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Top 5 Cheap Gaming Monitors 2020

Top 5 Cheap Gaming Monitors 2020

Top 5 Cheap Gaming Monitors 2020
Top 5 Cheap Gaming Monitors 2020

hey what is up guys today I'm gonna show you my top three list or category of great monitors to consider if you're looking for a cheap gaming monitor for you know either your PC gaming setup or your ps4 or your Xbox one this video should give you a great representation of options to consider behave for just meeting my name is Robin welcome to Orban hardware very nice to meet you now the gaming monitor is a wide topic and if you want to learn more about difference between panel types refresh rate and variable adaptive synchronization as Sara I recommend having a look at the monitor guide video I made a few days ago or weeks ago I should say that video can be found in the video description down below now I should also add now haven't tested these products in person but I've been investing in a lot of time and I've been looking up reviews and I read what other gamers have said about them and for what you're paying here you should get a lot of value in return and with that said this is how this is gonna go down I've prepared three price points or categories.

 we gonna look at first up we

 got the best entry level monitor coming in at $100 got the best mid-range at 150 dollars and finally we got the best pick under 200 bucks now for each category I got at least one monitor and in some cases I may have more than just one choice as some monitors are more targeted toward fast paced eSport shooters and others more geared towards or PG at based games and console gaming where high refresh rate may not be you know as an important factor as screen resolution for example but yeah I'm going to explain everything as we go over each category if you happen to find anything you like you can easily find each monitor down in the video

 description and regardless if you're into fast pace eSport games and racing games or RPG turn-based games or maybe looking for a monitor for your ps4 Pro or your Xbox one eggs yeah I've got you covered.

 yeah with that said let's take a look at my first recommendation coming up on place free around $100 so this is the Sapta c24 8w it's a 24 inch curved Full HD T an LCD 75 Hertz gaming monitor this particular monitor is mainly geared towards you that is looking for a sheep twenty-four inch screen doesn't break your bank account while still you know doesn't suck at the $100 price point manufacturers typically have to do some sacrifices in order to reach this such no price point typically these monitors aren t fastest on the market which can create so-called ghosting and smearing effects luckily today's t and displays handles that pretty good who ever poor viewing angles as well as poor color reproductions or who ever known

 phenomenons that we want to be cautious of I'm looking at a tee and display luckily a sceptre did a very good job here got pretty ok colors for bein a TN panel brightness.

 whoever is on the lower

 side it's got a max peak brightness of 220 nits not typically more

 budget-friendly screen seats at around 250 needs and if you sitting in a very bright environment this can't be an issue of most people you gonna be fine oh yeah I would recommend not placing this in front of the window and you will be more than okay what's cool about this monitor is that it's gotten a fresh rate of 75 Hertz and 75 Hertz is actually a noticeable uplift over the typical 60 Hertz standard and it keeps you 25% smooth gameplay and less stutter compared to 60 Hertz I keep in mind you won't really see the benefit of this when you hook it up to a ps4 or an Xbox as these games are capped at 60 Hertz if you plug this in into a PC gaming rig you're gonna be able to enjoy the smoothness of 75 Hertz as long as your gaming PC as powerful enough to match the refresh rate of 75 FPS which is important to have in mind now in terms of ports we're getting a single HDMI and a single DisplayPort and an analog a VGA which you obviously should avoid so Scott support for visa mounting and you can put this up on a wall if you want to the style itself is quite basic but this is expected at this price point.

 yeah I found a guy complaining about the thin bezels not being edged less and this is not really acceptors fault all monitors that I've been testing at throughout these years have had this same issue as well and I think it's still a

 manufacturing issue where they still haven't figured out how to make

 the visible screen at totally ageless if you don't want is annoying black edges I would highly recommend you to have a look at ultra-wide monitors which Solstice very nicely I recently looked at Asus latest ultra-wide which I honestly liked a lot and you find a link to that video down in the video

 description this monitor also got speakers but they are completely worthless and you shouldn't use them at all now in conclusion after reading many reviews people are reporting a very solid gaming experience with this monitor which is quite rare at this price point and if you're interested you can read more about it in the link down below now adding another $50 to our $100 budget you can snag this one this is the pixie opx c-23 it's a 24 inch 144 Hertz TN monitors so adding $50 lets you enjoy the luxury of super smooth 144 Hertz in fortnight csgo or an eSports team that doesn't put too much strain on your gaming PC now keep in mind you need a machine to push at least 144 FPS in order to take full advantage of the extra smoothness that is a screen camp produced again like covered is

 thoroughly in the monitor guide and you find a video down in the video

 description now something that makes this monitor extra interesting is the fact that it's got something called variable a refresh rate certified meaning that you can hook up graphics card from either Nvidia or AMD and enable something called free sync or g sync and enjoy gameplay with no screen tearing this is something that covered pretty thoroughly in my what to look for in gaming monitor guide.

 I made a few weeks ago when I highly recommend you having a look at that video if you want to learn more how this works in practice the premise is that the monitor and actively matching the number of frames and update the screen accordingly to the framerate kinda similar to how vsync works but it allows you not having to lock your frame rate which is such a the limitation with having vsync in general now VA panels which this monitor has is known of having noticeable blur and smearing effects during fast movements in games and this can't be an issue on this monitor and if you easily get annoyed by this

 I would rather look at an IPS display or a tea on display but if you're not a picky you may not even notice this it is mostly noticeable in games where there is a lot of shadows and darker elements but yeah this is something that is worth to have in mind in terms of poor to get an DisplayPort 1.2 and an HDMI 1.4 you can hook up any additional consoles you may have as well which is a nice bonus now overall again and not too much to complain about we have the VA panel and which have their drawbacks of course just to be aware of that on the plus side VA panels are known of having excellent like levels and contrast and for around 150 dollars this is a very nice and cheap gaming monitor and you find a link to this one down in the video description box down below so finally adding an additional 50 bucks giving us a grand total of 200 bucks right now as I'm making these pre old monitors out of stock but it should be back and restock in just a day or two anyway for an MSRP of $200 you can snag this 2k 32 inch display from well-known Philips

 it is called 30 to 60 F J as be which doesn't say much but try and hear me out because it's pretty interesting it's got a massive 32 inch screen it's got a VA panel so you can expect great black levels and contrast and a slight drawback again is the smearing and ghosting effect that is a known

 phenomenon on VA panels and it's something obviously to be aware of but gamers are reporting very positive feedback from this monitor to prevent the famous screener effect we got a 24 60 by 1440p resolution or 2k q HD resolution which is nice panther resolution and a sweet middle ground between 1080p and 4k as it allows for much greater detail over full HD but it's not as graphically heavy for the hardware as you may think

 yes your graphics card will definitely take a hit and noticeable hitting the frame rate jumping up to 40 40 P but I would say it is definitely worth it.

 gonna need a mid-range graphics card in order to enjoy this resolution and I say a 16-6 TTI from nvidia or a RX 590 or better yet your Tex 2060 or the RX 5700 or similar is the graphics card sweet spot at this resolution now if your main goal is to parties with the console you obviously don't have to care about the framerate it's still going to get the same experience as you would that you got from a 1080p or a 4k screen and this is only just a concern for PC gamers like the previous screen this one also got free sync and it's got an operating range of 48 to 75 Hertz and Tom's Hardware is giving this monitor their two thumbs up and because it's God's adaptive synchronization through VESA adaptive sync and while this feature now also work with Ambria cords the experience may be a bit so so and after been reading various reviews online I wasn't really able to get a clear answer on how g-sync works on this one but free sync works like a glove at least which hopefully means that you think works equally good internal support you get a single HDMI a display port and a single DVI it's got a peak brightness to 15 its which is pretty standard at this price point unless you're placing this in front of window.