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Age Of Empire III - Full PC Game Torrent Download

Age Of Empire III - Full PC Game Torrent Download

Age Of Empire III - Full PC Game Torrent Download

Age Of Empire III - Full PC Game Torrent Download

Back in August of 2017 Age of Empires 4 was announced nothing was really shown revealed in the trailer except that there will be a new main entry in the Age of Empires series it was one of my favorite franchises back in the day and age of empires was the first strategy game I've ever played so much has happened since then with the rise of total war and many other strategy games that revolutionize and redefine the genre.

honestly it's a toss-up on what will happen maybe Age of Empires 4 is awesome or maybe it'll be a reminder of why the series should continue its eternal slumber but that's a discussion for another day let's look back on the last official entry in the series Age of Empires 3 well I did have a blast at the time many fans seemed a bit disappointed in this one to be honest I've rarely returned to this one myself and go back to 1 & 2 a lot more was just played with legitimate issues that held it back or was it just another victim of its own height well I can tell you this.

ain't nobody was complaining about the graphics at the time when I first launched the demo bacchanal 5 I was drooling on how beautiful the game looked the environments full of detail the character models were stunning and the animations were silky smooth but I personally loved was how cannons and mortars blast away pieces of buildings just seeing the carnage and destruction is certainly a thing of beauty.

don't take that out of context heck not only other graphics top-notch but the audio is also well done the music may not be as epic or as memorable as an Age of Empires 1 or 2 but the way the music changes depending on what's going on more than makes up for it but honestly who cares about the presentation if the gameplay is worse than getting kicked in the groin repeatedly thankfully it succeeds but there are a few low blows here and there first the positive the biggest change is no longer needing to return the town center or to another building to return resources resources are automatically applied to the pool this is very much like the north civilization in Age mythology this creates a much faster paced game this not the only time elements from Age of Mythology have been used while advancing to the next age you can select between two characters who will either provide you with either resources or units Age of Empires 3 also introduces explorers which are your fallen hero similar from again Age of Mythology heck they should just call this game a gem of algae colonial audition anyways back on track these explorers are important especially for the early game not only do they help you explore a map but also find

treasures and secrets these can either be guarded by guardians or undefended right for the taking the rewards for finding them could be a resource a special unit or some settlers explorers can also build trade posts on either trade routes or Native American

settlements the former allows you to gain resources over time while the latter grants you unique units and improvements based on the tribe while many of the units are shared within the European nations I still found combat to be a blast with Musketeers and other range infantry being introduced it adds a new element of strategy with how to compose your army in addition range infantry now have melee attack it's a nice little touch that adds depth to the combat the good thing as well is that there's a next tutorial to help

familiarize yourself with the new mechanics and any other questions you may have the campaign has taken inspiration from say it with me now Age of Mythology similar to that game the campaign is focused more on fictional characters rather than the civilizations like in previous Age of Empires title the game is split into three acts with Captain Henry Morgan of the Knights of st. John heading up the first John Black and his motley crew taking care of the second and concluding with the narrator Amelia black and her fellow Americans I will admit I enjoyed the story for what it was and seeing all the acts culminate into the final mission was a satisfying end however I felt a challenge never really scaled with the campaign the last act was just as easy as the first and of course the coveted scenario editor returns with features from you guessed it Age of Mythology unfortunately I don't spend too much time here cuz I suck at it but there are some awesome scenarios created by people online and now for the bat since you're creating a colony now the idea of having shipments from your capital come in wasn't a bad concept however the execution is flawed before you play any skirmish battle you'll need to create a home city which will be the civilization you want to play as you build your deck of cards each by providing each providing different benefits such as improving your Explorer granting resources some unikz etc etc the problem is many of the better cards are locked until you level up your city this severely expects the multiplayer competitive aspect of the game as it no longer is about skill but about who has the better cards to make matters worse you need to do this for each civilization this discourages experimenting as different civilizations as you will prevent yourself from leveling up your favorite one the AI for the most part is decent and having them talking during skirmishes is cool however I found them to be very predictable.
Age Of Empire III - Full PC Game Torrent Download

After a few rounds I began to develop a sick sense of what the AI was going to do they seem to love rushing troops over and over again but then give up after some time each civilization also heavily favors one type of unit which basically means I know what army composition to create for the rest of the game one pet peeve I have in life is when people decide to create arbitrary limits for some reason certain buildings have these limits for example outpost formerly known as towers can only have seven placed at once the same goes for the naval ships as well as the Native Americans the latter two I can forgive since it doesn't tie in directly with population before outposts I have no idea why maybe to add strategy on where and when to place them I don't know there are also some strange omissions from past titles no longer can you have multiple teams battling it out only two teams max for freefall also winning by wonder has been thrown out as well as other victory conditions such as reach a certain score or win in a time limit overall the base game of Age of Empires 3 is a solid title that stands on its own I approve of many of the features carried over from Age of Mythology but it also doesn't do much to advance the series forward that's probably the game's biggest flaw sure the home city system was good on paper but it just wasn't fully realized and can seen is more of a gimmick than a fully fledged innovation there

definitely was some room for improvement and just like with Age of Empires 1 and 2 it was a matter of time before the expansion Paks game the first one was the WarChiefs

which is probably my favorite expansion to ever be released in the whole Age of Empires series the biggest edition by far are the new Native American tribes as you can play as the Aztecs the Suk's and my favorite the Iroquois well I would have prefered the Mayans instead of the Sioux I can't complain

playing as them is literally like starting Age of Empires 3 all over again they're just so unique to the European nations that it may take some time to get used to them sure at the end of the day it's all about building an economy to support a strong army and destroy the opposition but how you get there is completely altered the Native American tribes come with many unique buildings with one of the most important of them being the fire pit from here you can assign villagers to perform dances this can range from improving villager gathering rate to increasing the damage of your units you will also discover more form and advancing throughout the ages with the very powerful ones not being able to be discovered until very late in the game when advancing

throughout the ages you now have a choice of five different members to choose from the ones you don't pick will grant you a greater bonus in the later ages giving a risk versus reward mechanic that is well appreciated love was also given to the previous

civilizations as well instead of advancing to the Imperial age you can choose to start a revolution this turns all your settlers into militia and prevents you from gaining any more resources unless it is shipped by the home country unless you're winning by a huge margin I really don't see the point in this you pretty much throw away your economy for a slight edge in military prowess other features like stealth was introduced a saloon where you can hire mercenaries for gold a native Embassy where you can hire Native Americans from the tribes you have trade posts with beautiful new maps and a new trade monopoly victory all succeed to

supplement and enhance the experience the new campaign also takes place in between the events of the original campaign you learn a bit more about the black family and how they came to be it also changes up many of the challenges to

in the original and feels fresh with the new tribes to work with overall this expansion makes the whole collection worth it I could just stop the review right here and tell you to go out and buy it just to rule the world as the Iroquois the next expansion is the Asian dynasties which is easily the weaker of the two but not without its men

after the WarChiefs expansion pack the game felt more than complete with very little room of improvement there honestly just wasn't anything desired while this isn't a bad expansion pack it felt more of a complementary piece rather than a supplemental one the new cultures China Japan and India feel out of place and highly contrasting to the native and European civilization heck the campaigns are now civilization based and set of character base similar to how they worn one and to each civilization features its own story and takes place in various time periods Japan goes through the Sengoku era China adventures around the world in 1421 and India faces a rebellion in 1857 while these are new civilizations with new characters many of the plot lines are recycles from the WarChiefs

and original campaign making these the least interesting however introducing a new way to play a familiar game is always well appreciated all the new nations have strange parts about them the Chinese monk can convert in

attacking them and the Japanese can guerrilla trying to gain resources what really helps to separate these

civilizations from the rest is the use of a new resource called export export can be used to bring in special

shipments from the consulate these include special troops and unique technologies export generates very slowly over time so picking the most beneficial shipment at the right time will turn the tide of battle to your favor the Asian civilizations also build wonders in order to advance to the next age providing a permanent bonus unless it is destroyed overall nothing

revolutionary but a nice diversion from the norm taking everything into account each of Empires 3 is a great title as I stated before the warpath campaign makes the whole collection worth it while I do believe the game still lacks any major innovation and has some serious flaws I can give it a solid recommendation with the series being in a hiatus for as long as it has been it makes sense as H of Empires 3 wasn't the critical

masterpiece Microsoft expected with that said I still believe it's a well-made title even if it does fall short of the series expectations thank you guys.