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007 Legends PC Game Download Full - Torrent

007 Legends PC Game Download Full - Torrent

007 Legends PC Game Download Full

007 Legends PC Game Download

2012 marks the 50th anniversary of the James Bond movies and man has the series spawned some truly memorable moments like that time double-oh-seven took on a giant laser tank in front of Fort Knox in Goldfinger or when he murdered dozens of henchmen with a helicopter mini yarning on Her Majesty's Secret Service confused that's because those things never actually happened but that hasn't stopped eurocom from shoehorning them into double-oh-seven legends the new Bond game that takes beloved characters and settings from bonds past and repurposes them for what basically amounts to a lackluster Call of Duty clone nice working with you sometimes lucky the campaign opens with a scene from Skyfall Daniel Craig's

double-oh-seven is accidentally shot by a female sniper whilst fending off an enemy on the roof of a moving train he then plummets down into a river below and while his lungs fill up with water he's struck by a series of flashbacks to his previous adventures which serve as the five different missions in the game those missions are taken from Goldfinger on Her Majesty's Secret Service licensed to kill

die another day and Moonraker with an additional mission based on Skyfall to be released later as free DLC since it's Daniel Craig's bond replacing the likes of Connery and more each mission is set in the present day but despite that justification it still feels a little odd to be breaking into Blofeld's Alpine lair and taking surveillance snaps with your smartphone can't wait to Instagram his secret blueprints each of these missions aren't really tied together with any kind of narrative thread there's merely a brief underwater segue before it's straight back into the action it's honestly no rhyme or reason to the sequence of the missions you play through either save for the fact that the developers deliberately push Moonraker to the end of the game because hey nothing says climax like laser gun battles in outer space

still the essence of bond is there there's fast cars faster women and of course the signature banter between our hero and each supervillain to expect me to talk

Oh Mr Bond I expect you yep we've heard it before Goldfinger

unfortunately these glimpses of the bond fans know and love are pummeled into insignificance by the mind-numbing shooter gameplay that feels more like a love letter to Rambo than it does to ss7 which is not to say that there isn't the option of still it's just that the stealth mechanics are so poorly

implemented that it's almost always easier just to go in all guns blazing bond moves silently while crouched so you can creep up behind guards and knock them out often by punching them right in the ass I'm not joking however your inability to move bodies coupled with the absence of any reliable way to measure the guards line-of-sight means it's incredibly difficult to remain unseen for long once your cover is blown then it's back to the shooting unless you're in one of the mandatory stealth areas of the game in which case it's an instant mission fail when you're not punching bullets into the same

garden-variety henchman over and over again you're completing simplistic minigames to hack safes or spending your accrued XP on rudimentary weapon upgrades there are also a handful of vehicle missions in the game but they're honestly so awful that they're barely worth mentioning on the plus side they're all pretty short and how about those encounters with the classic super villains well they basically each amount to a cross between a QuickTime event in a game of punch-out you play punch-out with our job in Fort Knox

punch out with Blofeld in the cable car punch you out with jaws and then you just punch out of the game to go off and read a book or something the games only saving grace is it's multiplayer while the online game is functional enough it's the 4 player split-screen that comes as a novelty at a time when split-screen gaming is largely being ignored in the FPS genre unless you already own Goldeneye reloaded in which case it's just more of the same

double-o seven legends fails on two major counts as a modern FPS experience it lacks the production values and imagination that makes games like Call of Duty so spectacular and there's a tribute to the 50-year legacy of James Bond it's simply a disaster there hasn't been a product so ill-fitting of James Bond since Sean Connery's girdle and never say never again Bond doesn't even get the line right by the way I didn't catch on no it's bond James Bond you idiot.