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NVIDIA RTX 3080TI Specs, Price & Launching Date

NVIDIA RTX 3080TI Specs, Price & Release Date

Discuss how much these things are gonna cost so if we take a look at the RTX 3080TI to determine how much this thing is going to cost we have to look at the current market and previous releases so first of all, f we look at the RTX 2080TI that thing released at $1000 MSRP but unfortunately, you can basically only find them for $1,200 and up thanks to the founder's edition and the way that everyone's just basically gouging all of the buyers now this time around because of consoles that are going to be


 releasing at a similar time frame offering a huge amount of performance getting probably somewhat close to a 30 80 I don't think they're gonna want to make these things cost any more I don't think people are really gonna be willing to spend more than $1,200 but I think that the MSRP is not going to change even though it's probably gonna get cheaper the MSRP of $1,000 is probably gonna stick around but you'll probably be able to find a founders edition type of the for a thousand dollars instead of $1200 so, of course, that's gonna drive more sales because people are gonna look at that in they're gonna be like oh wow it's a great deal it's $200 less and it's much much higher in terms of performance so yeah I think for NVIDIA that's probably the route they're gonna go of course I could be wrong could be $1200 in who knows maybe it could be $1,600 but in my opinion I think we're gonna see thousand dollars

 and it's gonna make people go whoo what a deal when in reality that's still a thousand dollars for a video card all right so now that brings me to the RTX 3080TI and I think here we're gonna have a similar situation where the $800 founders Edition pricing is probably going to go away because I think this time around people are at least hopefully gonna be a little bit less willing to spend that amount of money on just one component so I think you'll be able to get in RTX 3080 on launch for $700 which is a little bit more reasonable then last time around but again $700 for an 80 class card is still just it's a little hard to swallow and honestly, I'm not sure if I'm gonna buy it all right so now let's talk about the fun part performance so if we take a look at all of the leaked benchmarks and rumours that are going around it seems like the performance should be somewhere around 30 to 50% which honestly is a

 huge range for an increase over the RTX 2080 and if we take a look at the past this and give us a little bit more of a ar

 so if we look at the history of Nvidia cards year-over-year they tend to give you around 35%

 performance increases now there have been some years where they've given you up to like 50 per cent increases honestly not even that long ago and this time around I think we are going to see somewhat of a bigger jump once again because they're moving all the way from 12 nanometers to 780 meters and 780metter should be a fairly good node for

 NVIDIA we'll just have to see when it comes out but I believe we're gonna get and I've been saying this for a while a 40% increase so the RTX 3080TI

 should be 40% faster than the

 RTX 2080TI now with the RTX 3080TI think we might even get a slightly bigger

 increase so if the 30 80 TI is 35 or 40 per cent faster, I believe we'll get 40 or 45% faster so I'm gonna go with

 RTX 3080TI 40% faster 30 80 45 % faster and if we take the numbers from the ware and boxed where the RTX 2080TI is 30% faster than a 20 80 well that means that a 45% faster RTX 3080 would be 15% faster than RTX 2080TI and honestly for $700 at the very least that's a much better deal than spending $1200 on an RTX 2080TI right now we'll just have to see

 how much via Ram it comes with because I swear to God if we get one more

 generation with 8 gigabytes 80 class cards I'm gonna lose it no more of this please in the video please give us more VRAM alright so finally when are these cards gonna release well if we go-ahead and take a look at all these leaks have been popping up of shrouds of coolers for the 3080 and that recent Strix cooler for the RTX 3080TI well that gives me an idea that these cards are gonna release really really soon how soon well if we take a look at the past releases when various images of 2080 1080 etc were released it was only a few months later that the actual release happened so I think we're gonna have a similar situation here now how many months we don't know for sure but there is one leak that came out of Digi times that suggests September they seemed pretty confident in it and if we look at the leaks now it would be about just an a couple of months until September so that would make the most sense however I think the realistic timeframe that we can expect is somewhere between

 September and November I'm leaning more towards September but it could be November it depends on supply chains and when the consoles launch because I think Jensen's gonna want to go out there onstage and wave around his card and go haha consoles my graphics card is way faster than yours the consoles are obsolete he likes to do this you know it's just his thing so I think he's gonna wanna launch the cards first and make fun of consoles because that's what Jensen does so if the consoles and Andy cards launch more like in December like around Christmas time then they'll probably do it closer to November if the console's launch in November he'll probably release his cards in September so we'll just have to wait and see when it happens but honestly, I'm probably expecting more around that September timeframe but again that depends on an a a lot of different factors but hey that's just what I think what do you think about all these recent leaks do you think that it's gonna release in

 September let me know what you think in the comments below I'll try and get back to as many of you as I can and of course I will see you in the next video if you made it to the end of the video be sure to drop a like every time you do so Nvidia and Intel drop prices also if you want to see more click here you won't be disappointed.