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Lenovo Legion 5i Review, Spec Price 2020

Lenovo Legion 5i Review, Spec Price:

Lenovo Legion 5i Review, Spec Price
Lenovo Legion 5i

So this is the Lenovo Legion v I not the 
Legion v the Legion v is the AMD model the v III for Intel is the Intel model and a lot of you are gonna be like Matt no AMD no bi and I get ya I feel ya but this is one of those situations where the Intel model is better and the reason being is because you can spec this with an RT X 2060 whereas the AMD model you're stuck only at a 1650 Ti and if you're trying to get good frame rates especially on a laptop like this, you're better off with an RT X 2060 now I'm glad they got rid of that y series moniker pronouncing 5 or 5i is just a lot easier it's still a beautiful well-built laptop yes it's plastic but it does not feel cheap the one thing I love about the Legion series is it has a very specific look it looks like a gaming laptop but it also looks like a business laptop and Lenovo combined some of their business features with this the product it's about 5 pounds the port set up is exactly the same as last year but they moved a few ports around and that's probably due to the fact that they have to use new motherboards for the 10th gen CPUs you still have a USB port on the left-hand side with your audio jack and then on the right-hand side you have another USB port with your LED
 indicators now the one thing I love about the l├ęgion series is that they put most of the ports on the back of the device and this just keeps your laptop looking clean when it's on a desk you have your USB type-c port which is not Thunderbolt 3 rj45 2 more USB ports HDMI and of course your power connector now the power connector is 230 watts it's a big boy,
 Now I will say this display very
 flimsy as a display on the Helios 300 but you can rotate it 180 degrees but I do like one feature that Lenovo includes with their gaming lineup this little button here is the power button but it also acts as an indicator
 depending on what performance mode you have it on you can use the keyboard function cue to switch between different performance modes on the fly and this is cool because a lot of other laptops you have to go into the software load it up and then select it manually this just allows you to do it
 seamlessly you still have the Numpad but one thing you do get with Lenovo gaming laptops is there a u-shaped key this is directly from their business lineup and gaming on this feels really great you got this tactile feel it's clicky and it just feels like a nice keyboard not only to type on for productivity but for gaming sticker placement this this is beautiful stuff like everything is straight Lenovo sticker guy is probably one of the best in the business so I got to give him props for that
 mouse or touchpad very smooth and very accurate it's not massive but it's good like it does a good job of letting you get around now this display is 15 inches it is matte it's a hundred forty-four Hertz and you can't speak it any higher in terms of refresh rate I know
 Acer is offering a 240-hertz display for around the same price but I mean at the end of the day this is an RT x 2060 you're probably not gonna get 240 frames per second and a lot of games you play just like the previous Wi-Fi 40 you have good color accuracy and good color gamut with average screen brightness so fun the fact I never reviewed the Wi-Fi 40 so i had to look up pictures of the internals and it looks like they increase the size of the fans,

 You still have that ventilation on the right and back of the laptop so cooling has been improved you have two storage slots one is populated with an nvme drive and the other is available for a second 2.5-inch drive under here is your Wi-Fi card there's no reason to swap it out as this is Wi-Fi 6 of course, you can upgrade the RAM up to 64 gigabytes and the battery 58.5 watt-hours it's not a big battery but one thing I do like is that you can switch between optimist the RT X 2060 or leave in an automatic mode directly in Windows without having to restart your laptop
 now the model I have here is one of the more expensive ones it's gonna retail for about 1850 but with that you do get an RT X 2060 I 7 10 7 5 0 H and a 1 terabyte nvme SSD I'll admit it's not giving you the best value to performance in this segment but what it is giving you are an awesome experience this was one of the first times I had a laptop set to performance mode and I could still hear the speaker's the feds never get to the point where it's unbearable Lenovo has done such a good job of fine-tuning the fan curves providing good cooling to offer a very good gaming experience yes there are other laptops that will run hotter which will give you slightly better frame rates but I feel like this laptop is gonna be the
 longevity winner like even if it's under the full load I understand the clock speeds will be a bit lower but if you're keeping this thing for 3 to 5 years the cooling on this is superb now gaming on this is also great like I was getting great frame rates no matter what game I played you can play most games set to high but there will be some games especially the more demanding ones that you might have to lower it down to medium look at the end of the day this is an awesome laptop I love the business to gaming vibe this laptop gives off I love the fact that you can place the ports on the back of the laptop and have a very clean desk I love the fact that Lenovo is prioritizing longevity and giving me a good gaming experience while not having the fans go crazy loud sure it's not perfect the display is a little bit flimsy the battery life could be better and yes it would be nice to have a metal lid but at the end of the day in the mid-range segment sometimes it's better to pay a little bit more to get these features where it allows your laptop to last longer so I'll place links to this in the description down below if you're interested in checking it out if you want me to compare this to any other laptops in the mid-range section let me know as well like the video if you liked it subscribe if you haven't already and I'll see you guys.