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Modern Combat 5 APK+OBB Highly Compressed In 1MB

Modern Combat 5: Blackout APK+OBB Highly Compressed 1MB

Modern Combat 5 APK+OBB

Gameloft's modern combat a graphically
rich shooter exclusively made for
touchscreens has been one of the most
popular FPS games on mobile phones and
tablets consistently featured on the top
20 list of paid games on Google Play the
fourth iteration released way back in
December of 2012 but today we are taking
a look at its long-awaited sequel modern
combat 5 blackout with updated graphics
a new storyline and interesting new
weapons is the modern combat 5 work the
one adelphia rate let's find out one of
the major improvements in modern combat
5 is of course the graphics as devices
have gotten more powerful game
developers have found new ways to
extract more performance or of them
while adding a lot of effects at the
same time modern combat 5 borrows a lot
from the same engine game Locke used to
develop its hit game asphalt 8 the
graphics now look way better than before
with better character models environment
models and better physics - we were
particularly impressed with the ragdoll
bodies and blood splatters poor on DP
mentioned the lens flap yes there is a
lot of lens flare in this game and is
sometimes distracting but there are
other cool effects too like the heatwave
animation that follows a gun shorty
overall it's a big step up from the
prequel and a big thumbs up from us
modern combat 5 is unfortunately due to
rampant piracy and online only game
meaning you can't play this game without
the internet turned on but of course it
has a single-player story mode and a
dedicated multiplayer mode to keep us
engaged even after the missions are over
the single-player mode has six chapters
that are broken down into missions and
submissions other than the main missions
each chapter has its own spec ops
missions and even multiplayer ones to
unlock the next chapter one must finish
the main missions as well as these pack
ops missions the chapters three to six
are actually downloadable levels as they
do not come pre-loaded with the game
this is possibly a space-saving move as
installs always tend to be big as a
player you have four ranks to choose
from for finishing the missions the four
classes of them are assault heavy recon
and sniper and each come with different
weapons and armour levels
which makes gameplay a diverse and
interesting you can increase the weapon
damage and armor level by gaining SP
points modern combat 5 comes with 4
multiplayer modes such as free-for-all
VIP squad battle and caps of the flag
the modes are another mil and not
entirely special but honestly we
couldn't really test it much as the game
had not gone public at the time of
testing when it comes to controls modern
combat 5 retains most of the sharp
controls that we had enjoyed on its
predecessor he can carry two heavy
weapons at a time and also can carry
knives grenades and even a special drone
that scans the area for enemies
controlling the player although not the
best experience on a touchscreen for FPS
shooter is still quite good and thanks
to the crosshair auto aim getting killed
in an instant is less frequent gameplay
mechanics involved direct enemy
encounters snipers cover and shoot and
shooting enemies from the back of the
the constant switching between these
ensures quite an enjoyable experience in
the end modern combat 5 is a worthy
update to the premier FPS title from
Gameloft the gameplay experience was
quite enjoyable but we did find the
story to be weak the AE could have been
better and the experience of playing FPS
shooters on a touchscreen is still not
the best the game sells for $6.99 on all
the major platforms and surprisingly has
no in-app purchases which makes the
price tag look better
we only wished Gameloft let us play it
offline on a tablet and that's about it
for the game review of the modern combat
5 guys do let us know what you think in
the comment section below as this is the
first ever game review that we have done