Qualcomm New E65+ Gaming Processor Announced

Qualcomm New E65+ Gaming Processor Announced

Qualcomm New E65+
Qualcomm New E65+

Qualcomm snapdragon 865 + announced i don't know if you follow any of this plus stuff it's typically not the hugest deal but it's in its become it's getting a little bit more attention recently because of the advent of the gaming phone yes and the gaming phone aims to just take things to another level through the typical gaming game

 the centric request of overclocking and so apparently, this originally started with one of the ROG phones where there was a the request put in like hey can we can we overclock the at the time I guess was the 855 can we over or maybe it was a 45 I don't remember the first ROG phone but can we overclock this if we put some extra cooling in there as a gaming the company would do and ask because they say hey you know our customers want well they want to play games for one they want the optimal mobile game experience but for two they want the bragging rights yeah to say I got the world's the most powerful phone which I've done how many videos titled that at this point because it always it keeps getting displaced and how do we gauge power there's a lot of characteristics but we've seen is to center around CPU GPU as far as determining performance although I have to say when I had the 144 Hertz phone I was like well speed also applies to the display as well yes for gaming so there's a couple of characteristics in there but anyway we seem to have focused mostly on the processing performance.

 we seemed mostly to focus on whatever Snapdragon Qualcomm is doing inside of there and they're continuing that moving forward with the Plus model being there really the true flagship that comes up comes out after the main mass-market flagship and they're doing it again with the 865 series so the 865 plus is on its way and this is gonna be the first to break the three gigahertz barrier for the performance which is kind of what a wild the thing to think about in a smartphone right.

 I was a Pentium kid yeah three gigahertz was a big deal my Pentium 4 I don't remember when it was broke but when they broke it when it was broken but it was a big deal it went early days of

 overclocking it was an achievement to to hit some figures like that now you do it in your phone as we saw with the snap snap dragging a 55 plus the snapdragon 865 plus delivers improved speeds for the prime CPU core and the adrenal 650 GPU the prime CPU now sees a leap from 2.84 gigahertz to 3.1 the other CPU cores don't see any changes though so it's not a massive increase

 overall, in fact, it's probably somewhere in the neighborhood of a 10% performance increase which is why I said it's a kind of a bragging rights thing but what but it is still a performance thing if you're very serious about gaming seems to be the only way in which you can really take advantage of this increased performance so we're probably gonna see this rollout we are gonna see this roll out in some upcoming gaming phones I believe they may be listed somewhere within this article,

 I think Lenovo is going to be working on an upcoming phone with this chip in it and I think also the next generation ROG phone might do the same there's some other little bonuses you get with this chip you're gonna get Wi-Fi 6e and Bluetooth 5 to 5.2 instead of regular Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1 you can't really do much with these new standards at the moment but you're getting a little I guess some future-proofing potentially if you if you pick this one up

 but yeah so I think if you wanna be if you're in the market for the world's fastest phone if you have a large budget and you want to allow your friends that that their s20 ultra isn't quick enough then you're gonna want to look for this 8 65 plus and then you're gonna be able to say that and they can't really say anything to you and they may have spent more money than you depending on what Lenovo is able to deliver or what that next ROG phone is able to deliver and you're not gonna be that much faster but you're gonna be faster mm-hmm.

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