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Age Of Empire II HD Edition - PC Game Download Torrent

Age Of Empire II HD Edition - PC Game Download Torrent

Age Of Empire II HD Edition - PC Game Download

Age Of Empire II HD Edition - PC Game Download

Greetings and welcome this is the Tsuki strategy and this is my long-awaited review that I have been meaning to do for quite some time out of Age of Empires to HD and this game gets me a a lot of nostalgia points because I used to play this game back in 99 when it was released my dad bought the game and me already had some like previews RTS experience with Warcraft 2 and Age of Empires one and I remember not liking Age of Empires 1 that much my memory is pretty shrouded of those times but I remembered probably not I liked the game but I thought like when I go to Age of Empires - that was like a significant the topic right maybe it was because I wasn't interested in the wrong

period and it dungeon Egypt I was more into the disliked more medieval period and that's why probably I find it even bars - more compelling and of course it had like much much better graphics and so explain to what the game is a action RTS or RTS game it's not as fast as Starcraft or the Warcraft games, it's bit slow based and it has more of an economical side to it but it's not comparable to like the Victoria Games or like the battle is kind of the main focus point here but you have like four different resources on the game you have wood food stone gold food is required to like build most of the units in the game wood is for the building's stone is pretty much for the stone walls castles some of the units may require stone and gold is also for most alike certain upgrades and units so you have like 18 different civilizations on the game each of them like share 95% of the same characters but usually each of the civilizations have two unique units or one unique unit and some different upgrades certain like let's say like the the franks or the gods

can build as bombard towers can

instead, shoot

like balls that do a lot of damage and that is kind of like one example where you have some deviations between the civilizations, of course, the total art style of each civilization is

different and I think most of them are cool I like the Mongolian

and Chinese ones especially and I think overall the game includes a lot of strategy and a lot of economic like you know there's like a trading system where you can trade with allied players with like trading cards or training boats also, you have like you can fish and you have wood and like there's a lot of like interesting different strategies and a a lot of the units use like

a rock-paper-scissors system where the spearmen are good against the horses the horses are good against like archers the archers are good against like spearmen and that type of a cycle and then you have a lot of special units there and there which and of course this game also has naval units you have transport ships fishing ships bombard ships fireships demolition ships which explode

themselves you know kind of coming as a type of style and the game you know has different types of Maps it has different campaigns the campaigns

there's quite many of them especially if you buy the expansions and you can like spend over 100 hours in the whole expand the campaign's itself some of them may take hours to complete depending on which type of strategy I always been kind of like slowly building my army I started with the walls and build towers behind them try to like zone the area and control a different area on there like the only space and like move on from there and there's, of course, a lot of history on the game 90% of the stuff probably is like really happened on history and that is cool because it's not only educational for you kind of hearing the stories of the famous characters like the Joan D arc Chinggis Khaan Saladin William Wallace and many many others

that I included the tennouji clan around the world you know from the South America to Incas to Africa to Europe to Asia with the Chinese the Japanese the Koreans Indians and you have all of this rich history there these campaigns do a pretty good job on like telling you the story with like five to six mission depending on which campaign you're playing, of course, the game also has a multiplayer play and twitch support some of that, I'm going to give like one of the negative sides of this game have always been the networking system is somewhat better there's like a huge lag when I haven't tried land version of this HD one but playing online with my friends who live like you know pretty in the same country and next to me there has been some like there's like a maybe one second lag on there like a

the reaction of the units and all that and this is where I like talking about reactions animations are really

top-notch in this game like the D and the amount of detail in a game like mating 99 it is pretty impressive even the HD doesn't really like upgrade too much of the character models too much but the buildings look like still really good too today standards like

there's still better than most of like Facebook in the browser strategy games that get advertised all the time and shit like Travian and I mean the game the game these are not expensive I think that's what people have to take on from like it's 20 bucks on Steam it offers you countless hours there's a lot of nostalgia value on the game it offers you difficulty most of the Camping's lets you use some sort of difficulty a system so you can just normal hard etc so there are like a lot of hard and there's a lot of also game modes you have the normal game mode works as you destroy the base and you destroy your units and buildings and you win then there is this sort of a mode where you build a wander which is this sort of you know it can be anywhere from like a huge mask to

a huge temple and if you survive with the temple for 200 years which is not of course real 200 years you win the game if you defend the Wunder enough and then you have like the king of the hill and sudden death type of things and you're gonna even like adjust the custom games a lot by having more starting resources more food colder and you can also like do cool stuff with the map an editor like doing your maps which you can play online I think there's a lot of like hours that you can sink into the game if you can look behind if you look and look that's behind the graphics and some of the internet problems I think this game is like pretty one of the best strategy games of all time and still like better than most of the shit that gets released today especially it is a goodbye your kind of guy who just I want to play the campaign's or I wanted to play single-player offline this is a game for you because you don't have to worry about those online issues there's also like small eSports side to this and competitive tournaments have been hold by Microsoft and places alike but um just to kind of wrap it up I do think it's a great game it has great music great map editor create settings you can play it on Windows screen there's not a lot of practical settings you can choose it doesn't require thought like a huge like a very powerful computer to run but I overall just have had a blast with the HD version still good to this day