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Ultimate Spider Man Game Pc Highly Compressed 76MB

Ultimate Spider-Man Game Pc Highly Compressed 76MB

Ultimate Spider Man Game
Ultimate Spider Man Game

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Game Review:
so with the release experiment to Treyarch was on top of the world people absolutely loved the game but now the expectations were a bit higher sperm a3 was still a few years out from hitting theatres so they had to fill the void with something they decided to go ahead and tackle one of the most interesting interpretations of the Spider-Man with the Ultimate Comics series that led to this ultimate spider-man is a comic series that started in the year 2000 its sort of a modern-day reimagining of the character finding new ways to retell the stories of how Peter Parker became spider-man how his villains came to be and fitting him into this Ultimate Universe that Marvel created to give the same.

treatment to its other characters the comic series was pretty popular not quite as much as the original series but still, it fared well enough.

there was one storyline in the series that gained a lot of attention through the storyline that Treyarch decided to adapt for their next spider-man game and that all revolved around venom there are a couple of things that people seem to remember the most about this game one is its art style it's made to look like a comic book in motion and I think that it fares pretty well there's Sunita aesthetic going on here and it looks great during gameplay but where it stands out is in the cutscenes all the story scenes are presented in this sort of moving comic book style people are jumping in and out of frames and overall it's just a neat way to portray action although not all of the character animations always look that great.

the other element that people seem to remember the most about this game you don't just play spider-man no this time you also play as venom himself free roam gameplay as one of spider-man's villains now that is an appealing idea but first how did venom come to be well here's where it all starts so in this universe Peter Parker and Eddie Brock grew up his friends their fathers were both at one time working on a cure for cancer the solution was this black suit which was supposed to be able to cure any disease that the person wearing it had, unfortunately, the suit was never fully completed.

Richard Parker was tricked into selling the suit and all of its research data over to a man named Bolivar Trask to make matters worse Eddie and Peter's parents were all killed in a tragic plane crash not that long afterwards Peter decides did take things into his own hands and tries to get the suit back from Bolivar Trask it latches on to him and everything seems great at first he's feeling faster and more powerful but soon discovers that the suit has a sort of hunger.

they tried to consume him whole the suit was a sort of monster and Peter knew that it was too dangerous to be left around he attempted to destroy the suit but when Eddie found out about this he became angry and took what was left of it for himself turning into the
the horrifying beast is known as venom.

the two boys clash and Peter discovers that he has a sort of weakness to venom whenever he gets near the big guy his head starts throbbing like crazy imagine a migraine but multiplied by death during their battle venom steps on an exposed wire and is seemingly killed by the electric shock Peter tries to forget about the ordeal and go about his daily life in the weeks following just trying to fit back into his day-by-day routine as Peter Parker and spider-man warming up by breaking up a robbery attempted by shocker and this finally brings us back into the gameplay things are for the most part a lot like spider-man to web-swinging is pretty much the same although I do think it's a little faster and I feel a little bit better control when swinging around this time and of course around the city, there are crimes to bust there are no hero points in this game instead you have this sort of checklist of things that you need to do to progress the next story objective.

this usually centers around finding these little tokens that are hiding around the city breaking up street crimes going through these races that I'm not the biggest fan of and going on combat tours okay so first off races honestly I don't even know what it is about these that I hate so much it might just be because you're forced to go to all these really specific points along the track when all I really want to do is just go from one point to another the fastest way I can find it works for some people though I guess and then we have combat tours well these are kind of neat there's several groups of thugs just sort of scattered around the city we're moving from one group to another beating them up getting on to the next one until they're all gone that does sort of bring up one of my major complaints about this game though it's bergman - I commented on how I thought that combat had been sort of dumbed down a bit well it feels like it's even more simple here there just aren't very many attacks going on here stuff still feels really floaty but what really bites is the dodging there's no dodge button here instead when your spider sense goes off telling you that someone's about to take a swing at you you just have to jump out of the way you're removing your entire person from the enemy just so you don't get hit that's clumsy not to mention a pace breaker unfortunately this does follow into the boss fights some of the are fine I guess but others you're just spending the entire time jumping around aimlessly and occasionally hitting the opponent this isn't fun it's not engaging it's tedious and I don't understand why it was designed this way still roaming around the city is fun enough and once you've completed enough objectives you can move on to the next story segments occasionally you'll sort of switch characters the perspective of the story will swap over from Peter Parker to venom we see that Eddie Brock has survived his shock therapy and is now sort of on the hunt for Peter but before he can go too far he needs to feed the venom suit is hungry and it feeds off of the energy of other people so when you're playing as venom the suit will sort of drain your energy so whenever your health gets low either by getting hit or by your suit trying to eat you alive you need to go find some people this little concept is introduced by here I thought you learned your lesson last time.

you can at least see people twitching a bit after you fed on them so you know that they're not dead but this is still kind of weirdly dark isn't venom supposed to be an antihero like he's supposed to protect innocent people that's his whole deal in the comics or well I guess in the amazing spider-man comics and the Ultimate Universe he's sort of a different character this kind of leads into my problem with venom in this game I know a lot of people enjoy the venom aspect of this game and that's fine it's just not really for me.

I mean I guess he's fun enough to play as I think combat is a little better with him just because you get a better sense of power that and you can throw cars around and stuff and travelling around the city is neat because you can just super jump instead of having to swing everywhere I mean I still prefer web-swinging personally but this is still pretty neat I just don't like the way his character is portrayed and I don't think he has a whole lot to do in this story Venom's whole deal in this game is he's either trying to hunt down Peter or he's trying to run away from people.

venom is in a constant loop of just getting captured in escaping in ultimate spider-man it gets old pretty fast I can at least look forward to playing his venom because he has the best boss fights there's a bit more creativity going on here I think a good example is when you're fighting electro electro can heal himself by going over to these TVs in Times Square to sort of suck the power out of them in order to keep that from happening you can pick up cars and chuck them at the televisions breaking off of them and he just won't have anywhere else to go to regenerate so you can take them on out see that right there's some compelling game design it's a lot more compelling than just the jumping bean that spider-man turns into and I mentioned how venom story got kind of simple but it doesn't really fare a whole lot better for Spidey either whenever he's not being chased down by venom he's chasing some other super villain they're only ever around for like a mission to so they don't really have time to stick so what it really amounts to is spider-man and venom are just doing stuff and then shield and silver sable just show up every once in a while the shield is, of course, the strategic homeland intervention espionage.

logistics division or whatever the stands, for now, these days silver sable, on the other hand, is a mercenary that was hired by Bolivar Trask to get the suit back she and her wild pack are chasing venom around the entire game and get him and then he escapes and then they get him back and then he escapes again and then he gets them and then they have to escape from him and I'm sorry to do I sound like I'm all over the place right now well you know what so is this story it just goes in so many different directions there is no cohesion here whatsoever it's hard to go into detail and stay focused with this story because it isn't focused so I'm getting try to simplify it the best I can.

venom wants revenge on spider-man silver sable works for Bolivar Trask Trask wants the venom suit back so venom gets chased by silver sable a lot venom is chasing spider-man and sparing me it's just trying to do his job in the middle of all of this everything else a run is just things that are happening and not all of them are actually relevant to the larger story either beetle shows up twice you chase him down and fight him as spider-man and then you chase him down and find him as venom and then he's never mentioned again I don't know what his relevance was to this plot and I don't think the game does either eventually Trask is able to put together that Peter Parker is spider-man and getting close to him is giving Brock more control over the suit with all this knowledge in hand transcends silver sable to capture spider-man get in the damn car their little scuffle gets interrupted by venom though I guess he was getting as tired as I was about the whole venom fetch quest so he grabs silver sable and takes off with her while Peter would like for her to just get her comeuppance his whole great power and great responsibility thing comes into play and he decides that he really does need to go save her after chasing venom and knocking him around a bit he finally gives in to thetranquillizers that silver sable shot him with earlier and gets knocked out and the experiment okay so what I think happened is that Trask and his

scientists injected the venom suit into Peters bloodstream and this creates carnage venom being locked in the same facility can break out and starts chasing carnage down the two starts shuffling around what's a buffet for them I mean look at all these little scientists running around and Eddie can absorb what's left of the suit from Peter and look now he's got that iconic little spider symbol on him

venom runs off and Peter decides to hunt down Trask demanding answers about what happened to his parent's trash cans over everything he's got but then venom shows up to try to get revenge on Trask so throughout the game whenever Trask got his hands on venom he decided to send Brock out on these little missions and tests and all that good stuff and venom wasn't happy about being a

spare mounted on like that so here we are the old weasel tries to escape but the venom is hot on his trail

Trask thinks that silver sable will help him but no their contract just expired

so now spider-man is the only one left to save the old guy we have one last fight on a burning rooftop Trask is alive but arrested by shield Peter gets all the information he could have wanted about his parents and venom slips off somewhere to places unknown Peter and Mary Jane talked about the foreboding nature of having somebody like Eddie Brock just out on the loose and then we're shown exactly why that could be a problem and he shows up at the prison that bolivar trask is being held in and Eddie I can't believe that after all the things you did then after all of that, all he got was three years golf course prison.

you can't do anything to be in here regards a so yeah ultimate spider-man this story is a mess I tried to stay on track here but man this story just has no flow to it whatsoever I do not care for the narrative here and you could probably already guess why is it serviceable I mean I guess if what you're looking for is a laundry list of excuses for spider Manesh things to happen then yeah this is what you're looking for but otherwise this does not offer me much I think what hurts it outside of just the lack of focus is just how redundant it is.

you heard me complain plenty about chasing a black cat around in spider-man 2 but guys let me tell you ultimate spider-man is just chase people the game ed free of their mission it's just chasing someone.