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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon AW Highly Compressed Pc Game

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advacne Warfighter Highly Compressed Pc Game In 1GB

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

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Highly Compressed Details:

Here you guys can download your favourite games in very small or compressed size and in the same quality all games are working here and they are compressed to very small sizes and easy to download just one click and you will get what you need here. We daily upload many latest highly compressed pc games and this time we have uploaded  game Ghost Recon Advacne Warfighter for you guys in only 1GB. 

Game Review:

it's not too hard to find nice things to say about the Ghost Recon Advacne Warfighter especially as it unfurls in its strong opening hours it's an open-world version of Manhattan is both gorgeous and authentic it's third-person combat is sound and these RPG elements run surprisingly deep and yet next to every good thing the Ghost Recon Advacne Warfighter does there's a big ugly asterisk

virtual Manhattan is as full of beautiful sights to see as it is devoid of worthwhile things to do the enemy encounters are spread thin like two little butter over too much bread creating long stretches of eventless walking there is practical no truly random events and despite being always online you'll never happen across another player character the only real action comes in the form of preset one-time-only missions and once you've done all of them in a zone there's no material reason to come back besides some boring collectables all I really got from the Ghost Recon Advacne Warfighter static open-world was a breadcrumb trail to follow and some conveniently placed people to shoot at the end

and making what the shooty is

pretty good it'd have been standard the cover-based gunplay is a few steps towards Tom Clancy from Gears of War but not many things like muzzle travel and bullet spread play a big enough role that guns have their distinct feel cover is important as is covering fire since enemies can be properly

suppressed should you play in a squad of up to four, this make scoff tactics especially rewarding

however the bullet sponginess of the enemies do Rob the shooting of tactile power still the mere fact that the action leans so heavily on sharp aim and smart tactics make it rewarding when that last phone a pack finally goes down that goes double for the main story missions which throw you headlong into some seriously heated firefights here the action is concentrated and highly demanding with a full squad using complementary skill loadouts these sections become the clear highlights of the Ghost Recon Advacne Warfighter thankfully you can easily match-make and fast travel directly to these battles bypassing parts of the open world slob not for long though you'll rarely come out of one mission with the gear skills and XP to be successful in the next so it's back out into the empty streets again to make progress that said when you do make progress you feel the three core stats that drive your character's performance really move the needle to the point where changing out just one piece of gear can make differences you'll immediately notice in your next battle as a result gear choices are engaging almost right away making the prospect of finding new shinier loot very enticing the problem is how fragmented the various ways of

progressing is, for example, the most reliable way to get great gear is through the dark zone the Ghost Recon Advacne Warfighter well doff PvP de area

the catch you don't gain XP towards your characters level there even if you did new skills don't come with levels but by upgrading different parts of your base for that, you'll need supply points provided by side missions that don't go out much in the way of XP or gear rewards so you could be a high level character with only average gear and a few skills a character with tons of skills but for gear at a low level or somewhere in between

it's a muddled system that makes it hard to accurately gauge just how strong you are sad once you do hit the

level cap after 25 or 30 hours the Ghost Recon Advacne Warfighter end game is pretty thin it's mostly just repetitive daily challenges but what can be thrilling at this stage is the dark silver the sense of omnipresent danger here is a stark contrast to the empty world surrounding it random packs of elite enemies patrol the streets and other agents run around either shooting at them or shooting at you.

your allies one moment could be your killers in the next and the temptation to prey on a weaker player creates a the tense dynamic environment that kept me looking over my shoulder unfortunately the rewards for attacking others for their loot is far outweighed by the risks of being labelled as a rogue and hunted zone-wide resulting in a far less fluid environment than was present in the beta it's also a shame that there's such little incentive to engage with the dark zone until you hit level 30 because the Ghost Recon Advacne Warfighter had already largely worn out its welcome by the time I got there there's some decent meat to

chew on in the Ghost Recon Advacne Warfighter but it's usually surrounded by too much grizzle to enjoy it for long both in combat and out there are some good ideas especially

the tents and dangerous dark zone but they're not spread evenly or interwove and cleanly enough to form a cohesive consistently enjoyable loop ultimately the Ghost Recon Advacne Warfighter overly busy conflicted design philosophies drown,