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M416 Glacier In 2 Classic-Crates Trick Latest+VPN

M416 Glacier In 2 Classic-Crates Trick Works 100%

M416 Glacier Trick Pubg Mobile

1:) Connect Any VPN To Turkey.

M416 Glacier Trick Pubg Mobile

2:) Open Game And Goto Workshop LAB.

M416 Glacier Trick Pubg Mobile

3:) Select M416 Glacier Gun In LAB and Click On Go Button.

M416 Glacier Trick Pubg Mobile

4:) Now Tap 5Times On M416 And Open Crates 95% Chance of M416 In 5 Classic Crates.

M416 Glacier Trick Pubg Mobile

M416 Gun Review & Detaiils:
well a huge desert so heavy well well what have you doing if you're lucky enough indeed to be doing it so I'm Bush cat and this is pubg mobile and more specifically, this is the m416 and there's a reason I'm doing a video on the m416 it's because I've been asked what's my favourite game and you'll note that I said favourite I didn't say best weapon in-game because I don't think the m416 is the best weapon in game what I find the m416 to be is a tremendously versatile weapon that can cover off on a the whole host of engagement types and be successful across a wide range of situations and for that reason it is kind of my favourite go-to weapon in the game in fact when I looked at the overall season review from last season now we kicked off a little bit late obviously in that last season recap so didn't get a chance to get much

higher considering our time at the top of the Diamond League but my weapon preference was number one m416 number two the scar-l

and number three the AKM and that ran diverse to the majority of the play base where it was in then m16a4 and then third scar-l now obviously there's going to be some

variation in those numbers and some noise know something speakers a lot of the play base is gonna get weapons early on and die and their weapons that they get early on are more likely to be AKM in scales than in for once exists because the m416 for me is the hardest AR to find that being said it works so incredibly well one of the reasons that works so incredibly well are because it can take four attachments as well as an eight-time scope and it's got very very good recoil and one of the things I've started doing lately with the influences he's running a compensator on it and in game this is a game I was running with dead boot and GT Hawk and I think it was fly Meza had already already been knocked off in pursuit I think it was and I started running the compensator and up until now, I've always run a suppressor now the big change for me to see changes come in terms of running a component compressor versus a

compensator at end game on erangel you run a suppressor because you can rule hide in the grass squeeze off shots with the suppressed m416 and no one knows where you are

but in Miramar on Miramar map you are you can't and watch the grouping on this I mean that's a decent range right for an AR on full auto just thumping shots into the chest and head area and because everyone sees you there's not a lot of grass to hide on or bushes to hide in on the Miramar map so everyone sees you so if that's the case why not run the attachment that's gonna help your weapon be the most accurate and that's exactly what the compensator does so if you run a full auto light out for me on the AR I the compensator the vertical stabilizer the extended quick-draw mag and then your tactical stock you suddenly got a weapon that was pretty stable to begin with like just flat-out stable right from the get-go and now enables a whole next level of spray-and-pray goodness where you can hold that trigger down in those foolish situations in close quarters to mid-range combat and still just keep knocking those shots into your target now I'll admit that a lot of that has to do with the distance of your average kill for me in the first season it was 60 meters on Aaron George Aaron got it was the average was 40 meters for that so it's another 50% on top of the usual humans there and I understand that that's there is still noise in that but it makes a lot of sense that I prefer the m416 because the Akm while it is a lovely weapon I do use it quite a bit it doesn't have anywhere near the accuracy or ability to fire full auto at anything like 60 meters range that the m416 possesses and that's a pretty important thing for me

the other thing that I often do with this gun and you can see even with very limited attachments it's completely accurate the other thing we often do with this gun is shove like an

eight-time scope on it and use it for sniping on Miramar now a lot of people do that with an AKM because you can tap with the AKM and the bullet does a much heavier dose of the pain when it hits the actual numbers are pretty

straightforward at a km as a 7.62 mm for the shell so when it's hitting a level one chest you know a little one bit of level one chest armor or no armour it'll keep 48 damage at level one chest um and really for thirty-three point six and level three twenty-one point six the m416 is only 41 so it's seven points of damage less than the AKM that means if you hit three times you kill but you'll hit three times with the I came and your kill as well

it only gets really difficult when you get towards the top end of the game and you've got much heavier body armours but I actually think the eight the ARS at the moment are a little too strong I mean look at this's the m416 a

reasonable range and I'm only using a holographic sight and you can see how accurate these groupings are even using a suppressor not running a compensator when you switch to the car 98 and finish off and that's why this gun works so well for me it's a gun that I find to be just so incredibly versatile and useful across such a wide range of situations in fact on miramar it can be very very difficult to find a sniper rifle and yet so many of your engagements are long range engagements so what are you to do well if you like me and you find a good scope just shove it on your AR shove it on your m416 and the accuracy with those long-range shots on the informant 6 and the ability for that to tap out means it supersedes our need for a gun like the a mini 14 for me I mean the mini 14 is a bit of sniper rifle there's no doubt about it but the deficiency between I mean even a full spray-and-pray mode we just put 32 rounds out there and cleared that bloke mighty quick because the m416 can stay on target the AKM just won't and the scar-l doesn't have the ability and knock that extra attachment on the actual weapon which is a

big deal there's no tactical stock on ask RL your groupings are superb your ability to single tap at the range and hit the target is superb your

first four or five bullets the recoil is light when you've got all the

attachments on that that 8 times scope it just does everything I think

AR's are really over the top and there's no real need to run

around and grab anything else you can run an AR and outside of saying a bolt-action sniper rifle there's not much else it won't do as good as if not better than most other weapons once they're fully kitted out now the m416 is pretty badass in terms of good damage per second I guess you'd say but there's more to it than that it also has a much higher show velocity than say an OK or a Groser it's slightly higher the star l and only slightly behind and it does it all with just a stupidly good amount of stability as you can see in these shots it's a big drawback is probably the difficulty in finding it