but thanks to a number of smart changes and small yet significant improvements this is at least up until this point in time the ultimate

realization of the FIFA formula unlike recent years there isn't any single new feature or addition in FIFA 18 to speak of right off the bat like there has been in the past in the cases of Ultimate Team and the journey for instance however both on and off the pitch there's still plenty to talk about on the pitch FIFA 18 is a much slower much more methodical game than most of its predecessors and this slowing down of gameplay similar to what's been done in Queen Ami's Pro Evolution Soccer series this year as well actually helps the moment-to-moment gameplay a great deal more than you'd expect

rather than being all about pace and outrunning the opposition defense matches in FIFA 18 are now played in the midfield taking your time at the ball spotting your free teammates and stringing together passing moves is more of a focus in this year's game giving each match a tactical methodical feel no longer does a winning strategy boiled down to putting speedsters such as Bale or rash furred on the wings and amping up the pace of your game whenever you get the chance with the midfield much more important in FIFA 18 that it has ever been in the past you now have to actually think about the way you set up your team's about going with a

combination of the best passers the strongest players and the fastest runners no longer is every match all about attack well the opposition has the ball they're dangerous but then and the AI is just as capable of stringing together fluid and slick moves and build ups to

under goals as you are everything is just smoother from the passing and the crosses to the dribbling and the shooting FIFA 18 makes minor tweaks and fine adjustments here and there in all areas and while none of these changes are going to make any headlines they all come together to make the game feel truly authentic and extremely engaging passing is smooth and accurate so OneTouch passing moves are now more satisfying to pull off than ever while the dribbling might be the best it's ever been in the series till date thanks to a number of new animations and that's the beauty of FIFA 18 as well as much as the odd pitch action has been slowed out and made more tactical the game is just as capable of providing moments of bombastic magic as its predecessors ever were even more so in fact wonder goals are much more common in this year's game than they have ever been

rocket shots from outside of the box volleys half volleys bicycle kicks scissor kicks and what-have-you are all much less rare in FIFA 18 and much easier to pull off as well the upside is that you get to see a lot more of these goals than you normally would both on your side and the opposition's sure wonder goals aren't glorious to behold and even better to score but when they're as common as they've become in FIFA 18 that kind of lose their value after a while it's thanks to all these seemingly minor changes and improvements that FIFA 18 is probably the most engaging FIFA game in a long long time in the past few years the series had become more and more about the pace in its gameplay to make things more exciting and adrenaline-fueled and a byproduct of this was that much of the game devolved into a single-minded drive to score and do nothing but score thanks to the slowing down of the on pitch action in FIFA 18 you actually care about building up your own play about picking the best passes but playing football for more than just scoring goals and as a result you've become much more involved in all the other aspects of playing a match as well the football in FIFA 18 is authentic and addictive and the fact that it makes you want to play beautiful football more than it makes you want to outscore your opponent is probably its biggest accomplishment I mean sure the sport of football is ultimately all about out scoring your opponent's when you really think about it the FIFA 18 makes you more involved in every second of every match then past FIFA games have managed one-to-one matches are now just as engaging and immersive as four to four thrillers beef eighteen follows the same philosophy off the pitch as it does on it one of evolution rather than revolution last year's game made the headlines thanks to its flashing whose story focused mode halted journey and this year

FIFA 18 gives players the chance to play through its sequel to see how rising star Alex hunters careers second season plays out if you enjoyed the dramatic and charming story of the young football stars rise to fame and FIFA 17 you're almost guaranteed to enjoy his second season as well there's more of

everything that made his debut stand out last year

smart writing likeable characters and a genuine love for the sport has been crammed into every second of the experience but if you're expecting the journey returns to capitalize on the amazing potential of its predecessor and turn into a beast of its own that he might come away disappointed many of the flaws that plagued the mode in last year's game are still present here while not many demanded improvements have been made a lot of the cutscene animations are choppy lip-syncing is often a hilariously bad choices made by players still mean next to nothing and a lot of the times the dialogue choices are meaningless with all of them ultimately saying the same thing but in different words and different tones the end result is that while this year's the journey still feels like a story worthy

experience for any and all football enthusiasts out there it also feels like a serious letdown having set up a solid foundation last year

EA Sports could have made the journey something truly special in FIFA 18 but rather than making some much-needed improvements and fixing a lot of significant issues

Alex hunter's second season plays it disappointingly safe don't get me wrong the journey is still a blast and FIFA 18 gets a lot of points for weaving a genuinely interesting story around a well-written and likeable protagonist with appearances from superstars such as Rio Ferdinand and Cristiano Ronaldo to keep football aficionados hooked as well but then again that was all true a year ago as well sometimes more is indeed better but after such a strong debut season maybe I just expected something even more something truly special from Alex hunter's second season in terms of improvements perhaps the most

significant in the entire game at least off the pitch can be found in the career mode the one element that's perhaps one of the most fundamental to the career mode is transfers and thankfully transfers have received a major facelift in FIFA 80 in earlier installments of the series transfers are mostly about having to read

drab and repetitive boxes of text and gave players very limited and

rudimentary options while negotiating deals this year though while trying to sign a player FIFA 18 puts players in the middle of actual cut scenes showing negotiations and conversations between managers agents and players and gives you many more options to customize or renegotiate your offers you can now add sell-on clauses or release clauses for instance and all of this back and forth is done through dialogue choices in actual cutscenes this is of course ultimately a very superficial chain as the basic mechanics of the transfer system are fundamentally very much the same but this upgrade elevates the sense of immersion and authenticity which is something that the entire manager mode benefits from a great deal being part of actual face-to-face negotiations and seeing yourself seated in the same room as superstars such as Rafael Ronnie or namer while being locked in intense transfer dealings with their agents adds a great deal of authenticity and excitement to the proceedings of course after having sat through four of five of these negotiations things might start getting monotonous and losing a lot of their initial appeal and shiny splendor but the improvements are appreciated nonetheless regardless it needs to be pointed out that the quality of these transfer cutscenes is often below par with choppy animations weird facial animations and the lack of voice acting which of course is understandable given how many players and managers and ages these cutscenes have to portray but the lack of it still can't be ignored on the presentation side of things

FIFA continues to be the absolute master in terms of flashiness and technical proficiency in the sports simulation genre the menus which party looks sleek and sharp have been cleaned up even further.