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A Way Out Full PC Game Download - Torrent Compressed

A Way Out Full PC Game Download - Torrent Compressed

A Way Out Full PC Game Download

In 2013, Starbreeze Studios released the critically acclaimed Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, directed by Swedish film director Josef Fares.

Soon after, Fares gathered a small group of developers

to found a new studio, Hazelight, planning to push the boundaries of interactive storytelling with A Way Out as their debut title.

Unlike Brothers which asked a single player to control both characters simultaneously, A Way Out must be played cooperatively in split screen format,

with a partner either beside you or connected online.

Remarkably, each purchased copy of the game comes with a friend pass, allowing players who own the game to invite friends to play through together.

Depending on what each player is doing in the moment,

their side of the screen may increase in size, and similarly more important conversations will be louder.

The reduced price of A Way Out coupled with the Friend Pass speaks to the passion of Fares and his team.

This is a game about building a bond with a friend or significant other and going through the journey together.

The story begins with playable protagonists Leo Caruso and Vincent Moretti in the back of a plane quietly wondering what they are going to do next.

After some brief banter, the game presents a flashback to their first encounter in prison.

This technique is used through a large portion of the story

as we flash back and forth between the past and present.

The structure unfortunately diminishes the stakes, especially concerning Leo and Vincent’s relationship.
A Way Out Full PC Game Download

Forcing the players to form an uneasy alliance in the early stages of the adventure to plan a jail break isn’t as tense as it should be because

we already know they work together and escape.

Thankfully there are surprises that keep the story engaging and exciting, which we won’t spoil here.

Vincent is rational, disciplined and reserved,

while Leo is confident and short tempered.

The basic framing for each character can be somewhat limiting, especially if two friends share similar personalities,

but there’s plenty of room to grow within each individual role.

Playing together locally is highly recommended,

and having conversations with your partner about critical decisions is absorbing.

The game does a wonderful job of giving each player freedom and control at nearly every moment, and at times, we would find ourselves caught up in our own individual tasks for extended periods of time before coming back to each other.

Throughout the 6 to 8 hour journey, Leo and Vincent find themselves in a variety of situations and locations, each offering unique puzzles and distractions.

Players can even compete in mini-games like darts, baseball, and horseshoes.

These moments do a wonderful job of building the bond between the players and help break up the more stressful and action-oriented encounters.

There is also a good amount of variety ranging from exploration, chase scenes, stealth, action, and quick time events that helps A Way Out maintain momentum all the way until the end credits.

Occasionally, there are big decisions that must be made by and agreed upon by both players in order to continue.

Leo and Vincent handle situations differently, so they propose dissimilar strategies like either attacking cops head-on or trying to avoid them entirely.

Again, having these conversations with your real-life partner further contributes to building a bond with them.

Even if one person doesn’t necessarily want to handle a situation in a particular way, convincing them can be just as fun as actually executing the plan.

A Way Out is an exceptionally unique game.

It asks a lot out of its players

and demands they work together and trust each other in order to progress.