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Nfs Carbon Pc Game Highly Compressed In 1GB

NFS Carbon Pc Game Download Highly Compressed In 1GB:

Nfs Carbon


Here you guys can download your favourite games in very small or compressed size and in the same quality all games are working here and they are compressed to very small sizes and easy to download just one click and you will get what you need here. we daily upload many latest games and this time we have uploaded Nfs Carbon  game for you guys in only 1GB. 
Game Review:

Need for Speed Carbon video review for you, he's printing a racing game is a mixture of great presentation and arcade and a little bit of sim racing each year comes out VA adds new features tweaks the racing just a little bit and tries to do something interesting to give the game sort of a new fresh appeal in the last three years they had the

underground series and then they had Most Wanted which is a launch title last year and now they've come out with me for speed carbon which focuses on drifting and if you look at this game carefully it's not like Most Wanted it's more like underground - so the new features in the game include drifting there's a new crew there are three classes of cars there's a heavy emphasis on customization including auto

sculpting there's an interesting new structure where you win by taking over territories and you've got an online game which is more robust than it used to be the way the game works in career mode is that you're the new guy there's this story, it's sort of unravelling you did something you leave town you come back and start from the beginning there's no blacklist like in most one what you need to do is win territories it's a little bit like Saints Row the more territories you win eventually you'll end up where winning a whole section whole area you'll have to face a boss and then when you know race against the boss you win that territory the kinds of races that are involved include circuits and sprints and police chases like before and drifting when you drift they've created a new engine a new engine allows you to drift a lot more slide a lot more than normal

so you're gonna have to be used to this different approach but once you kind of get it down it's all about you know to slide your car into the yellow and really and really kind of creating calm Oh Natalie slides and it's it's good it's a little bit of an acquired taste so with the crew there are Scouts blockers and drifters you can hire one at a time and only one at a time and they'll race with you and they're usually way out ahead of you with blockers you can press the Y button and that will set them up to block a bunch of guys behind you scouts and find shortcuts in the areas and drifter set up in front of you so that you can slingshot ahead of them they're really they add a lot of shadow to the

game they're not that good the scouts find areas that you would have been able to find on your own on the other games and you know I could take it this there are three classes of cars in the games there are muscle cars there are tuners and exotics the new real emphasis is muscle and the variety of racing is excellent before you really had tuners and exotics in this game and now with the change and the addition of muscles you this is sort of fent at like the muscle cars are bad for instance they have high acceleration and top speed they have terrible sort of handling but you know you can make up for it and when you switch from for instance a muscle car an exotic car tuner you get a huge difference

in feel so this makes this game more interesting and better than most wanted in that way the customization is really deep there aren't as many sorts of singular things you can do with your engines there are more like packages but you can auto sculpt your car which is a new feature that allows you to actually sort of animate different sections like the spoilers or the hoods in a way that no one else would be able to do so that's fun and the customization will allow you to make a very special looking distinct car the graphics are really good in this game there's a whole lot of flickering lights there's a whole lot of nighttime kind of there's just like a lot of neon and this game is all about being in the urban areas and everything just looks great the textures are better there's more sense of speed it's a lot more sort of purposeful blurring when you're passing things by and if you get a goodsense of next-generation graphics.

And of course the sound is over-the-top the sound is great you'll get fantastic car sounds and engine revving you get very distinct car sounds for all the different kind of vehicles in the game the sound effects while you're driving particularly the cops and so we have the ringing about the city of all these different cars racing are all really well done and split in the 5.1 and finally the online is a lot more robust than before there are cop chases there are various different kinds of games that you can get into and the online functionality works pretty well, in the end, Need for Speed carbon it's a solid racing game with a lot of features you've come to expect from the printer racer from the full review check out the text review on our site later today.