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Total Overdose Pc Game Highly Compressed In 400MB

Total Overdose Pc Game Highly Compressed Download In 400MBTotal Overdose

Total Overdose


Highly Compressed Details:

Here you guys can download your favourite games in very small or compressed size and in the same quality all games are working here and they are compressed to very small sizes and easy to download just one click and you will get what you need here. we daily upload many latest games and this time we have uploaded  Total Overdose game for you guys in only 400MB. 

Game Review:
Hey you have you ever wanted the game combining max Payne GTA with the pinch of Prince of Persia Robert Rodriguez's movies acrobatic moves and non-stop action well I present you total overdose organs linger there in Mexico.

okay let me start with the obvious the graphics their path even in 2005 when the game came out the graphics were ugly sadly there is no mode to fix this another not-so-good thing is the sound design especially the guns some of them are awful the sound of the cars is just a few seconds loop and the handling of the vehicles are not that good but the the soundtrack is amazing a mix between rap and metal and speaking of guns you have a decent variety but the AK-47 and m16 are kind of useless also the time when I have filete I use pistols and rifles because they were more effective especially for headshots the map of the the city isn't very helpful it shows icons where to go but how to get there is entirely different thing because the roles are not displayed on the mini-map fortunately, there is a menu in the game for quick access to the missions with all this negativity maybe you are asking yourself or maybe not is there anything good in the game well there is let me show you

the best thing in total overdose is the the gameplay may not be entirely original but is functional and fun in the beginning I mentioned that the game borrows a few things from other games let me explain in total overdose you have adrenaline bar for slowing down time and more accurate shots just like in Max Payne but the dev put here something a little bit different in that the formula the acrobatic moves not only they look cool but they have a purpose to gain more points the points have their purpose at the end of each mission depending on how much you score you can get some goodies like dual-wielding more ammo more life local moves more freedom later.

And others the developer took inspiration from GTA with the open world and the car stealing between the standard side missions you have a few somewhat original when you see a red go you go through him and you will enter Day of the Dead,

Welcome to the day of the dead Yeti for a short period you have to

defend yourself from people dressed like skeletons this way you make a lot of points

also, you can rewind time

just like Prince of Persia and there is no explanation or how's that possible I mention locals and they are seeing for yourself.

Golden Gun I've done my first Ahmadi local moves are seven abilities that can help you along your journey my favourite is the pinata just throw it and see how the enemies surround it and then it explode the story of total overdose takes you in the Mexican city a city where people like to throw themselves in front of your car.

a city where no matter how much the destruction you make the police is not coming in the beginning the player takes the role of Ernesto Cruz a DEA agent after a mission in the Colombian jungle he is killed but the official version is overdose I should have done the job a blindfold would have been more of a challenge that way you've always been fast but maybe you should try.

exercise in your brain sometimes has a more active thanks years later his son Tommy also DEA agent refuses to believe his father died from using drugs and conduct investigation just when he finds some connection.

he suffered a little injury

Tommy releases his twin brother Romero from prison to take his place the story is not so great but it's serviceable and you will need probably six hours to beat it the voice acting is okay with few exceptions our hero Ramiro is


and no matter how bad everything is he always have something to say Ramiro you got big balls but no brain tells him, boys, Stefan ran into a trap your biggest problem is that you've got big cojones with nothing in your brain.

I think Freud would have had something to say about your obsession with my big cojones enough talk.

say hello to my power I mean balls the biggest problem with this game is it doesn't offer a lot of new things local and acrobatic moves are not enough but this is the third time I played and the thing which make me come back is the action everything is over-the-top and cartoony yes you can find more polished games but how cannot you like what I've shown you there is a thing one man's garbage is another treasure maybe that's the case with me but all I said the good and the bad.

I recommend total overdose.